Monday, April 20, 2015

Sup Choros

hey fam was up. seems like yesterday i was writing. man i kind of miss you guys sometimes. but the mish is the bomb.

i really dont know what to write this week cause i dont remember anything that happened.... we found a lot of good new and future investigators this week and i think lots of them are going to progress! including two families that are really good! neither family came to the church except for one of the kids that is 11 years old but we have faith! 

we had three investigators in church yesterday including this girl that is going to be baptized this saturday! her name is trinidad and she went to general conference with her friend that is a member and after that she started talking with us. shes 37 years old and shes accepted everything from giving up coffee to paying tithing. pure gold. shell be baptized this saturday and confirmed on sunday so were pumped for that! 

on saturday we also decided in the morning that we wanted to do a ward activity that night! the bishop wasnt really down but we convinced him with some smooth talk and saturday night we had one of the families we found come to the church with like 20 members and we watched the restoration and made pancakes for everyone! american pancakes.. because chilean pancakes are crepes. but the coolest part about it all was that this grandma with her grandkids showed up! earlier in the day when we had passed by her house to invite her she had told us she couldnt continue meeting with us because her job now required her to work every day! we left pretty disappointed but it was awesome when she showed up to the church! she said after we had left she went into the kitchen and felt awful. she said she even started to cry and decided to call her boss. she begged him to let her have thursdays free so that she could continue meeting with us! she says she knows the book of mormon is the truth but she jsut feels uncomfortable coming to church still! this week were hoping we can help her overcome it because they all want to get baptized but they are just nervous to take some steps of faith! its going to happen though.

sergio came to church again but he is not any closer to baptism. he still thinks that he is too old to bwe baptized. haha but this week he told us at one point that he was thinking about it... he forgets things a lot though so we´ll see what happens. i love the guy but he needs to start progressing! but we did take a great photo with a few of the hundreds of hats that he has in his house!

im super happy with what were doing in this area and the relationship that elder rios and i have developed. we definitely have our differences and dont always agree on everything, but weve arrived at the point where we get along really well and laugh a whole lot. hes got a lot of problems and has gone through a lot in his life so i try to be patient when hes down. but hes a powerful teacher and for the most part teaches really well! 

i know i had to leave my home for two years not only to help others have this blessing in their lives that the gospel brings, but also to find out who i am. i know that i can accomplish and do hard things. i know that without jesus christ in my life i wouldnt be who i am or even have a chance or becoming anything. i also know that the wind from home is what keeps my sails up and going. thank you all for your prayers and support. these have been the hardest yet most rewarding months of my entire life and im excited to keep it going! 

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos- football and our zone for our zone activity last monday, elder rios trying dr pepper for the first time, and our good pal sergio

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