Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cold Showers and Super Powers

i have like zero time to write but ill try to jot down everything that i can remember from the fantastic week that we had here in the fish town of coquimbo.

on tuesday i went on interchanges to another sector with my colombian friend elder farfan. elder farfan is a convert as of 3 years. he never knew his dad, and his mom is extremely catholic, but him and his little brother got baptized 3 weeks after the missionaries passed by his home for the first time in colombia. his testimony rocks my boat and on tuesday we had the most successful day ive had in my whole mission in his sector. it was so awesome. hes a beast.

then on friday i went on interchanges with another district leader... guess who? elder fowler my roommate from the mtc in mexico! hes had some problems with some missionaries from his district and we wanted to know what was up. but hes a great leader and really showed my how to show genuine interest in the people even when theyre not from your area! it was cool to talk about and realize how much weve changed in 8 months in chile! i really realized when he pointed some things out about how we both have changed! 

we had some really spiritual experiences this week. the bishops dad came to church for the first time in months and is still looking for an answer to the book of mormon before he´ll get baptized but it was really good to see him in church especially when he said he wasnt going to come! also we contacted a jehovahs witness named lidia in the street and she wanted us to teach her english. so thats how we started out, and then she ended up coming to church on sunday and accepting a baptismal date that same night. shes probably one of the smartest investigators ive ever met, and shes got a long way to go before she arrives at the baptismal font, but it was undeniable the spirit that was there sunday night as we talked about the love of god for us! it was really special and hopefully she continues to progress!

these last few days weve had some cold showers, but it really was such an awesome week. our numbers went way up but more importantly were starting to find some good people in the area! the first day i arrived here we felt that we needed to knock this random door in the middle of downtown coquimbo. really random. but this lady answered and turns out she was a member and her son too. we couldnt go back until this week but when we did we met the lady and her granddaughter. turns out she had always wanted to go back to the church but didnt want to offend her son who had become antimormon. also her granddaughter, fernanda, felt the spirit so strong in the lesson and kind of lost it. she has been through a lot of hard times with her parents and wants to search for god in her life. shes the most mature 12 year old ive ever met! were expecting to keep working with them and help them come to church this next week.

one day this week we were leaving these apartment building and we asked the guard a question. apparently he didnt think we spoke english so he started doing hand signs to try and talk with us but couldnt get his message across that he was off work aty 12. hahaha so my comp elder swindler started doing it back with him and there they were doing hand signs for like a whole minute instead of speaking spanish. it took everything i had not to fall on the ground laughing right there!

this week i recieved a call from my old zone leaders in viña telling me that the castillo family had been baptized and this morning i saw the picture in teh announcements! im so happy for them and im going to go visit them someday after theyve been sealed in the temple as a family. it was a special moment to hear that and really it was an honor to ever be part of such a great miracle! :)

love you all and hope you have an awesome week. enjoy the beginning of summer while i enter winter here on the other side of the hemisphere. 
the mission is the best and this is the true gospel of jesus christ.

-elder allred -chilean street raptor

photos: coquimbo sunset, repping the warriors 3999940 miles away thanks to kate mortensen :), and my colombian buddy

Monday, May 18, 2015


woah another week gone by i cant believe it. each change it feels like it goes by even faster than the last one! im loving my new area in the north of chile in coquimbo and my comp and i are getting along really well too so thats good.

this week was solid and we started to find soe more people to start teaching. this area has been a little bit dead the past few months... the baptisms we had the last week were the first ones in the area in almost 6 months. but were going to change that! we found some good people this week and had one guy named alonzo come to church with us and also accept a baptism date... the only problem is hes got a lot of weed to drop before he can throw himself in the font :/ 

funny story about alonzo... so hes got some pretty bad depression and we had passed by his house like 2 times before and he said he felt sick, or made up some excuse to not talk with us. so we had an appt on saturday in the morning and we passed by and called him when we got there and he told us he didnt feel good and had too much depression to talk with anyone. so my comp suggested we say a prayer and we did it and then we called him back and told him we were not going to leave until he at least came and answered the door. haha so he came and eventually we got in and taught him. after the lesson he told us he felt much better and wanted to keep meeting with us! amazing how that works. 

on friday i went on interchanges with elder jensen, a greenie from canada and i learned quite a bit from him. the spanish doesnt come easy for him, and he doesnt really pick up on the teaching part still, but hes got more humility than anybody ive ever met! the whole day he was learning new things and writing them down, asking for tips, and putting into practice immediately what he had learned! i feel like its really easy to tell who is going to have a succesful mission by their obedience first of all, and second of all their ability to learn from others. the mission is an opportunity to have constant change. if you dont think that you have things to get better at, then youre not reaching your potential!

weve got some investigators that are going to start progressing this week including our bishops dad that has never been able to accept the gospel but recently has been opening up, and our drug lord friend named george gary. ok his name is jorge gari´ but its pretty much the same. hes crazy.

i know so much more happened this week but i cant think of anything right now! i try to write stuff down this week to email next monday.!

love you all have a good week :)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

fotos: with anayeli my bff, and the view from a recent converts apartment on the beachside, and the cross that is GIANT

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zone Leader

Dear Allred Family,

Greetings from the Chile Vina del Mar Mission. It is a pleasure to inform you of the new assignment of your son, Elder Wyatt Rex Allred, to serve as a Zone Leader.

 Your son has demonstrated his talents as a leader in sharing the gospel and in showing forth a sincere desire to serve the Lord.

As a Zone Leader, his stewardship will involve the care and teaching of 8-24 missionaries in helping them become effective servants in the Lord’s Kingdom. I have full confidence in his ability to serve in this important capacity.

I thank you for raising your son in such an excellent way and pray that our Heavenly Father will bless you as you continue supporting your son in his mission and in this new assignment.


Federico M. Kähnlein

Mission President

Chile Vina de Mar Mission

Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm a Jumper

woah it seems like yesterday that i saw you guys... haha...ha. get it? cause we skyped and i saw you..

so as you all know i got changed yet again. i guess president doesnt want me developing relationships with any cute girls or anything... i have no idea why what a jerk. nah but it was super tough to leave my old area, companion, and really more than anything the castillo´s. theyll get baptized this next sunday and it hurts that i wont be there to see it but im just happy theyre going to arrive as a family someday to the temple! the lord had other plans for me... he moved me to the north of my mission to a place called Coquimbo! its almost the most northern part of the mish and like viña and valpo is a port city. were practically on a peninsula surrounded on all sides by the ocean its pretty cool and in the middle of coquimbo theres a HUGE cross taht is like famous. somebody should look up on google if its bigger than the statue of christ in rio de janeiro. but yeah ive now had 4 sectors in 8 months. thats a lot.

my new comp is elder swindler... and hes a boss. i arrived practically to two baptisms and some good investigators. hes from riverton utah and is 19 years old, practically like pro at rock climbing and speaks good spanish. hes been out a year and like a month and we get along really well. hes has a little bit rocky of a childhood... hes the youngest of 7 kids and his mom died when he was six to cancer and shortly after her death, his father remarried. when he was 14 his stepmom and dad kicked him out of his house and ever since then he lived with his sister and brother in law. his testimony is super strong and really im just excited for this change. even though i miss my chilean child.

yesterday i celebrated my birthday with lunch with a venezuelan family that made me a poster even though they figured out it was my birthday like 30 min before lunch from the second counselor who ill talk about in a sec. but it was really sweet and really i love the ward already.

the second counselor in the ward is named alexis and hes a baller. he instantly became a good friend of mine and after skyping in his house we came back for a little in the night and we had like a gajillion tacos to celebrate my birthday. overall it was just a really good birthday!!

well i dont have much more to write... the bus ride was really long here...and like 10 after i arrived to my area i had to take another 7 hour bus ride back to viña for a presentation and then another one to come back... so yeah i havent even been in my area very much but i love it!

hopefully ill have some more info the next week but for now this is all... i love you all and i love being a missionary. its the bomb. i see the coolest stuff everyday, meet the craziest people, eat a lot of food, and most importantly share the greatest message the world has to hear. 

have a good week everyone!! somebody cut colins hair while hes sleeping please. its an abomination to the blessing that we carry as allred´s to be so dang good looking. it displeases me to see something so beautiful being taking advantage of.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos... my last pic wtih my kid, baptism of carla and anayeli, and my birthday lunch :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Id just like to dedicate the first part of this letter and congratulate steph for an outstanding season and for being sick overall. id be lying if i said i havent cried a few times thinking about you making others look like fools. alright now ill stop being trunky and get back to focusing on the mission. :)

this week was way good. it went by so fast and i cant believe that its been a whole change that ive been here with elder rios! weve had some good times and more importantly than anything weve seen miracles worked by the spirit of god! ive had some incredible experiences with elder rios and i know that the lord prepared both of us despite all of our differences to one day work together as a companionship to help others find the restored gospel of jesus christ!

two quick experiences from this week... first on thursday we had a family home evening with the castillo family! we met all the family and had a great time! we felt impressioned to share about the plan of salvation and temples. now usually if theyre relatively new investigators you dont teach temples because its a little confusing but we did it anyway and it was incredible! everybody got pretty emotional and one day they will get sealed in teh temple as a family! they all came to stake conference on saturday night with us and they loved it! right now were set to have the baptism of carlos (the dad), maria elena (mom), and juan (grandkid) for the 17th of may. victoria the other granddaughter is progressing but still hasnt accepted baptism... but itll happen. their son jacob, and almost daughter in law romina cant be baptised until theyre married but they super interested and are going to continue with us! im so happy to see the changes this family has made and recognize the spirit working in their lives! elder rios and i prayed to find a family prepared for us since day 1 of this change and we have seen the blessing that come from diligent prayer! 

on friday night we had another cool experience... like 3 weeks ago we contacted this woman thats like 25 and told her we were going to pass by her hosue in two weeks when she returned with her boyfriend from argentina... so we went and they invited in and shared with us their religious views. they have been working towards practicing hary krishna (festival of colors is so awesome). its actually a sweet religion.. they believe in a lot of the stuff that we do. but yeah anyway after we only had like 5 minutes to share a message and we didnt have a book of mormon to give so we were like crap what are we gonna do.... the truth is were not really sure what happened after that. 
we began to explain the book of mormon but they were not our words. in less than five minutes they had understand PERFECTLY the importance and story of the book of mormon and both were crying. we just sat there for like 2 min and nobody said anything! the spirit was so strong. it seriously was amazing.. we couldnt remember what we had said during the lesson but after they were asking us when we could come back again. were goign to pass by tomorrow and give them a book! it was seriously so cool.

changes are this wednesday and im secretly praying that they dont change me. i cant miss the baptism of the castillo family! ive come to love them so much and i want to be there so bad! obviously i need to accept where the lord wants me to go.. but it will be hard if the change me. i think im good though i think elder rios and i are going to have another change together!

we see the lords hand every day here in the field. it seriously blows my mind some of the things that happen. ive begun to disbelieve in coincidences and realize that everything that happens, happens for a reason. but on the other hand we also see the devil working harder than ever. it really is incredible to see all of the little traps that he places in our way just waiting for us to trip up... theres a scripture in mosiah that talks about when alma began to organize the church and after some years there began to be a lot of dissensions.. it goes on to say that ¨the contentions of the brethren¨ slowly began to separate them... the devil gains power every single time that we have contention between our family, friends, church members or anyone. be forgiving and learn to get over the little things becasue thats what brings us down to hell little by little. hell isnt a place where satan sits on his throne and whips us while we work. no hell is in our minds when we have disobeyed our father that has given us everything. ive experienced it and ive watched others go through it to. repent before the load gets too big, and if its already too big, start now.

love you all and i dont know what i would do without the support system that i have. i know that if we accept the will of our loving father in heaven we cant go wrong. trust in the lord no matter what happens. when you cant stand, kneel. ask for the strength to continue. prayer isnt magic. its real and he who learns how to communicate with a father has the chance to receive a lot more.

the mission is tough. but it rocks. today were going as a district to the wuulf castle in viña...! pictures next week :) have a good week everyone!

cant wait to talk with you guys on sunday! see ya then !!! :)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

I'm Jacked Now

wow the weeks fly by in the mission. i love it but i hate it.... i seriously dont remember anything that happened this week but i know we had a lot of cool and spiritual experiences! but i know im creating memories that ill remember for the rest of my life and that im shaping the type of father, friend, husband, and person that i will always be. that was pretty fruitcaky... but its true. i notice myself changing and i can see the difference!

this week we had trinidad´s baptism woohoo!! it was really good even though not very many people showed up. the spirit was really strong and after when she was talking with us she said that she had never felt anything like the peace she felt after her baptism. i wanna get baptized again i thinking about doing it...
no but it was cool and the best part was that elder rios got to do the baptism! it was really good and then yesterday i got to do the confirmation! baptisms really are the best. its liike opening a door to a whole new future for people!

this is the last week of the change and i cant believe how fast it has gone by. it seriously seems like yesterday that i got my 24 year child. now hes all grown up... its sad :(. nah elder rios arrived at the mission prepared to share the incredible experiences that he has lived in his life and more than anything ive felt that my responsibility has been to teach him the importance of obedience and diligence in missionary work. and i think im going ot have another change to do it!!

well at least were praying for that opportunity! we are getting along really well and also we had an amazing experience this week... our testimony about the process and timing of god in our lives was stregthened as weve gotten to know our investigator maria elena and her grandson juan. last week juan came to church but maria elena still didnt feel comfortable...

im going to flash back first to explain her story... when she was little her mom would give lunch to the missionaries when they didnt have food but never wanted to share with them. but still she got to know the elders a little and after lots of years, and LOTS of trials they showed up at her door again. she literally lives in the middle of nowhere but ten years ago two elders showed up right after she had a lost a child to an unknown sickness and helped her pass through it. even though she didnt continue with them in this instant she always was grateful for the comfort and peace these elders had given. ten years after me and my comp were lost in the middle of nowhere and decided to contact a random house and she came out. after the most powerful lesson ive been in on my mission on thursday she accepted a baptism date for the 10th of may

the first elders planted a very small seed in her 40 years ago... 30 years later others nurtured that seed a little bit... and 10 years after that and a little more nurturing we are hoping to harvest that seed that used to be almost nothing. her faith is amazing and she came to church on sunday and loved it. shes quit her job to be able to share with us, and this week will be super important as we explain the word of wisdom and much more. i know its possible with the lord but i want it to work out so bad! pray for maria elena!

lots of other cool stuff happened but i cant think of anything... last monday we ate at a place called el guaton which  means like fat guy in english and were heading there again today!:) i love the mish, love all of my friends, and i love my family more than ever! have a great week and remember to pray for steph curry and the boys!!! #dubnation

-elder allred - chilean street raptor