Sunday, January 31, 2016

La Oficina S1.E2 Especial de la Navidad

Baptism, My Favorite Ordenance

¿buena buena que tal los choros de Orem? i hope ordenance is how you say ordenanza in english.

this week was great. we saw lots of changes, changes that led people on the straight and narrow and on their way to baptism, and change that distracted people from what should be a priority in their life to fall for things of lesser importance. Satan is pretty tricky sometimes. he makes good things seem REALLY GOOD sometimes to make us ignore something that could be even better! I hate that guy.

i learned this week that being creative is very very important in missionary work. i mean yeah ive always known that every time i teach i gotta try different tactics and follow the spirit. but reading a few things this week helped us out as a companionship. i found a book in a corner of our house in some cabinet that was written by David Covey called ¨the highly effective missionary¨and i would highly suggest it for anybody that is preparing to go on a mission. its full of great ideas and we decided to try one of them out this week. its called the 8 step survey door approach. in teh office before leaving one day i created a type of questionaire to use wehn we knock doors. teh approach basicallly consists in saying key words to begin the contact, and at the right poitn in the conversation after asking them if they could answer the survey questions and them saying yes, taking a bold move and begin walking into their house as if you assume taht you will be doing the survey inside. after doing the survery questions you ask if you ask to say a prayer and immediately begin teaching lesson 1. its good stuff. we found 3 new investigators in about an hour of knocking doors. and one of them has a baptismal date. we are going to keep testing it out and find out what the statistics are to it and then present it to President on MOnday in our meeting to share it with the mission. its simple. but it works. were here to teach, not to walk around getting doors slammed in our faces. sometimes you just gotta try new and even weird things.

as a mission this last week we almost double the amount of references that we average! the new program and enfasis has launched off like crazy and the amount of new investigators followed that number. there have been many miracles i cant wait to see how it affects everything. but its working. the mission is beginning to understand 1. why working with members and receiving references is important and 2. how to manage the references that they have. as the reference secretary it makes my job a lot more fun.

on thursday at nine a clock a night our last appt had fallen through. so me and my comp kind of just starting walking randomly, as i like to say with the wind, and we stumbled upon Pablo our new friend. he was in teh street sitting down on the curb smoking and instead of just going up and contacting him we asked if he knew anyone close by we could visit. he turns to us and goes maybe, but i hate your church so go away. haha so after throwing some jokes out and lightening the mood we figured out that he thought we were jehovahs witness. we then asked if we could ask him the survey questions and then started wlaking inside his house as he followed us. by the end of teaching the restoration he told us that he has never felt so good talking about God with other people in his life. he lives alone in a one bedroom pension, and has almost nothing becasue he recently was divorced. were going back tonight. hes a stud.

Danilo finally came back from Temuco!!! after two weeks of calling him every other day just to tell him jokes he is back in Viña and hes even spiritually stronger than he is when he left! his faith muscle is bulging! we were a little nervous to teach the law of chastity and word of wisdom but hes good with everything. his GF is the bomb. she made things real clear with him. and he says hes going to stop drinking tea. his last challenge will be tithing. tonight with our quorum president we are going to teach it and when he accepts it he`ll be baptized next saturady Lesss gooooo!!!

well... thats about it. oh one more thing. the other day my convert came to the office and was like hey i have a reference for you guys. my comp was busy so me and elder frampton went to visit this guy and his name was axel. he a baller and we went back last night to teach him. hes wants to go to church, he wants to get baptized, but the guy smokes more than a chimney! 60 cigarrettes a day! thats okay though. before we left last night we soaked one of his cigarrettes in milk for him, and he smoked it. we heard it helps i dont know. we had to try something!! fe no mas.

love you guys we had a great week and things are rolling. ROLLLL TIDE!

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

i sent a link to Di with the dropbox to watch our office episode of the christmas concert. <3

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Party on 5 Norte

hey fam. ill be honest i have almost no time to write this write now so im going to do my best to jot down some thoughts from the week and then peace out. cause im also really hungry. and chilean junk food sounds really good right now.(i dont know how i dont get fat)

this week was a miracle in itself. i dont think that last phrase made sense in english but lets go im rolling with it!! we have four people that have baptismal dates and are all progressing. tomorrow will be the real test to see if they go to church. Javier, Danilo, Carlos, and Gloria. we found carlos and gloria this week and they were both absolute miracles! theyre awesome.

on wednesday we had the first world missionary training session in over ten years!! it was the coolest thing ever to sit there and know that my friends all around the whole world were receiving the same instructions taht i was in that moment. and thats because it doesnt matter where you are, or waht you done, the gospel of Jesus Christ works in the everyone. 

but there was something that happened in the conference taht was almost inexplainable. in our mission council the last week the assistants and i coordinated a presentation where we talked a whole lot in both of our presentations about working with part member families, converts and references to find baptisms. we did a bunch of stuff adn i showed the mission how to use the new system of sending and receiving references every week to find people. also 3 weeks in ago for the new year i changed our key indicators and we startign counting as a mission how each new investigator is found each week, by reference, or by contact, and then hwo each person got baptized, by reference or by contact. 
in the world conference they showed THE EXACT SAME THINGS! they literally had the exact same numbers and types of graphs, and methods that we had decided to do in the council, but for the whole world!! its amazing to see that as a mission we find almost 5 times as much people every week contacting than by references. however until now in 2016 we have 30 percent more baptisms by references then by contacts! obviously this work is not about numbers. its about souls finding the truth. but it was a big testimony builder to me that if we change our focus as a mission and dedicate ourselves to being diligent with the members and working with references we are going to baptize a lot more! yeah anyway good stuff. it was awesome i learned a whole lot.

we also had interviews with president this week which was a great experience. it was a lot different this time... i  pretty much just had a good conversation with  president diaz which was awesome. hes such a loving man. i love him. he really is making the office a team. all of us with him and his wife and the assistants are working really well together adn we do almost everything togetther. he includes us on a lot of the decisions and always asks for our input. i respect him more than jsut about anyone in teh world.

ill try to tell more about gloria and erica and carlos next week... but im out of time. the Lord put them in our path for a reason adn weve had experiences taht have been incredible with them. were gonna baptize this change. lessss goooooooooo

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

foto- me riding in a horse carriage in the streets of viña

Too Tired to Think of a Title

woah. this week was crazy guys. i honestly dont even have much to
write about but we had a good time.

it was my first week in the office during changes and on top of that
we had mission council yesterday!! haha i didnt get to bed before 2 a
clock a single day this week... and even though im exhausted im
surprisingly really content and happy to have had the experiences. the
office is really cool becasue you grow really really close to everyone
else there, and you do things that you would never ever do as a normal
missionary. like be separated from your companion and have to do
things alone. weirdest feeling ever.

on monday we had the last dinner with all of the missionaries going
home and some of my good friends like elder dalton and elder nash. it
was really powerful to be able to hear them all give their last
testimonies. and then on tuesday at 5 in the morning to bus left to
santiago and we went witih them to drop them off and to get to know
the new missionaries!!
we got ot know them pretty well for a couple days as we prepared for
the changes meeting and everything and it was really cool to remember
when i had just barely gotten to the mission which doesnt seem like
too long ago at all.

it just got me pumped up again and all i want to do is serve the Lord
as hard as i can for my last few months here. i know ive still got a
lot of time, but its amazing how fast it goes by. it gets to a point
where you just cant believe youre already in a new month and time
keeps passing and you just feel liek you have no control over it...

thats okay though because the progress of each missionary is not
diminished. its cool to see how each missionary changes over time.
seeing the new missionaries this week was so awesome because its so
cool to think that in a few months they will be completely different
people, thinking different things, speaking a different language, and
having different goals in life. everyone is molded how they should if
they allow it. sadly i know that the time that i have here in the
mission is not the real conversion. its after. thats when ill have to
go back to the real world and actually have to fight to be able to
progress and not go back to whatever it was that i did before. kind of

i love the gospel and im love being a missionary. theres nothing that
gives more satisfaction than putting on the plaque and knowing that i
have another day to represent the Lord in teh most important work that
has ever existed. hopefully we have some time to work in our own
sector this week!!

my new comp is elder larsen. hes a boss. were gonna baptize. :)
yesterday he completely ripped his pants trying ot carry 5 boxes of
books of mormon. i laughed at him and then 5 min later the same thing
happened to me. oops.

love youuuu sorry i dont have more to write about but my brain is all
foggy right now and i cant think of anything else.

oh also i ate a bunch of raw fish with our peruvian friend and drank
liquidated fish head and guts. it supposedly has so much vitamins that
if your body is not used to it you can get really tired. i didnt
believe it. until i fell asleep at the dinner table.

-Elder Allred - chilean street raptor

photos: weekly soccer match with president, eating ceviche with our
peruvian investigators

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gettin Wet

DANIEL GOT BAPTIZED!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! it was spectacular and the
spirit was so strong during the whole service... ah man good times.

well, my first change in the office has already come to an end...
pretty crazy i cant even believe it. seems like yesterday that i got
here! i know thats how it is going to be for every other change as
well and it kind of scares me! the cool thing is that i know who my
next 2 companions are going to be hah. this change ill be with elder
larsen another secretary and yesterday president diaz passed me the
changes so i could make a presentation for the meeting and i now know
that another guy named elder ammirati will be my comp after elder
larsen. theyre both studs seriously. im pumped president has made a
big big enfasis on having a good team in teh office and we all work
together really well and get along. and were coming out with the
office EPISODE 3 soon! im gonna attach the dropbox link with the
password at the end of my email so that you guys can go see our last
episode... steve´s teh only one thats even going to understand what
were saying but thats okay he can tell you after. even though hes
literallyt he only one thats not going to laugh at it haha

i went on interchanges with elder dalton my old time friend this
week.... he was one of my zone leaders at the beginning of my mission
and i had the opportunity to be his last interchange comp and it was
awesome. i learned a lot of things from him and we stayed up until
like 3 in the morning just talknig about everything! little did i know
that the next day i was also going to have to stay up until 2 in the
morning... oh well. things happen. i just wanna soak it all up while i
can and i enjoy the time that i have left in teh mission. theres
nothing better. the mission is so dang fun

but anyway Daniel when he was studying engineering about 20 years ago
had a stress accident and went into a coma for a little while and when
he woke up pretty much had to learn everything again. im not exactly
sure what his condition is, but he just gets distracted easily and
changes subjects. however this week was a miracle. we saw the Lord
literally change him and help him along the way in his conversion. for
about 3 days leading up to his baptism it was like he did not have any
problem at all, he acted completely normal and paid really good
attention, and his baptism was incredible!!! after the ordenance he
hugged Elder Poulsen, one of the couple missionaries here, and gave
his testimony afterwards in front of everyone and it was so
powerful!!! haha seriously hes such a stud. it was such a blessing to
help him along the way. tomorrow he`ll get confirmed.

were teaching a few other stud muffins named javier and danilo. both
of them have gf`s that our members of the ward. however like a week
and a half a go javier broke up with her and stopped answering our
calls and coming to church... then on sunday we finally talked with
him and set up an appt. we went with our ward mission leader, this guy
from the dominican republic and when javier arrived he pretty much had
the intention of telling us he couldnt keep going... and by the end he
had accepted to be baptized on the 24th of January!!! Cesar, the
member, bore one of the strongest testimonies ive ever heard for about
25 min and completely turned the lesson around. pretty all we did was
set the date after. when cesar was 21 he was studying to be a catholic
priest, hated the mormons, and even took some people away from the
church. but he talked to missionaries one day and they left him with a
different feeling and one day he just decided to pass by the church
where he found the missionaries again! long story short he got
baptized, served a mission, and has worked for the church for about 20
years even though he was rejected by his family. hes a boss. and so is
javier. IM PUMPED

on wednesday we`ll have changes meeting, and friday is mission
council. weve got a ton of work to do. lesss goooooo

¡les quiero mucho! take care have a good week. CHAUUU

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos: daniels baptism,
and a cat that is sitting next to me in the internet cafe

Monday, January 4, 2016


happy new year, happy anniversary, and happy birthday! this time of
year is always fun and i just want to give a shout out to all teh
people i love! 34 years is impressive, and so is the strong marriage
that steve and di have. it shows in the beautiful family that you have
created and that all are living in the gospel! love you guys happy
ash, you`ll always be 22-23 in my eyes. you still got the twenty
forever look anyway so its pretty much the same thing right? nah but
for real i love you adn your crazy fam. youre sort of the sargent of
the family under general steve`s command. even though many times you
say different things and i get confused when i try to listen to both
of you. but thats okay youre the bomb and ill always be willing to
take a grenade for ya just like i did back in `Nam.

well this week was super busy, and super dope. we got a lot done in
the office, our sector, and in many phases of the work. im getting
very settled in with my new assignment adn starting to change things
up a little bit. ive taken a lot more enfasis into the statistics of
the mission and using them to determine what it is taht we need to do
to get more baptisms. its been a lot of work, and a lot of
concentration trying to figure out how to use Excel in the most
efficient way, but ive never learned so much in my life, and as well
in learning about church administration in general. its been a really
good learning experience. in a week and a half, ill be on my own and
have a new comp. lesss gooooo!

our investigator daniel is progressing really well. its super
interesting because in a normal conversation he gets off topic a lot
and seems to lose focus. however when we start teaching he just cites
scriptures like none other and basically teaches us the lesson. hes a
boss. his baptism will be next week woohoo!!!

these last couple days, have been some of the coolest days of my
entire mission. on monday during our meeting with the office and
president he randomly just said he watned us to see a movie that had
come out. so we got some coke and popcorn and watched ¨the cokeville
miracle¨. ill be honest for the first thirty min i was like whta the
heck is going on, what is president showing us. and by the end i was
crying. and everyone knows that the only other movies to ever make me
cry in my whole life are Toy story 3 when Andi gives his toys away,
and signs when i was like 9 and we watched it on our cruise. i cried
all night. thanks Al.

but anyway we decided to have the whole mission watch it together for
new years and also have the chance to watch the second episode of The
Office that we made. its spectacular. i gotta figure out how you guys
can watch it. i think i can send the dropbox link to watch it or
something. but yeah anyway after watching the movie again, we had a
testimony meeting as a zone, and it was so powerful. great way to kick
off the year. i dont think there will be anyone left to baptize in the
mission after this year were so pumped!

on new years eve we were invited, as well as the assistants to go to
this one familys home and eat dinner and watch the second biggest
firework show in the world go off in the bay of viña and valpo! they
let me cook the meat for the asado, and for about 2 and a half hours
we just talked about the coolest stuff with this guy!! we started
talking about all kinds of doctrine and he honestly answered every
single one of my doubts! it was a really sweet experience.- and i cook
a mean chorizo!
after eating at like 1130 we climbed the small sized mtn in viña to
watch the firework show and honestly i dont really have words to
suffice the spectacle that it was. just videos. from 12 to 1230 the
whole bay was just lit up as they shot off from teh carriers. it was

then last night we celebrated hna poulsens birthday in presidents home
with the whole office. hna poulsen is the couple missionary that is
working with us. we had another asado and ate tons of meat. i dont
know how im not getting fat. my body is weird.

fun packed week and were ready to get back at it. have a great week
everyone, and remember that january is statistically the most
depressing month of the year. dont be too hard on yourselves

looooovvvvvvveeeee youuuuuuuu

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photo: firework show, and me being a pro cook

Cream to My Crop

you guys are the cream to my crop. love you. it was so good to see you
yesterday. YOURE ALL SO DANG BEAUTIFUL! and how bout col`s voice? atta
baby i see you big dawg. sounding like a grown man over here!

well even though i said that i feel like we dont accomplish much in
the 40 minute skype calls i still thoroughly enjoyed it! more than
spitting out everything i wanted to say and hearing about how
everybody and their dog is doing i just loved being able to talk for a
little bit and receive the confirmation that in reality Heavenly
Father is taking care of my family and everybody is doing well. its
amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we follow his will.

the mission is such a humbling experience. just when you start to feel
comfortable and start to fall into a groove a trial comes along, or
something gets changed up. its a pretty sure way to figure out how our
whole life is going to be actually. theres no room for improvement if
we dont experience new things, and God cant send us miracles if were
not willing to get out of our comfort zone and excersize (how the heck
do you spell that) a little more faith. but when we do accept the
challenge and react in the appropiate way, we`re molded into a better
form than we were before.

this week was baller. i started to understand everything in the office
a lot better and did almost everything on my own. its been interesting
to have my position for the end of the year because salt lake has been
asking for a lot of the stats and numbers from the mission. since im
in charge of all of the numbers in the mission i got to analize and
create some stuff to send them and also invent some other things that
i will present to president and the rest of the office on monday! ive
learned a lot in a short few weeks about how the administration of the
church works and how to manage an organization the way the Lord would
want it to be done!

apart from teh office we had some ups and downs with our
investigators. we really forced ourselves to set the example and get
out of the office on time and in our sector to work! so far this
cahnge its gone really well. we the saw the blessing of it as well.
javier is progressing really well! hes a boss even though his GF didnt
go to church on sunday he still came and last night for Christmas we
drank 3 liters of coke, ate cookies, and watched the joseph smith
movie on teh big screen in the church! it was sweet! hes thinking
about baptism but what i love about him is taht hes got real intent.
if he feels ready the 9th of january he`ll do it. pray for him, he`ll
be a leader some day! also he dances salsa, everyone calls him the
dragon salsero.

mario is struggling but theres still hope. he just needs a little
time. and daniel went out of town until next week but when he gets
back we will hvae the baptism!

the Lord will let us see miracles if we keep being obedient. lots of
times the blessings that we hope for dont come immediately. in fact
almost never. and lots of times in different ways than we think, but
theyre exactly what we need we just dont know it yet.
i want to baptize so bad. this is chilean street raptor signing off.
have a happy new year folks!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

fotos: christmas concert was a succes