Thursday, December 10, 2015

Referral Secretary

Referral Secretary

Dear Allred Family,

Greetings from the Chile  Viña del Mar Mission. It is a pleasure to inform you of the new assignment of your son, Elder Wyatt Rex Allred, to serve as Referral Secretary of the mission.  Your son has demonstrated talents as a leader in sharing the Gospel and has shown a sincere desire to serve the Lord.

As Mission Referral Secretary, his primary responsibilities are to keep records of the baptisms in the mission and to make sure that the mission´s achievements are correctly recorded. I have total confidence in his abilities to serve in this crucial assignment.

I thank you for having raised a son in such an excellent way and I pray that our Heavenly Father blesses you as you continue supporting your son in his mission and in this new assignment.



Raúl Antonio Díaz Navarro

Presidente de Misión

Misión Chile, Viña del Mar

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