Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Jacked Now

wow the weeks fly by in the mission. i love it but i hate it.... i seriously dont remember anything that happened this week but i know we had a lot of cool and spiritual experiences! but i know im creating memories that ill remember for the rest of my life and that im shaping the type of father, friend, husband, and person that i will always be. that was pretty fruitcaky... but its true. i notice myself changing and i can see the difference!

this week we had trinidad´s baptism woohoo!! it was really good even though not very many people showed up. the spirit was really strong and after when she was talking with us she said that she had never felt anything like the peace she felt after her baptism. i wanna get baptized again i thinking about doing it...
no but it was cool and the best part was that elder rios got to do the baptism! it was really good and then yesterday i got to do the confirmation! baptisms really are the best. its liike opening a door to a whole new future for people!

this is the last week of the change and i cant believe how fast it has gone by. it seriously seems like yesterday that i got my 24 year child. now hes all grown up... its sad :(. nah elder rios arrived at the mission prepared to share the incredible experiences that he has lived in his life and more than anything ive felt that my responsibility has been to teach him the importance of obedience and diligence in missionary work. and i think im going ot have another change to do it!!

well at least were praying for that opportunity! we are getting along really well and also we had an amazing experience this week... our testimony about the process and timing of god in our lives was stregthened as weve gotten to know our investigator maria elena and her grandson juan. last week juan came to church but maria elena still didnt feel comfortable...

im going to flash back first to explain her story... when she was little her mom would give lunch to the missionaries when they didnt have food but never wanted to share with them. but still she got to know the elders a little and after lots of years, and LOTS of trials they showed up at her door again. she literally lives in the middle of nowhere but ten years ago two elders showed up right after she had a lost a child to an unknown sickness and helped her pass through it. even though she didnt continue with them in this instant she always was grateful for the comfort and peace these elders had given. ten years after me and my comp were lost in the middle of nowhere and decided to contact a random house and she came out. after the most powerful lesson ive been in on my mission on thursday she accepted a baptism date for the 10th of may

the first elders planted a very small seed in her 40 years ago... 30 years later others nurtured that seed a little bit... and 10 years after that and a little more nurturing we are hoping to harvest that seed that used to be almost nothing. her faith is amazing and she came to church on sunday and loved it. shes quit her job to be able to share with us, and this week will be super important as we explain the word of wisdom and much more. i know its possible with the lord but i want it to work out so bad! pray for maria elena!

lots of other cool stuff happened but i cant think of anything... last monday we ate at a place called el guaton which  means like fat guy in english and were heading there again today!:) i love the mish, love all of my friends, and i love my family more than ever! have a great week and remember to pray for steph curry and the boys!!! #dubnation

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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