Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Bells are Ringing

whats up fellas. this week was a stellar week in the office and in our
own sector! we saw a lot of miracles happen and im hoping we can see
some serious fruit soon. i know we will actually.

first of all this weekend marks the end of a work that has been going
on for months. our christmas concert! last night was the first
concert, tonight is the second, and tomorrow night will be the last
one. literally the entire week we have just been running around buying
things, setting up contracts, and finalizing all of the work that is
needed to make it happen, and last night was amazing!! the choir is 24
missionaries inculding like 10 others that play different instruments.
there is an awesome amphitheatre on the beachside that fits about 500
people that we have for the weekend and our job has just been to make
sure everything is ready to go. ive honestly learned so much just in
these couple of weeks planning it what it actually takes to organize
and event like this. its been a great experience and they sound like
angels. weve been filiming it and also i think the church crew from
santiago is coming on sunday night and they might put it on!
but that has been the main focus all week and its has been a ton of
work to organize and make sure everything goes according to plan!

even though we had almost no time to work in our own sector and look
for investigators the Lord is blessing us with ways to baptize still.
its amazing seriously. last sunday this guy came to church because his
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! no but really it was great news.
but anyways he has been a few times but missionaries never noticed or
just never talked to him. but he came to the church on tuesday to talk
with us and a missionary from our ward came and we got to know hima
little and  taught him the restoration there! it was one of the most
spiritual lessons of my mission! its so cool to think back and you can
seriously remember all of the most powerful lessons ont he mish. its a
cool feeling. but anyway he wants to get baptized, we just need more
time to teach him!! tonight hes gonna come to the concert a little
early and we`re gonna teach him on teh beach before it starts!

second miracle- a man named daniel has been going to church for about
the last 3 months. he has a slight mental problem and it casues him to
get distracted from the topic sometimes. we think but were not sure
that for this reason the missionaries didnt teach him. however the
other day he just showed up to the office as we were leaving to go to
an appt and was like hey can i go with you guys? then he preceeded to
hold his book of mormon in the air and say LETS GO PREACH THE TRUTH!
hahaha we couldnt deny him. so he came with us and it was awesome!!!
haha the guy is a real hoot, and he understands the gospel better than
me!! we decided to start visiting him and a couple days ago we went
and met his mom as well. she told us that his whole life he has been
almost obsessed as she called it with the bible and learning more
about God. he studied with evangelicals, jehovahs witnesses, and
belongs to the catholic church. but after knowing our church he read
the entire book of mormon and knew that it was true! it was really
really cool and afterwards he asked me to give him a blessing of
strength and reallly is was impressive teh love that i could feel from
Heavenly Father to him. its amazing how much God loves his sons and
daughters, especially those that he has given conditions or
disabilities to such as daniel. he has a natural gift of understanding
God``s will. daniel will be baptized the day after Christmas next

Mario is progressing little by little. he wont be baptized tomorrow
becasue hes got some doubts about tithing. but were confident that
next week its gonna happen!

the elders from my old sector in viña told me that the Castillo family
might come to the concert tonight. itd be such a blessing to see them
again. i hope it happens.

love you guys and im praying for ya every day. happy a great Christmas
and we`ll be seeing eachother on Friday by Skype!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photo: selfie that i took with my homie elder roach before the concert
on the beach! also i took it with my brick phone camera.!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


woof. ill be honest guys this is really different. i could go on for
hours about all of the stuff im learning and how great of a time im
having but its definitely very different.

its gonna be pretty short this week but let me just start off by
saying that red team lost this morning in soccer. it was
disappointing, we only hit the crossbar about 38 times, but were
looking for a bounceback next week. president had a pulled muscle in
his foot so it wasnt fair.

we had some awesome experiences this week as well during proselyting!
since we get out later to start working we just decided that we have
to search for chosen investigators. in almost every contact that were
doing we are inviting the person to get baptized and i think we´ve set
like 9 baptismal dates this week. hahaha i dont know how many will
come to church tomorrow but weve been fulfilling our goal. we have one
investigator named mario that is a stud and has plans to come to
church tomorrow. he also has a baptismal date for the 20th and on
thursday accepted to live the word of wisdom. hes making a lot of
changes in his life. hes 50 years old and hes got a lot of potencial
to keep progressing if he keeps reading and praying!

we did have a sweet experience this week though... so on tuesday we
were running a little bit late to an appt and we were waiting at the
bus stop. seriously like 3 buses passed by wihtout stopping. we were
flaggin everyone down but nobody stopped and after about 20 min i got
kind of frustrated. but i know my comp was praying in his head and i
began to as well. the next bus that cmae by we got on and there was a
convert with her family that we had lost contact with for a couple
weeks. we talked with them and set an appt and everything it was a
miracle. then after finally getting to where we needed to be we went
with our bishop to visit this one investigator who wasnt home. really
its the worst when you leave with a member and then the person ends up
not being there. but then we got the impression to pass by this one
less active, hermano ordoñez, that had contacted us a couple days

when he had contacted us we had set an appt for thursday, but even
though it was tuesday we went with the bishop. when he opened the door
he goes, i knew it! i knew it would happen! hah he invited us in
almost laughing as he looked at his two kids and goes i told them you
guys would pass by! on top of having an incredibly spiritual lesson
with this inactive ex stake councelor, we also had fulfilled a prayer.
the hermano is part of the marines in chile and figured out after
talking ot us that he had to leave for a week thursday morning. so he
told his 2 sons (non members) that the Lord would provide a way for us
to get in contact. haha so when we showed up with the bishop he was
telling us all about it! its a great fam and they have a lot of
potential to progress together. now they just need to stop working on

love you guys hope you have an awesome week. the gospel is true.

-elder allred- chilean street raptor

photo- president took us out to eat chinese food to welcome me to the office :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Referral Secretary

Referral Secretary

Dear Allred Family,

Greetings from the Chile  Viña del Mar Mission. It is a pleasure to inform you of the new assignment of your son, Elder Wyatt Rex Allred, to serve as Referral Secretary of the mission.  Your son has demonstrated talents as a leader in sharing the Gospel and has shown a sincere desire to serve the Lord.

As Mission Referral Secretary, his primary responsibilities are to keep records of the baptisms in the mission and to make sure that the mission´s achievements are correctly recorded. I have total confidence in his abilities to serve in this crucial assignment.

I thank you for having raised a son in such an excellent way and I pray that our Heavenly Father blesses you as you continue supporting your son in his mission and in this new assignment.



Raúl Antonio Díaz Navarro

Presidente de Misión

Misión Chile, Viña del Mar

A Whole New World

well, it happened. they moved me to the office and i am the new
registrador of the mission. i honestly dont even know how to say that
in english but im one of the three secretaries and in few words im in
charge of all the records, numbers, presentations, cellphones, and all
the other materials in teh mission. for my job youd think theyd call
somebody that knows how to manage computers well, however thats not
how it went. i guess the Lord calls on the weak sometimes to make them
stronger! :) haha but for real, i never could have imagined the amount
of work there is to do in the office. especially since yesterday we
had mission council so i had to prepare SO MANY THINGS! i havent
gotten to bed before 3 o clock the last three nights. but honestly its
been really fun .

im going to be here for 6 months. thats a long time. literally 1/4 of
my mission. so when i got here i wanted to make it different,
something fun. so we decided to start something as an office. elder
frampton, elder roach another secretary, and i made our first episode
of la oficina. haha on thursday we filmed and made the video in like
25 min and then on friday in teh council we showed it to all of the
zone leaders before giving our powerpoints, and they will show it to
the mission on tuesday in the replica. haha its pretty much just like
one of the opening scenes of the office, but with all of us from the
office. everyone had a good laugh. were already planning episode 2.

its going to be awesome working with all of these great elders. elder
osuna, is training me in my position right now and is my companion.
hes seriously been one of my heroes since the beginning of my mission!
hes from sinaloa, mexico, and has 2 changes left in the mission, hes
seriously such a stud! ive got a whole lot to learn though. keep me in
your prayers, its seriously scary thinking about me doing this stuff
on my own and messing up, because if you mess up, it can literally
destroy everything. we work in excel for almost everything. which
means that all of the programming taht is used to track all of the
stats of the mission is based on formulas.

its very different not being on doing normal missionary work. i
seriously feel really really different right now than i have for the
last year and 3 months of my life. i know the Lord only has the best
in mind for me and im going to give it my all, but i will miss working
all day every day to find the elect of God and help them be baptized.
i dont want to stop baptizing. even though we have much less time to
work in our sector now, since we are in the office until 430 each day,
i know we can keep baptizing and finding people!

i kind of knew before hand that this position was coming. everyone was
telling me, but its still a big shock. it helps taht president diaz is
so chill and his wife as well. theyre always joking around with us,
and since we didnt have time yesterday, on monday theyre taking all of
us to ruby tuesdays to welcome me to the office! also we play soccer
with president every p day and sometimes a couple other days of the
week as well. me and president are with the two other secretaries vs
the asistants and presidents son, and this morning we won. haha its
pretty sweet.

dont worry guys im not dead. i still love the mission. this work has
saved my life im sure of it. but its gonna be a little bit different
from here on out. when i get out of the office i will have two changes
left in the mission! i cant even believe it.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photo- me and my comp. and elder frampton wanted in on the photo too