Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey Guys it's Me

hey guys its me elder allred. this week was super good, and super disappointing. funny how that seems to be the case a lot of the days on the mission. our baptism with matias fell through. we knew he didnt feel ready. hes now set to be baptized on the 11th of january. im praying it all works out, id be lying if i said im not a little bit discouraged that i dont have a single baptism.
on monday my comp got the bullet taken out of his back. it was cool.. but kind of sucky. we went to viña at 9 am to change his visa and we pretty much ran around viña figuring that out until 4 when he had his surgery, but it didnt start till five and then he had to do a bunch of paperwork after. i was pretty exhausted. we didnt leave viña until 830 at night.
on christmas eve we woke up with 0 appointments to eat dinner. this is the only day of the year that we can schedule something with members to eat. by the afternoon we had 3 different dinners scheduled. we ate one dinner with a less active, one with a member family, and one with our investigator angelica! my stomach did not agree with our decision. i thought i was going to explode when we went back to the pension. it was awesome though. however christmas day angelica called us and said she cant meet with us anymore because its causing problems in her family... its sad because she was progressing really well and reading the book of mormon.
on tuesday i started reading the book of mormon in english and el libro de mormon at the same time. im marking all of the things that are translated differently and after three chapters in 1 nephi my brain hurts. its pretty fun though. im gonna complete it by the end of march and write down in a little notepad all of the corrections and someday theyll make the new translation and ill be telling my kids that im the reason they changed something. nah im kidding.. but really its interesting how many errors in translation there are.
i love my mission. my comp may be hard to get along with, the rules may be super strict, and maybe im a little sick of flea infested dogs licking my fingers everywhere i walk, but i love the gospel and i love serving. ive been preparing my whole life for this, ill reflect and remember it for eternity, but ive only got 2 years to live it. as this new change rolls around im going to strive to enjoy the mission more and have a little more fun. but im also going ot work even harder. these people need what we have to share. everybody does.
i know the church is true and i know that this is the plan we need to follow to be eternally happy.
-elder allred
dont be alarmed by our beer mugs or anything. just a typical christmas gift from members here in chile. he was dead serious when he gave us them. i made pancakes on christmas day. usually my comp just drinks water for breakfast, so for him it was a christmas miracle.
also a pic of the pellet from his back
and our district
and my present from angelica our non existant investigator

Monday, December 22, 2014


i seriously cant think of anything that happened this week  it went by so fast. bueno i guess ill just start off by saying that im going to be having my first baptism this sunday! im pumped, this kid named matias is the son of a recent convert and hes been to church a couple times but never wanted to listen to the missionaries or nothing. but this week we were talking with his mom and we just asked him if we could share a scripture with him. well we ended up talking for like 40 min and by the end he had committed to be baptized! it was sweet. now we just gotta wake the dang kid up every sunday for church. he sleeps in till like 2 every day... but this sunday we pretty much just banged on his door until he woke up. ill break into his house if i have to next week.
danny didnt come to church, y eliana tampoco. and like 6 other investigators we had hoped for. we had mission conference for christmas this wednesday though, and they are changing a bunch of stuff. pretty much the only stat we are going to be keeping is how many people come to church. number of lessons and what not doesnt matter anymore.. just this. so there is giong to be a lot more enfasis on purely getting people to go to church. im excited for it though, its a good change. other than that the conference was super good, fun, and really spiritually uplifting. 
today we are in viña because in 2 hours my comp goes in to surgery to get the pellet removed from his back! im hoping that we can go this one restaurant called el guaton! theres a famous chilean burger in the restaurant thats apparently gonna blow my mind. im stoked. and starving.
i had my last interchange with elder armistead on friday. it was sad, but solid. president told him hes leaving the area for the last change. elder armitstead and alonzo were super good role models for me and im really happy i had the chance to learn all that i did from them! this is the last week of the change, and of my training woohoo! id be lying if i said i wasnt dying to end my training. its been good, but im getting a little tired of being the kid. we¨ll see what happens.. but i think im goi9ng to stay in my area. just an impression. 
in interchanges i really came to the realization of the lack of humility that ive displayed with elder ramirez. ive been so focused on being patient with him that i havent tried to genuinely see the good in him, all ive done is bear throught the afflictions and hope that its all going to be okay. elder armitstead helped me to think of some things that i can do to help us have more unity in our companionship regardless of our differences in our thinking. we are complete opposites, but that doesnt mean he doesnt do things well that i suck at. im praying for the ability to end this change well with my trainer and that i can learn more from him than i have recently. 
the mission is weird and time is weird. in some way i cant believe im coming up on four months, but then i think about how long its been since ive seen my family and it seems like forever. the only thing ive learned that i can do is stay busy. when im busy and working the day and the week flies by and thats really the key to it all. before i know it im going to want time to slow down. 
on sunday we werent planning on going to the christmas devotional in the stake center but at the last minute we decided to invite this one investigator the we found in interchanges with elder armitstead. she came and she loved it! it was a  super fun devotional with lots of christmas music. 
thats about all i can remember for now... i know that so much more happened... but cant think and its like 349323 degress in this gameroom. have a good week. feliz navidad. and choose the right. love you all. thanks for the letter, emails, packets, and prayers!

-Elder Allred - chilean street raptor

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Mish is Seco

woah this week flew by. it was a solid week. the mish was fun and rewarding this week. we got into a lot of new houses, and taught a LOT of inactives!! now we just need to get people to church, because honestly that has proved to be the hardest thing for me in my first two months here. nobody can motivate themself to get up for church at ten. its super frustrating, but i guess that just means that im not helping them see the blessings well enough or letting the spirit teach them. thats something ive learned over the past couple weeks... i spent awhile trying to come up with the perfect questions and explanations of things, and while that is important and i should always try to improve the way i teach, whats more important is that i try to focus on them and listen to what the spirit wants them to feel and hear. the lord works with unlearned, humble servants, better than with an eloquent and prideful missionary.
with that being said i had the hardest day of my life i think on tuesday. i dont know what got in to me.. but it was bad. i spent the whole day just so sad and unable to shake thoughts of home, friends, and a million other things. it was the most mentally frustrating thing ever. i got home tuesday night and i just prayed my heart out. i wanted to be happy, and i wanted to work hard. the answer i got was exactly what i needed. i had forgotten for a few days the concept of forgetting about myself. i know i wont be happy if i cant do that. but if i can, ill be happier than ever before. because ive felt that happiness of only worrying about others a few days this week. hopefully i can maintain it becuase the mish is a lot easier and funner that way. i guess ill just have to burn all the pictures of my family. nah broma. also on tuesday i 100 percent am positive that i saw the gordito bald waiter from mama chus, so that didnt help all that much.
eliana accepted a baptismal date for the 28th.. but then got scared and said she needed more time. she is reading and praying and believes that book of mormon is true but hasnt recieved an answer. danny didnt come to church becuase his best friend (who borrowed his car last week when it got stolen and is a member) her ex husband committed suicide saturday night so he went to be with her. yeah hopefully nobody dies or robs cars this week. 
after two and a half months of visiting inactives in this ward ive come to a conclusion that im sure all other missionaries before me in chile realized... 85 percent of people that are not in the church anymore, are not in the church because they got offended. its seriously unbelievable. there are always going to be the people that never had a testimony and dont want to keep the commandments. but really the majority have told us they know the book of mormon is true, they know this is the correct church, but they cant come back becasue of other people. its sad, but at the same time ridiculous. we end up teaching agency like every lesson because they dont seem to understand that that concept applies to all people. 
my testimony of the sacrifice of christ and really my true identity as a child of god has increased dramatically recently. its interesting how as i learn more about the eternal scheme and plan of god i understand just how much sense it makes and more than anything feel in my heart of the validity. ive been reading jesus the christ and its super cool to see how the savior[s role plays a part in our everyday lives. i love this church and i know that its the only church in the world that really is the church of christ. not because its a good [church[ but becuase it teaches the gospel of jesus christ and more than anything it has the authority to do it! love you all. keep the commandments. dont get offended. have a good christmas.
feliz navidad.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

Monday, December 8, 2014

El es La Dadiva

hola y feliz navidad a todos. its a little bit different listening to christmas music and seeing all of the decorations when its 90 degrees outside. but the good thing is im recieving packages and letter and theres no better christmas than that. just kidding yeah there is.. celebrating the birth and life our savior. my faith in jesus christ has increased radically in 4 months and i dont think id trade the knowledge and testimony and faith building experiences ive had for anything. and before the mission id hear missionaries say that and id be like come on theres lots of things youd trade for knowledge.. an audi, three billion dollars, watching steve yell at the tv during a byu football game..etc. but no really i  would not trade anything for it. im so glad for the plan of salvation and all of my family that i know i can be with forever!
for starters on tuesday we spent all day filling out police papers and going to the hospital to figure out what theyre gonna do with my comps back. finally they decided theyre gonna take the bullet out but now we have to wait till they figure out when its gonna be to go back and do it.
did i already tell the story of danny getting his car stolen? danny is my favorite investigator. hes a stud and he wants to be baptized and it would make an awesome story considering how we found him... but it seems like satan is focusing a lot on him. after his car got stolen hes been to depressed to meet with us and his grandma told us that he started smoking again. he didnt show up to church but we still have faith we can turn things around for him. its gonna work out it has to.
i cant remember anything that happened crap... oh shout out to eli and tate best nephews ever. i love you guys thanks so much for your halloween candy that was so nice of you guys! remember tate youre awesome. and eli your star wars stickers were sweet!
lol.. okay so yesterday the first counselor randomly signed us up for our ward choir that is going to be singing at a stake fireside. we didnt mind, but little did we know it was going to turn into a tryout. after like 30 min of trying to sing hark the herald angels sing, the choir director in our ward lost all patience. she went crazy and walked in between everyone as we sang and people who sounded bad she made leave! it was so intense ive never been so scared. haha but the bishops wife, young womens leader, young mens leader, and my comp got selected to leave. it was so crazy and so unexpected.
que mas que mas que mas.... okay yesterday we started walking with our second counselor in the ward after lunch to visit old investigators. he 23 married, served in uruguay, speaks english, and yeah hes just awesome. but we visited this old lady and she didnt want to open the gate. she says ive already read the book of mormon its not true and i dont want to talk. finally after like 3 min she opened the gate and shook our hands. then she didnt want us to go in her house becasue shes meeting with jehovahs witnesses right now. finally after like 5 more min she agreed to let us share a scripture from the bible in her house. so yeah we got in and shared the restoration of the gospel and the book of mormon. by the end she was crying and said that she was giong to pray about it because she never had and if she recieved an answer shed be baptized. so yeah it was cool. problem is shes got issues with her legs and our church is on the top of mount everest so its gonna be hard to get her to church but weve got faith.
this week was solid and i learned a ton not only about the gospel and missionary work but really about myself and all the flaws i have. the mission is much more mentally  challenging to me than the physical or social part. im working hard to improve my brain though and i think im getting better at controlling my thoughts. i hope everyone remembers what the real gift of christmas is and has a good end of the year. im doing everything i can here, dont worry about me. choose the right. chau!

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

pics: my merry christmas hat, and a selfie with our mission president in the police station

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Comp Got Shot

its been a long a really kinda sucky p day so im a tad bit flustered. i already wrote this whole thing a couple hours ago and then internet went out so weve been running around a lot and now i have like 10 min to email.
despite the frustration the random fact from chile lives on- some guys like to build little trains with wheels and put an air compressed horn and oven to roast peanuts and when they walk around with their train they blow this whistle and people comeout of their houses to buy peanuts. the peanut train. its great.
my comp got shot on friday. by a bb gun. we were walking up this hill by the church and these two flaites walked by us and pointed a gun at me.. so i put my hands up and just about crapped my pants. but then they started laughing and i realized it was just a bb gun so we walked past them. but then they turned around and shot my comp in the back and now he has a bb in his back. we have to go to the hospital every day and waste SO MUCH TIME until they take it out either on wednesday or in like two weeks. im praying its on wednesday.
on tuesday we had interchanges with elder goulding our new zl and future male cheerleader for byu. hey stop judging. no really hes a great guy and i learned a lot of cool things from him.
on friday i stayed in my zone on interchanges with a brazilian elder, elder silva, while my comp spent the night in the hospital with another dl. we had a good time though. friday night we were trying to sort out the whole situation and elder silva and i were like 30 min away from the apt in my area. and it was like 10 o clock already. well my area is a little sketchy at night and we both had a pretty uneasy feeling walking back. like 2 min into walking some guy in a collectivo pulled up and offered us a ride. turns out he was a member and knew that we were elders and that we shouldnt be out at night. it was a miracle... that never happens.
i caught a bad case of fleas... yeah i wake up every morning with more bites and one night this week i woke up with all of my left foot just swollen because it had been hanging out of the blankets. lol i didnt really fall back asleep. fleas suck and really i dont know how to avoid them. theyre like mosquitos but more sneaky.
our inv. danny had a crazy weekend. saturday night we were talking with him and he committed to live the word of wisdom, start living the law of chastity, and he was going to think about a baptismal date. hes such a stud. however, the devil is good and saturday night he loaned his car to a friend. well sunday morning when he got up to come to church his friend called and his car got stolen. he didnt come to church and his friend is a member and is the one that got him interested. were hoping ot find him and talk to him today. fetching car thiefs man. theyll get ya.
this week was crazy, fun, sad, crazy, and i cant really remember anything else that happened even though i know so much more happened. oh well. be good. dont smoke. or live with someone when youre not married. its not gonna make you happy, that much is clear. bueno.. all of the commandments are pretty clear. and when you pass through tough times sometimes its not because youre doing something wrong, but the lord wants to make you stronger and add some resistence because he knows you can handle it. nothing is put upon our shoulders that we cant sustain. loove you alllllllllll. chau.
-elder allred -chilean street raptor
my camera is not working. but here is a photo of a tarantula we found.
Displaying GOPR3083.JPG

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Happy People

hello beloved family. it behooveth me to start this off with a random fact from chile that i learned this week
-sometimes people walk around the streets yelling ESCOBAS which means brooms, and people come out and buy brooms so they can sweep more dirt.
i made my first few jokes in spanish this week. it was awesome. i felt so cool. if anybody has good material send it on over to me. 
i seriously cant even remember what happened this week or what i related this week. also i want to start typing spanish sometimes. elder ramirez and me stayed here in belloto. 6 more weeks with my argentine giant. pray for me. i love him but sometimes i want to push him out the window of our 3 story apartment. 
for starters carlos did not get baptized, and we will not be going back to his house. he lost all his faith. it was super sad. in one week he went from being ready for baptism, recieving the priesthood, and preparing to enter the temple to perform covenants for his wife that died 15 years ago, to being angry at god because hes poor, not wanting to walk to the church anymore or be baptized, and being mad at us for who knows why. he let pride really take over. most of the time people with no money or food are pretty humble but he reacted the opposite.
danny is doing well. apparently he met with the elders before 2 or 3 times but couldnt be baptized because he lived with his pareja. but something happened and they separated and now he lives in belloto. cool. it was funny because the first lesson we taught him was the law of tithing. yeah i dont know how it happened but he committed to pay tithing and told us he wants to be baptized. the problem is he thinks he needs more knowledge before baptism than he really does. hes started reading the book of mormon and loves it though. tonight we have a family home evening with him in our bishops house so thatll be awesome. our bishop is so solid. hes been the bishop of estero viejo for 8 years now.
on sunday we were seated and sacrament was about to start and one of our investigators walked in named manuel. it was so awesome because we didnt think hed come. he told us a few days before that he had work but we told him to pray about it. so he said if he felt like god told him to come he would come. it was the best sacrament meeting ive been in in chile. he got pretty emotional and told us all of the problems hes been having with his family. were hoping to help him out thjis week but him and his pareja (not married... nobody likes to marry) have a lot to do before theyd be eligible for baptism. theyre awesome though.
i prayed more this week to love people more than anything. i decided after my first change that if i could just learn to love the people here i could forget about home. its been working out really well. i still have days where i feel miserable, but ive been able to think about all the things i love here and when we are actually teaching or giving service im really happy. self control is a hard thing to develop but i think with persistence im going to love missionary work. its been hard. but everytime i progress in spanish, feel the spirit, or strengthen relationships with others it gets easier. it doesnt come easy. nothing of value does.
ive come to the realization of this concept this week. there are two types of people in chile. the ones who work every day in their job, church calling, and families are happy. they put every bit of energy they have in the day to get stuff done and help others and they are truly happy. then theres the people that just want to give half hearted efforts and get by. they might have another 2 and half hours to watch netflix or play warcraft but when you compare them to others they are not happy. i read an article on lds.org called the key to supremely happy people. it says that 50 percent of being happy depends on genetics. 10 percent on circumstances, and 40 percent on activities. when im working im happy. when i slow my pace and think about something that doesnt help me be a better servant in the lords hands im sad. 
im gonna do everything i can this week to never slow down and cien por ciento give everything i have to this work. theres no better way to serve a mission and have a good time in the process.
my two best days in the field were this week and i dont think i thought about home the whole day for those two days. 
thanks for everything family. love you guys, i see miracles constantly and i know the lord is the head of this church, and my haircut looks less bad every day. 

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

El Fin de mi Primer Cambio

whats good everyone? the random fact from chile of the week:
-every single dog has fleas. without exception.
yesterday was the last day of my first change here in viña del mar chile. its hard to put together in words everything that is happened. i ceven remember what happened this week. but its been crazy, fun, and ultimately the hardest six weeks of my entire life. going from the mtc to the real thing in chile has been hard. i didnt understand a word anyone said the first three weeks, and i still struggle to understand some people. but the language is not my problem. im learning spanish faster than i ever thought i would. but sometimes its hard to remember why im out here. my testimony of this church is stronger than ever, yet sometimes i feel so lonely and down. i wish i had king benjamin here just screaming in my ear all day the word ¨remember¨. hes good at that.
thats why last thursday was so awesome. im back on my feet and im ready to tackle the next obstacle. i recieved the packages di and they made me so happy, i got letters that changed my mission, and more importantly than anything we had a lecture in zone conference about something that was very dear to president brigham young. autodominion, or in english self control. i dont want to go into it but pretty much if i cant force myself to focus on others and think what god is trying to help me do than my mission is going to be pretty sucky. sometimes i want to explode on my comp, sometimes i feel like lying down in the middle of the street and sleeping with the 1893030 dogs there are, sometimes i feel like yelling at people because they want to complain about their lives but dont want to do anything about it like try to stop smoking or better yet try to believe in god or read the book of mormon. so many times during the week im down, yet every time ive seen a tender mercy from the lord hellp me back up. i see the lords hand in my life every day, and thats why i have such a passion to help others see it too. but like i said sometimes its hard to remember that- ive relied more on my patriarchal blessing, prayer, and fasting than ever before, and for this i feel pretty close with my heavenly father.
speaking of fasting.. i think im just gonna fast every day for the rest of my mission. we did a mission wide fast to accomplish our goals of baptism on saturday and sunday, and i think i had a miracle but its not for sure yet so i dont want to get my hopes up too much. but like the third or fourth day i was here in chile i asked my comp if we could try something. the idea was that we both pray and meditate about a specific name and then once we know the name we pray every day that change for the lord to prepare that person to be baptized. yeah well my name was daniel and my comps name was fransisco or fransisca. we have like three fransiscos that were are teaching, and one that is progressing so who knows maybe.. but we had not even met a daniel for six weeks. on the last day of our change, yesterday, we broke our fast and headed for lunch and some guy in the street yelled at us to come talk to him. this doesnt happen unless the guy is drunk or wants to yell at me for being american, usually both. but this guy tells us he just moved from viña and was meeting with the missionaries there, and wants us to visit him. then i asked him some questions and i dont remember how it went but ultimately he told us he wants to be baptized before the end of the year. we got his number, address, and then i asked him his name and he said danny. we walked away and i didnt even realize what had just happened until my comp pointed out his name was daniel. i was so pumped!! now we dont really know anythbing about him so i dont want to get too excited but it was awesome. we have an appt with him tonight.
carlos is set to be baptized this sunday. he came with us to first hour on sunday so hes doing good. we had interchanges and for the last time i went out with elder alonzo. hes a stud, and a good example of what i watn to become as a missionary. we dont know if either of us are moving until wednesday. but i think we´ll both stay.
esten bien familia. les quiero.
-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor
i didnt take any pics this week because i cut my own hair and i butchered it. no im just kidding i just forgot to take pics. but really my hair is bad.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Estaca Belloto es Bakan

halo hermanos queridos como estan en los estados? here´s three random facts about chile:
-they consume mayo like its candy
-there are horses pulling carriages alongside cars and buses in the streets of viña
-people water and sweep their dirt like its grass
yeah i couldnt believe that first one for awhile either. its the strangest thing in the world. i think i was blind to it the first couple weeks but now i look around and see everyone sweeping the front dirt. its great.
me and my comp had our ups and downs this week. i think as an allred i just struggle to have other people tell me what to do all the time because im always right. its super frustrating that he cant see that. haha no but we´ve been working on getting along and having more unity and ive accepted the fact that hes my trainer and im probably gonna be with him for another six weeks. hes a great trainer and i learn a lot from him. its just frustrating sometimes becuase he likes to do things in the complete opposite way that i would do them and honestly i think that is why im with him. i think my purpose in being with him is to learn how to act and accomplish things in different ways. he knows preach my gospel and the missionary manuel like the back of his hand. seriously sometimes he just quotes a page when i do something he doesnt like. im not kidding its insane. so yeah i guess he pretty much knows the answer to everything according to the books which is solid. not something that im all that good at.
our only progressing investigator carlos came to stake conference with us this weekend (which was so good) and everything was going great until he asked us if this is the catholic church after it was all over. he struggles sometimes. hes a seventh day adventist so yesterday we taught him about keeping the sabbath day holy and why its on sunday. hopefully he remembers why because his baptism is in two weeks. hes solid he just struggles with memory. for example he has given up coffe and tea completely and has promised to pay tithing even htough he pretty much has no money. good guy. needs the church.
in stake conference one of the counselors in the stake presidency did a presentation saturday afternoon in the first session about the role of fathers and mothers. pretty much everything he talked about i thought back and realized how awesome my parents are. the main responsibility of the mother was to maintain a home where the spirit can reside and teach and love individually each or her children in a way that affects generations of people other than her son. i can definitely see that happening here. and the father was the carry out traditions and activities with his children that teaches them things and that they will be able to remember forever. every day i see this. thanks mom, thanks dad, you guys are stellar. continue to be beacons of light for generations of chicacabras to come.
all of the little kids here in the one area of my boundaries call me one direction. yeah i dont know it doesnt matter how many times i explain to them that one direction is from england and i am from the united states. but in stake conference there was another talk that was phenominal (how do you spell that?) that talked about when we think were great we miss out on more opportunities to progress. if i think my spanish is awesome and that i dont have much room to progress, then i wont work hard and i wont progress. thats why people who remain humble and dont even try to recognize how good they are at something end up progressing even more. kind of like that one song that says like you dont know youre beautiful and thats what makes you beautiful. pucha i cant remember who sings it though.
were going to find some people who are prepared this week. i learned that our stake is the lowest baptizing stake in the mish and that just motivated me more to find people. its weird because our leaders here are so solid yet the converts are so few. i dont know why.
i love the mish, but the mish is tough every day. thank you for all your prayers. keep choosing the right and youllhave the promise of the lord to bless you.
-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Old Ditch Lives On

so i figured out what the name of our ward means. i didnt know estero meant ditch and viejo means old. so yeah. old ditch. im not going to continue giving info of my investigators until theyre well along their path. because this week we pretty much went back to the drawing board. its all good though because we have some promising people who i think will continue to progress and one old man with a baptismal date thats awesome. a young 18 year old but he fetching studies philosophy! im so sick of talking with philosophers haha because they want to explain spiritual things with logic and science and it just does not work out,
about our old man though i want to tell you just a little. hes italian, he lives off welfare, and he has a little case of alzheimers so occasionally he tends to forget our committments to him. thats alright though because he doesnt do anything so we teach him everyday and if he forgot what happened the day before we just teach it again. its funny though lots of times he asks the same questions as before and we have the same conversation over again like why seventh day adventists have church on saturday. we´ve talked about that like everyday this week its really intriguing.
i learned a lot this week and settled more into the role of a missionary. im really trying to learn as much as i can from others and in interchanges on tuesday i was with my other zone leader, elder armitstead from layton utah with red hair and blonde eyebrows, he fits in really well with chilenos. haha no  but he is a great missionary and loves to be upfront with people which is something i love to do in english but havent quite gotten the hang of in spanish because my comp is a little more timid than others. in interchanges we were teaching a lesson to this old guy and he would not stop talking, for so long, he was telling us about his granddaughter that died and went on so long, finally elder armitstead just stopped him and said brother bravo, we dont know why this happened, but we do know that you can find the answer if you ask god. the guy just started crying and we started reading alma 40 with him. it was pretty sweet. just 10 sec to talk and he had him in tears. my comp is very powerful though. thats one thing ive learned from my comp. he may be an argentine farm boy with a small spanish vocabulary, but he knows preach my gospel like the back of his hand and he always follows the spirit! im realizing every day why i was put with him because its like he has all the opposite talents that i do. we can communicate really well in spanish now so thats good. my spanish is coming along pretty well and at times things just come out naturally and i surprise myself. but most times im still thinking as i talk and i have to come up with the next word. its like i can communicate pretty well with people, but lots of times my grammar is bad and sometimes with people in the street or in lessons i just want to be able to express what i feel like i can in english and its a little frustrating. practice, prayer, and some time and ill get there though.
this week as i understood people more i realized that they were talking bad about our church. there are some people that no absolutely nothing about the church and like to say the most ridiculous things. so this week i tried responding to some of these people and contending a little bit. my comp had my back but more importantly i realized for most people its just not worth it. like christ did its better to simply ask a question and if they get mad they are not going to change. but if like nicodemus they actually think and then change it works. its simple they either accept or reject. the problem is coming up with a question like christ could that can just baffle people. its really cool to read the new testament and how people really just did not know what to do with themselves when he would reply.
but yeah this week was sweet. i ate a lot of completos at members houses and taught a good amount of lessons so thats a good week. halloween apparently is celebrated here too so we had a pretty sweet ward activity on friday for that. 
have a good week, keep being good cause good is good. i love this gospel and i know were in the last days. preach the gospel, love your fellow man, and have a good week.

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

Monday, October 27, 2014

float like a butterfly, sting like testimony

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hola hola everybody. im emailing from the big apple of chile right now, viña del mar, and its amazing. we came here to buy some stuff and eat at papa johns and its been a great day, and week. were still struggling to find good investigators but when were working hard the days go by fast, i learn something every day, and i`ve had experiences that ill remember for the rest of my life and im only 3 weeks in.
for this reason i really dont have much news to share about my investigators because none of them came to church. its super hard to teach people lessons, KNOW that they felt the spirit, stop by their house before church and they say theyre coming and then they dont show up. the 240 year old lady that we had a baptismal date for and didnt show up to church was exactly what we expected. her husband, who always seems to be drinking wont allow her to meet with us anymore and when we try to talk to him he just gets mad and tells us to leave. its been super frustrating for me this week to deal with people that i dont like. because when i wasnt a missionary i would tell them exactly how i feel. but now i realize thats not the best way to go and as a representative of christ just not acceptable. so ive been studying the love of christ and charity this week in my morning studies and trying to apply some things.
if you havent read elder hollands talk the cost and burden of discipleship then you should. being a true follower of christ never has, and never will be easy or the popular thing to do! its hard for other people to hear the things that we know to be fundamental and unchangeable laws decreed from god because they dont want to change the way they live their lives. i wanted to punch a wall a couple times this week becuase we have a family and another investigator that refuse to open their eyes and hearts and see what god has in store for them. another less active member that we`ve been trying to teach for weeks told us this week her story and its sad. she wont come to church and wont have her daughter baptized because the elders a year ago made a mistake and told her that her daughter could not be baptized becuase she didnt know who the dad was. after this long she still has so much anger over something so small. its tough.
im loving the food here. every lunch is at a members house and then i pretty much fast for 24 hours until the next one. we eat so much at lunch every day, and then i eat like a banana with nutella when i get home and yogurt in the morning. its really fun. but its the best when we have a lesson in the night with someone and they just automatically serve us once!! when they do its usually bread with palta (chileno guacomale without tomato) and tomato soup. its amazing. there has not really been food that i have not liked.
every day im exhausted. not just physically either! im even more mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained because not only am i trying ot learn a new language and pretty much force my brain to switch the order that sentences should be in english to the way they are formed in spanish is incredibly hard, but also trying to control my mind 24/7 to not think about friends, family, or something stupid like a song that i shouldnt have in my head. but im enjoying every second of it because i know these are the times im going ot remember for the rest of my life. pouting does nothing out in the mission field. if you are sad or angry about something, nobody is there to pat you on the back motivate you to be better expect for yourself. thats why ive grown so much closer to my heavenly father out here. to have a testimony of god, jesus christ, and this gospel is more than just realizing that they exist, but its having an active and continuous communication with them. its simple pray, read the scriptures, obey the commandments, and you should be good to go. should be easy right? sadly most people do not want god in their life and if they do they want a god who is easy going and soft on them. does that sound like the god that christ described while he was on earth because when i read the new testament it sure does not sound like it. how are we supposed to learn and get better in this life and BECOME LIKE CHRIST with gods who not only dont rock the boat, but pat us on the back after doing something we shouldnt and tell us everything is alright??
no for real though if i had to pick any single topic of the gospel that my testimony has grown specifically on it would be the atonement of christ. everybody can change and has the potential to come back because christ provides the way. it requires desire to change first though and thats been hard for me to accept with my investigators. i feel like after i testify of something and i can feel the spirit so strongly that automatically they will recognize what it is they need to do, but in reality lots of times they just simply are not listening and dont want to change.
i participated a lot more in the lessons this week, i gave a blessing in spanish, and i taught the elders quorum lesson on president monson`s talk about being valiant members of the church which you should also read. you have a lot of homework this week. but yeah my spanish improved a bunch but i feel like everytime i take a step in the language i realize more steps that i didnt see before. funny how that works huh, you could probably compare that to a million truths of life.
love you all have a good week.
-elder allred - chilean street raptor
fotos: alexis sanchez jersey that a member gave me, and me and my comp swaggin (is swag still cool?)

Ya boi en Estero Viejo

Hollllllaaaaaa mi familia y amigos! wow i cant believe its been another week it flew by!! i think im learning more each day how to not only make my mission successful, but also make it fly by! so this week on wednesday we were not having a great day and nobody really wanted to talk and it was like 9:15 so we were about to head back to the pension. but we stopped at a house and yelled HALO and some guy answered the door. and his house was right next to a pretty busy street so it was hard to communicate. but i go hey we`re missionaries and all that good stuff, can we share a message with you? and he goes sorry we worship satan in this house. well i didnt hear that part so i reply with alright we can come back another day, what day works for you? thats when the door got slammed. my comp was laughing pretty hard the whole way home. the language is really starting to come along i noticed huge improvements this week. i still feel like i can speak better than i can understand haha so thats a little problem.
so i got my first baptismal date this week! but she didnt attend church.. haha so now its going to be a lot harder. we have a lot more investigators though we worked really hard to last two weeks to just knock a whole lot of doors and contact a whole lot of people. now were going to start having more lessons which will be nice. also ive been teaching this ten year old named juan carlos english for like 30 min twice a week and his mom has never let the missionaries share a message with them. we shared two lessons about the plan of salvation with them this week and watched a video about elder uchtdorf explaining the reality of who we are! it was great. were hoping to invite them to church this week. its really tough getting people to church. we invite, them commit, we stop by their house before church, they say theyre coming, and then nobody comes. its super frustrating. we had one investigator out of like 6 show up. oh and also our crazy philosopher investigator is not so much an investigator anymore. last week when he left in the middle of gospel doctrine we were wondering what happened. well on saturday we figured out he left because we were talking about tithes and he now believes the church is an american scheme to gain power in other countries. i feel bad for people that just refuse to open their eyes sometimes. because we know he had been searching the internet for anti mormon material all week. that stuff is pure poison.
i had my first interchange on friday and it was the bomb. i love my companion and i am learning a lot of stuff from him, but i went on an interchange with my zone leader, who reminds me exactly of my brother alex and it was the greatest day ever. we put two baptismal dates in the street. im having a hard time thinking of everything that happened because it was just so crazy. he said hes never had such a successful day in his mission and he goes home in december. but yeah i learned so much stuff from him hes a stud, and he plays football for boise state so thats kinda cool. what ive learned is that everybody knows more than me and i can become a way better missionary if ill just forget about everything i know and try to develop talents that everybody else has. especially from president kahnlein. the guy is so awesome! we had our interviews on tuesday and he is such a great guy i love him. his rules are strict.. but its easy to follow somebody you have so much respect for.
so i remembered what my favorite talk from conference was. Elder Jorg Klebingat`s talk about approaching the throne of god! wow i had our bishops wife print it off for me in spanish and ive just been studying it during personal study time. i spent a lot of time thinking about it this week and ive realized the only time ive felt malice or ill towards the church or principles of the gospel was when i was not living the way i should be. thats how satan works people. theres two paths and the further you go on one path the harder it is to switch back. sometimes we dont even realize where we are because its little things over time that get us off track. dont procrastinate the day of your repentance because its a lot easier to make frequent small changes than big ones. i love this talk so much.
the mission is not for the weak in heart people. this is the hardest thing ive ever done, but i kinda knew what i was getting myself into. it makes it easier when i had such good examples in my life for 18 years like a father and brother who showed me the way and friends that are serving right along side me in this work. this gospel is the lords gospel and im having a blast telling people in chile to stop being so flaite and fome. haha i love chilean words. que tenga una buena semana!
oh my gosh empire of the sun is playing right now. im gonna lose my mind. haha bye love you.

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor
p.s. i was reading in liahona and the first person ever baptized in chile was by an Elder Allred. woah.
the second pic is with our elders quorum pres and his sons first time going with the missionaries to a lesson so we took a pic.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Mission Life

Hola familia im writing this email first thing this week because i have even less time to email here as i did in the mtc! wow this is stressful i cant even gather my thoughts it feels like ages ago that i was in the mtc. just want to give a quick shout out to allison paulson, i met elder echanberg in the mtc and got to know him before we left. i approve, good work ;).
so i got to viña del mar on tuesday.... met the president and his wife and they are stallions. president kahnlein is tall and intimidating but also really friendly and just a good guy and i love hermana kahnlein. when we first met them at the airport we got on a bus and headed to the mission home and got some sweet views/pics of viña del mar and it is just as pretty as i thought itd be. ill attach the pics but yeah its just amazing. then suddenly our bus stopped on the way to the mission home and president informed us that he was going to drop us off and we had to ask for directions on how to get to the mission home and also we couldnt come back until we had gotten a reference and given out a book of mormon. i got stuck in a group of three and even though we had no idea what people were saying we gave out two books and got three references before we finally found the home. it was cool and easy because people thought it was amusing that three gringos were trying to conversate with them.
however now that im with a latino compañion it seems like people dont like us as much. wednesday i got my compañion elder ramirez and we headed to our area which is in the city of Quilpue just 40 min or so outside of viña headed towards santiago. that same wednesday night i taught my first lesson wiht eduardo and edit who are couple in their 40`s but not married, super common in chile. they love parejas. anyways i ended up participating in this lesson more than probably all of the others ones so far. we ended up talkiing about faith and i quoted ether 12:6 and sang a solo families can be together forever. hahaha it was awesome they were awful at singing, like seriously pathetic, and they just thought that i had the voice of an angel so they told me to sing for them. it was funny. elder ramirez is argentine, about 6`4 and a rugby player, speaks zero english, and is way too nice. i call him the big friendly argentine giant. haha hes so nice it makes me angry sometimes and ive only been with him 5 days... oh well i guess thats what you get when you tell your mission president you want to learn to develop patience and im sure ill get compañions who drive me up the wall. but yes elder ramirez is great and he likes to work which is what i was worried about. were working hard every day trying to reactivate members and find new investigators! a lot of our work is reactivations though, we have a few hundred members in our small area and only about 50 were at church on sunday. in the liahona there was an article that said one in every thirty chilenos is a member but only like twenty percent our active. however the ones that our active are just solid!! ive been meeting our ward and getting to know them the past few days and i already love all of them!! the ward mission leader is great, elders quorum pres, bishop, his counselors, everyone! and we had lunch at the house of the second counselors house yesterday who is super young and jsut got back from a mission in uruguay and all the sudden his wife and her two sisters started speaking english and i was just like what!?! becuase i swear nobody speaks english besides my zone leaders and it was so refreshing to finally go 5 min of understanding everything!
i was blown away my first few days here guys... these people have nothing. i brought more in my suitcases than a lot of people and i mean that quite literally.. and this is like a middle class area. its really been a wake up call for me to see how blessed i was to grow up with what i had and to go back home to it in two years. some people just have no hope here besides the gospel.. really.
we dont really have any progessing investigators right now which is really tough but were working hard and doing a lot of door knocking and street contacting to find some! right now we sort of have one progressing investigators who came to church on sunday with us but then left in the middle of second hour. yeah were not sure what happened. hes a philosophy teacher and honestly i think he has mental problems. but he loves to teach us when we go to his house. the problem is he is following through on all our committments so we dont know if he is actually interested in the gospel or if he just likes to have more students to teach about the class of crazy. also there is so many fetching dogs here it blows my mind. and these are not normal dogs they all just sleep in the middle of roads and are the poorest looking things you could even imagine. i cant drink coke... mission rules. but i found some cans of dr pepper in lider just barely so thats cool.
but really i love everyone already theyre great and im understanding more every day because i can only communicate in spanish with my comp. i think within a couple of weeks i will have it down ive just got to be patient with it and keep praying for the gift of tongues. i see the lords hand helping me every single day here and my testimony grows every time i testify to someone of the truthfulness of the BOM and this great gospel we have. its not like the evangelical church, or catholic, or any other christian church. this church is true and the covenants we have made are the most valuable things we have in our lives. be grateful everyone. we have it good back in the united states.
lastly i just want to talk about my dear father for just a moment. dad you have no idea how many times a day something you have said to me or taught me comes into my head. you`re the greatest example besides our savior of what i want to become. thank you for always being there for me and raising such a good family. i miss all of you guys so much but i know the next 23 months are the lords time. happy birthday steve hope it was awesome.
oh my gosh i almost forgot about conference!!! how stinking good was that?? oh my gosh so many talks i loved and i could go on forever about it but i fetching left all my notes in my notebook at the mission home!! super bummed that i lost those but man there were a lot of good talks i could go on forever! Jorg Klebingat`s talk of the seventy was my favorite i think. or the other seventy in the first session of saturday who talked about facing the right direction. such good stuff. dang im even more bummed about my notes now than i was before. conference is great.

love you guys. hope your week is good. ¡Chau!
-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 5- Mexico City CCM

hi guys. so another week down in the CCM of Mexico City and it was another great one. I´d just like to start off by telling everyone that your prayers for me have been answered and i stumbled upon a quarter of a 3 liter coca cola that was stranded and with no home in the cafeteria behind closed doors. so i took it asked one of the lunch ladies and she was like yeah you better hurry and take it before somebody else does! haha so i snatched real quick and me and my district had a photo shoot with it before i decided to drink it all. it was the best flat coke ive ever had. haha im just kidding prayers have been answered in a million ways and im going to get all the coke i want in a week anyway.
my flight is at 11:55 pm next monday night and i arrive in santiago chile at 10:25 am and then i assume i will take a bus to viña del mar from there. im getting extremely pumped for it! but first ive got 2 days straight hearing our prophet and his apostles talk! ive never been so excited in my life to listen to general conference. if a 1 hour devotional twice a week is great i cant even imagine how nice it will be for 8 hours of conf. and another 1 and a half for priesthood. yeah i cant wait. 

the best pre cursor i could have had for it was 2 days ago. last sunday was either one of, if not the most spiritual days of my entire life. i so wish that mtc devotionals could be heard by everyone because elder bednar gave a talk at the provo mtc a couple years back on christmas day that is the best and most overwhelming thing i have ever heard in my life. it seriously blew my mind after it was over i just wanted to sit there for an hour or so and think about life. that day i had been fasting and sacrament meeting/priesthood were phenomenal, and the joseph smith movie later that night after bednars talk was almost too much for me to handle. it was amazing. bednar helped me to see that as you search through the scriptures, more particularly the new testament, look for characters of christ and try to understand why the atonement was only possible through him. when we turn inwards during our pain, christ turned outward. while on the cross our savior was comforting the murderer and thief on his left and right. at his weakest point, after being beaten, mocked, and tortured he asked heavenly father to forgive those who had done these things to him. this is just one example of so many in his life. i know that christ lived, these are not just made up stories. these are records of disciples of the lord to remind us that he is always there with an outstretched hand waiting for us to come back even if we have turned our backs on him. ive really come to realize recently that the general authorities are called of god and what they speak is pure doctrine. remember to go into general conference this weekend with questions in mind and then take notes and i know that those questions will be answered. 
i forgot to mention that ballard spoke at the provo mtc last tuesday and we watched it live here too. it was so awesome it was just like a grandpa speaking to his grandkids. thats how he talked to us and pretty much just gave really good advice for 45 min. i loved it.
i figured i should stop putting my subject as not knowing anything but every week i realize that i still dont know anything. my testimony grows every single day and im constantly reminded of the love that our father in heaven has for every one of his children. i am more pumped than ever to try my best to convey that love the best i can for the people of chile starting next week! my testimony has never been stronger, and i see the lords hand helping me every day as i slowlly learn spanish as well. thank you all for your prayers, emails, and love. i love you all and i miss my home but i think im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the lord knows how to make my future better than my past if i move forward with faith. in fact i know that is the case for everyone. trust the lord, choose the right, and try to feel the spirit every day. i know this gospel is true. 

-Elder Allred: Chilean Street Raptor 
yeah i like that one better.

here´s some pics yo

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week Four- Mexico City CCM

why did it take me 18 years to figure out how blessed i was to grow up with what i had? that question has gone through my head a lot of times this week. im going to be short in describing my week and then i want to relay a story that has changed my life and hopefully changes somebody else´s too. i really just cant believe that i grew up in the home that i did, not only with the family that i was blessed with, cause you guys are great, but with a book that contains more truth than any other book in the history of mankind. i mean i though i knew stuff about the book of mormon before i left, and i didnt. ive have taken that book for granted for eighteen years and im just beginning to scratch the surface on the power that it contains! 
this week was awesome. it went by faster than any other week because i felt the spirit more than any other week. just when i thought the devotionals couldnt get any better they keep getting better!! elder scott (who i usually struggle to stay awake listening to) gave a talk on prayer at the provo mtc last week that was unbelievable. getting home and having the chance to communicate with my father in heaven every night really is something ive treasured these four weeks. its amazing the blessing he is waiting to grant us. 
my spanish is improving, my testimony is growing exponentially, and today when we got to go to the visitors center of the mexico city temple i wanted to scream because of the knowledge our church has of eternal families.
so my story is about this elder. his name is elder osborn and last saturday night elder frampton set up a private devotional for a few of our favorite districts to attend to hear this kids story. for the first few weeks here and had been asking him about some gnarly scars he has on his neck above his collar and he just kept telling me hed tell me soon enough. so here it is i probably missed a ton of details but here it goes. during easter break a couple years back when he was a soph. him and two of his buddies decided to go camping in cedar city where they lived. friday and saturday they hunted and had campfires and just enjoyed their time. saturday night his friends mom arrived at their little ranch. the next morning they had an easter egg hunt and then after his buddies wanted to go look for some more elk sheds. he was too tired so he took a nap while his friends headed out on dirtbikes. after a couple hours he couldnt sleep anymore and tried to call his friends to see where they were. no answer. so instead of waiting he hopped on a dirtbike and went up one of the two roads from the ranch house up into the mtns. he looked for 30 min couldnt find them so he went back and sat for a little, called them some more, still nothin. so he got bored again and this time hopped on a ranger (razr) and went down the other path which is more flat and full of sage. he took his gun and knife just in case he wanted to shoot some stuff.
after about 10 miles he decides he wants to see how fast the ranger can go. so he starts hauling and drifting around corners and then on one turn he drifts, looks back to see the cloud of dust, and when he turns back around hes not on the trail he had gone a little to far. so he tries to overcorrect his mistake... however there is a ditch and the ranger hits the ditch, he flies out of the ranger, and in turn the ranger starts following his course and ends up rolling until it lands on top of his pelvis completely covering the lower half of his body including his cell phone in his pocket. 1900 pounds of force pretty much crushed every bone he had in his legs. for about 3 minutes all he did was scream until he realized that he was so far out and nobody was going to hear him. he tried everything he could think of to get the ranger off of him, lifting it, putting rocks underneath, sliding out but nothing would work. then he started praying.. he begged and cried and suddenly realizes all the bad things he has done in his life and that he was not hanging out with the right crowds, or doing what he was supposed to be doing. he tells heavenly father that he will turn his life around and serve a mission if he would save him. he says hes never felt so disappointed and devastated in his life! his phone is vibrating but he cant reach it. he looks into the ranger and all hes got is a knife, gun, gatorade, and fluid to fix a flat tire. he cant reach the gun, but the pain is so great that suddenly his prayers turn to asking heavenly father to take him home.
so out of desperation and no other options, not suicidal reasons, he takes the knife and tells his father in heaven hes coming home. after carving notes to his family in the side of the ranger he slits his hand to see how sharp the knife is and then proceeds to stab the left side of his chest 15 times. then he reaches up and slits his throat. as he is bleeding he puts his hood on and lays down and tries to go unconscious, but he cant. then he hears a dirtbike pulling up and looks up to see his friends having a panic attack over his condition. after unsuccessfully trying to lift the beast off of him his friend, who is a non member, kneels down and begins to cry out to god. then he stands up, and proceeds to lift the ranger off of elder osborn and onto all four wheels. hops back on the dirtbike and rushes back to get his other friends and a truck. they load him into the back because they were in place that an ambulance would not be able to get to and start back on the road. they call his mom who calls the ambulance and they meet the ambulance halfway to the cedar city. once he is in the ambulance they call life flight. they insert a bag into his neck so that blood does not drain into his lungs. then the life flight takes him and they arrive at utah valley hospital. before he went in to surgery his friends two uncles gave him a priesthood blessing. after that they put him on morphine and the rest of the story is from his family. his family arrived and could not watch the procedure that lasted two and a half hours. doctors were breathing for him and he had a cpk blood count of 310 k. the highest cpk count the hospital had ever worked on AND saved the person was under 200. over 700 stitches and numerous procedures later the doctor came out and told his dad that the wounds had been self inflicted. as his dad began to yell at the doctor and tell him that he was a liar the doctor had to calm him down and tell him that if he had not cut his neck open the way that he had he wouldve have suffocated. however the cut should have also killed him. the incision nonetheless was guided and there is no way his son could have done it on his own. the cut missed his voice box by 3 cm and was undoubtedly guided. he shouldve died 12 different times that night, but he didnt.
overnight his legs swelled up so much that he gained over 100 pounds and the doctors told him he would be paralyzed. 1 month later he left the hospital in a wheelchair. 2 months after that he started walking. 2 months after that he played for his high schools football team, and the next spring he was an allstate goalie for cedar high (i had to squeeze that information from him). ive never felt the spirit so strong in my entire life than when he testified that during the toughest moments of our lives we arent walking ourselves through, christ is there every step of the way to help us along. this elder is a walking miracle. 
i hope i did this story justice because it is something that ill never forget in my entire life. sometimes we dont see miracles because we dont go where miracles happen!! i realized this week that i have got a lot of work to do before my faith is where it needs to be. ive never loved this gospel so much or appreciated it so much in my entire life than at this moment. i cant believe i have taken it for granted the way that i have. it ashames me that im just now figuring that out and probably wont even understand the power of it over the next 23 months. i love you guys i hope youre doing well, i try my best to pray for each of you individually. have a good week.

-chilean coast cruiser (what hyrum has one why cant i?)

here´s some pics at the temple, a pic with elder osborn, and a modeling shot of me and my comp in the forbidden forest. ill have to do two emails with all the pics.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Week Three- Mexico CCM

so i want to tell a funny story that happened the third day that i was in the mtc. me and my companions were walking back from class to our house and these two elders stop us and theyre like how long have you guys been here? so we told them and they were like here´s how it goes- the first few days you´re scared and dont know whats happening then week by week you gain confidence until you think you know what youre doing then you hit week 3 and BOOM (he throws his pen on the ground) YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING! and they just walked off haha and we kept walking while laughing and i just fell on the ground because i was laughing so hard. tears were streaming down my face!

some of you are thinking that im going to be like well i elder allred am living proof that this is false! however its the opposite! I DONT KNOW ANYTHING! haha i started asking some more questions to my teachers this week thinking that i was ready to sort of move past the point im at in spanish and we got into some tough difficult topics and i realized that im not even close to where i need to be! its not that its even that sad or depressing it just goes to show that learning a language is not easy and is going to take time and work and prayer and lots of other stuff. like i said before patience and diligence with the language is key, but is not what im focused on in the ccm. 

yesterday was mexican indepence day and they know how to party. the fireworks and music quite literally did not stop all night. it was a legendary day though because we watched latinos dance in the auditorium for like 2 hours and then something happened that i never believed would.... the entire ccm sang the national hymn of mexico beautifully AND in unison which makes me take back my words from last week! singing the national hymn every day did help us get better and there was hope all along. but the great part is that all day me and elder frampton were planning to get on top of the roof when we got back that night and watch the fireworks for a little with our comps. little did we know that 45 people from casas all over the ccm would see us and want to join haha!! there was honestly at least forty people on top of the roof of the house and we had a roof off it was crazy. get it? roof off? its from pitch perfect when they have a riff off. gosh you guys never get any of my jokes. one kid jumped up with a bottle of martinellis and shook it up and then popped the cap off haha it was classic! funny guys here in the ccm.

in other news just when i thought that the devotionals could not get any better or spiritual i had three this week that blew me away!!! like seriously every single one of them life changing. ill never forget some of the things that were said!! last tuesday after i emailed we watched a video of elder holland in january of 2013 addressing the provo mtc and man the guy is just a spiritual stallion. ive heard quotes from it but never heard the full thing... his main message was that if i only convert one person on my mission it better be myself!! im hoping that comes along with these next 24 months.. actually i know it will! then on sunday afternoon the first counselor in the MTC presidency and former general authority Octaviano tenorio spoke about eternal families, marriage, and salvation. which youd think would be an awkward topic to address to 1000 elders and sisters who are not even supposed to think about that for two years, yet he was so masterful in putting an eternal perspective into everybody´s minds and explaining the importance of temple marriage it was incredible!!! i would recommend everybody to watch his 8 min and 16 second talk in general conference of 2007!! it is wonderful. such a good guy! then sunday night we heard from elder cates who is about 34 years old, went to timpanogos and orem high, and is now the director of the mexico ccm!! he talked about forgetting our homes, friends, and everything we´ve left and trusting that the lord will make our future better than what we had! i 100% believe this and have already seen small signs of it in the short amount of time that i have been here! remember lot´s wife. second shortest scripture in the bible yet it contains lots of meaning Luke 17:32

im super excited for the devotional tonight! tuesdays are just so great. i get to email, play cage soccer for 2 hours, take a power nap, eat costco pizza for dinner, and listen to a devotional in the night. my time here is going by so fast and hearing from everybody and their experiences out in the field is getting me really excited to get out and start teaching real people! i love teaching my teachers everyday as fake investigators and all, and im learn something new in every single one, but needless to say im getting anxious to get out of this place and head to the vineyard of the sea (viña del mar). 

the spirit is awesome, the scriptures are filled with truth, and prayer has and always will be the simplest, yet most underutilized tool to communicate with our father in heaven for guidance in our lives. i have a testimony that God wants to hear from us and is waiting to grant us blessings, and as is the case with a lot of things in life ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK. my grandpa that i never knew once said you can accomplish anything if you have a phone and know the right people to call. well the first person you should call should be your heavenly father. 
i love the gospel and every single one of you my friends, family, and whoever else receives these emails. i believe ive thought about every single person that has come into my life at least once in these three weeks. sometimes youre mind wanders, its hard to control, but im working on it :)

write me if you get a second of time to spare. anything is very much appreciated.

-Elder Allred

here´s some pics including the rooftop party, cage soccer court, and the boys from our district!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2- Mexico CCM

well what a great week it was here in bomb shelter of Mexico City. they keep trying to teach us the mexican national anthem every morning and its just not working haha. its like 7 minutes long too! we have fun with it though.

ive been emailing elder frost and hunsaker trying to find out if smuggling coke into the mtc is posible and at this point im calling it quits. pray for me. im struggling. they said they tried everything.

what the heck is up with byu football these days am i right? usually thatd be a great first line for a stand up comedian yet somehow the second i leave on my mission theyve got a heisman candidate and are ranked? not cool. i hope they blow it versus houston this week. HAH im kidding gosh somebody tell ryan brooks and brett wimmer to calm down. if tom lee was listening to me right now hed be chastizing me for being a fair weather fan. lets all remember that that title belongs to the lone wolf and the lone wolf only. steve allred everyone. remember when he wore red when we played utah? that was great,keep up the hard work dad. 

Elder Warner left to chile yesterday. it was always really nice having one of my bestfriends literally across the hallway from me. he was in my zone so we got to be around each other quite a bit. im gonna miss him but im excited to hear how he does in Osorno. we did get a few pics including one with elder goodman when he arrived last week so ill attach those if ryan sends them to me!
on sunday night we had a devotional where elder lester johnson, an area seventy, gave a talk on repentance and wow id have to say that it is one of those life changing lessons. repentance is a life long process. and so easy. yet so many times our pride holds us back from becoming somebody much more effective in the work of the lord and pretty much every other aspect of our lives! we have devotionals every sunday and tuesday so im excited for tonight it should be good. 
man p days are good. haha everybody lives for them! my district and i have now made our own rap, remake to tik tok, and assigned names to each day in correlation to how far away it is from p day. and we also freestyle about it every night while walking home to our casa. walking home at nine thirty at the end of each day and seeing all the favelas lit up around the CCM is never going to get old it is so cool. 

we finished up with our investigator and he committed to baptism (woohoo) and then figured out he was our new afternoon teacher! i love him and our morning teacher theyre both such studs and not only are we learning spanish from them but theyre learning english from us. its a mutual relationship. haha but really our morning teacher hermano hurtado is from mexico city and just got back from serving in hermosillo which is where hyrum is and our afternoon is hermano perez and he just got back from panama.

ive realized something important this week i think as i was studying really hard on my spanish. i read chapter four in preach my gospel talking about feeling the holy ghost more often and what types of feelings we should consider to be the spirit and i decided that the mtc is a great time to learn to recognize the spirtit and grow my tesimony. just like our teachers in the CCM teach us. learning the language is not our goal here, our goal is to learn to help our investigators in our native language and study with all weve got during our own personal time to learn the language. for a large chunk of the day nobody is monitoring us or making sure were working hard. during those times it is so easy to strike up a meaningless conversation with somebody about girls or your family or whatever and get side tracked during the time that you should be working on your purpose. self motivation is KEY to learning the language and coming closer to christ in the MTC. i followed something alex told me before i left and i decided that before i ever got here i was going to try to develop the attribute of diligence in my studies. and the blessings that ive seen are blowing my mind. my companion is struggling to speak the language, and im trying to help him and he does his best in the lessons but lots of the time i pretty much just have to be the one to talk. i taught the entire first lesson without notes, shared scriptures from memory, and answered multiple questions in spanish yesterday in our first lesson with our new investigator. the gift of tongues and the power of fasting is real my friends. i never wouldve been able to do that on my own! it got me pumped. 

i love all of you guys write me if you get the time. dear elder is great. here´s some pics. somebody show eli and tate i found giant lego hands in mexico. also the pics with me and ryan were blurry for some reason. hopefully he sends me his and ill forward them next week.