Thursday, May 7, 2015


Id just like to dedicate the first part of this letter and congratulate steph for an outstanding season and for being sick overall. id be lying if i said i havent cried a few times thinking about you making others look like fools. alright now ill stop being trunky and get back to focusing on the mission. :)

this week was way good. it went by so fast and i cant believe that its been a whole change that ive been here with elder rios! weve had some good times and more importantly than anything weve seen miracles worked by the spirit of god! ive had some incredible experiences with elder rios and i know that the lord prepared both of us despite all of our differences to one day work together as a companionship to help others find the restored gospel of jesus christ!

two quick experiences from this week... first on thursday we had a family home evening with the castillo family! we met all the family and had a great time! we felt impressioned to share about the plan of salvation and temples. now usually if theyre relatively new investigators you dont teach temples because its a little confusing but we did it anyway and it was incredible! everybody got pretty emotional and one day they will get sealed in teh temple as a family! they all came to stake conference on saturday night with us and they loved it! right now were set to have the baptism of carlos (the dad), maria elena (mom), and juan (grandkid) for the 17th of may. victoria the other granddaughter is progressing but still hasnt accepted baptism... but itll happen. their son jacob, and almost daughter in law romina cant be baptised until theyre married but they super interested and are going to continue with us! im so happy to see the changes this family has made and recognize the spirit working in their lives! elder rios and i prayed to find a family prepared for us since day 1 of this change and we have seen the blessing that come from diligent prayer! 

on friday night we had another cool experience... like 3 weeks ago we contacted this woman thats like 25 and told her we were going to pass by her hosue in two weeks when she returned with her boyfriend from argentina... so we went and they invited in and shared with us their religious views. they have been working towards practicing hary krishna (festival of colors is so awesome). its actually a sweet religion.. they believe in a lot of the stuff that we do. but yeah anyway after we only had like 5 minutes to share a message and we didnt have a book of mormon to give so we were like crap what are we gonna do.... the truth is were not really sure what happened after that. 
we began to explain the book of mormon but they were not our words. in less than five minutes they had understand PERFECTLY the importance and story of the book of mormon and both were crying. we just sat there for like 2 min and nobody said anything! the spirit was so strong. it seriously was amazing.. we couldnt remember what we had said during the lesson but after they were asking us when we could come back again. were goign to pass by tomorrow and give them a book! it was seriously so cool.

changes are this wednesday and im secretly praying that they dont change me. i cant miss the baptism of the castillo family! ive come to love them so much and i want to be there so bad! obviously i need to accept where the lord wants me to go.. but it will be hard if the change me. i think im good though i think elder rios and i are going to have another change together!

we see the lords hand every day here in the field. it seriously blows my mind some of the things that happen. ive begun to disbelieve in coincidences and realize that everything that happens, happens for a reason. but on the other hand we also see the devil working harder than ever. it really is incredible to see all of the little traps that he places in our way just waiting for us to trip up... theres a scripture in mosiah that talks about when alma began to organize the church and after some years there began to be a lot of dissensions.. it goes on to say that ¨the contentions of the brethren¨ slowly began to separate them... the devil gains power every single time that we have contention between our family, friends, church members or anyone. be forgiving and learn to get over the little things becasue thats what brings us down to hell little by little. hell isnt a place where satan sits on his throne and whips us while we work. no hell is in our minds when we have disobeyed our father that has given us everything. ive experienced it and ive watched others go through it to. repent before the load gets too big, and if its already too big, start now.

love you all and i dont know what i would do without the support system that i have. i know that if we accept the will of our loving father in heaven we cant go wrong. trust in the lord no matter what happens. when you cant stand, kneel. ask for the strength to continue. prayer isnt magic. its real and he who learns how to communicate with a father has the chance to receive a lot more.

the mission is tough. but it rocks. today were going as a district to the wuulf castle in viña...! pictures next week :) have a good week everyone!

cant wait to talk with you guys on sunday! see ya then !!! :)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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