Monday, December 8, 2014

El es La Dadiva

hola y feliz navidad a todos. its a little bit different listening to christmas music and seeing all of the decorations when its 90 degrees outside. but the good thing is im recieving packages and letter and theres no better christmas than that. just kidding yeah there is.. celebrating the birth and life our savior. my faith in jesus christ has increased radically in 4 months and i dont think id trade the knowledge and testimony and faith building experiences ive had for anything. and before the mission id hear missionaries say that and id be like come on theres lots of things youd trade for knowledge.. an audi, three billion dollars, watching steve yell at the tv during a byu football game..etc. but no really i  would not trade anything for it. im so glad for the plan of salvation and all of my family that i know i can be with forever!
for starters on tuesday we spent all day filling out police papers and going to the hospital to figure out what theyre gonna do with my comps back. finally they decided theyre gonna take the bullet out but now we have to wait till they figure out when its gonna be to go back and do it.
did i already tell the story of danny getting his car stolen? danny is my favorite investigator. hes a stud and he wants to be baptized and it would make an awesome story considering how we found him... but it seems like satan is focusing a lot on him. after his car got stolen hes been to depressed to meet with us and his grandma told us that he started smoking again. he didnt show up to church but we still have faith we can turn things around for him. its gonna work out it has to.
i cant remember anything that happened crap... oh shout out to eli and tate best nephews ever. i love you guys thanks so much for your halloween candy that was so nice of you guys! remember tate youre awesome. and eli your star wars stickers were sweet!
lol.. okay so yesterday the first counselor randomly signed us up for our ward choir that is going to be singing at a stake fireside. we didnt mind, but little did we know it was going to turn into a tryout. after like 30 min of trying to sing hark the herald angels sing, the choir director in our ward lost all patience. she went crazy and walked in between everyone as we sang and people who sounded bad she made leave! it was so intense ive never been so scared. haha but the bishops wife, young womens leader, young mens leader, and my comp got selected to leave. it was so crazy and so unexpected.
que mas que mas que mas.... okay yesterday we started walking with our second counselor in the ward after lunch to visit old investigators. he 23 married, served in uruguay, speaks english, and yeah hes just awesome. but we visited this old lady and she didnt want to open the gate. she says ive already read the book of mormon its not true and i dont want to talk. finally after like 3 min she opened the gate and shook our hands. then she didnt want us to go in her house becasue shes meeting with jehovahs witnesses right now. finally after like 5 more min she agreed to let us share a scripture from the bible in her house. so yeah we got in and shared the restoration of the gospel and the book of mormon. by the end she was crying and said that she was giong to pray about it because she never had and if she recieved an answer shed be baptized. so yeah it was cool. problem is shes got issues with her legs and our church is on the top of mount everest so its gonna be hard to get her to church but weve got faith.
this week was solid and i learned a ton not only about the gospel and missionary work but really about myself and all the flaws i have. the mission is much more mentally  challenging to me than the physical or social part. im working hard to improve my brain though and i think im getting better at controlling my thoughts. i hope everyone remembers what the real gift of christmas is and has a good end of the year. im doing everything i can here, dont worry about me. choose the right. chau!

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

pics: my merry christmas hat, and a selfie with our mission president in the police station

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