Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm a Jumper

woah it seems like yesterday that i saw you guys... haha...ha. get it? cause we skyped and i saw you..

so as you all know i got changed yet again. i guess president doesnt want me developing relationships with any cute girls or anything... i have no idea why what a jerk. nah but it was super tough to leave my old area, companion, and really more than anything the castillo´s. theyll get baptized this next sunday and it hurts that i wont be there to see it but im just happy theyre going to arrive as a family someday to the temple! the lord had other plans for me... he moved me to the north of my mission to a place called Coquimbo! its almost the most northern part of the mish and like viña and valpo is a port city. were practically on a peninsula surrounded on all sides by the ocean its pretty cool and in the middle of coquimbo theres a HUGE cross taht is like famous. somebody should look up on google if its bigger than the statue of christ in rio de janeiro. but yeah ive now had 4 sectors in 8 months. thats a lot.

my new comp is elder swindler... and hes a boss. i arrived practically to two baptisms and some good investigators. hes from riverton utah and is 19 years old, practically like pro at rock climbing and speaks good spanish. hes been out a year and like a month and we get along really well. hes has a little bit rocky of a childhood... hes the youngest of 7 kids and his mom died when he was six to cancer and shortly after her death, his father remarried. when he was 14 his stepmom and dad kicked him out of his house and ever since then he lived with his sister and brother in law. his testimony is super strong and really im just excited for this change. even though i miss my chilean child.

yesterday i celebrated my birthday with lunch with a venezuelan family that made me a poster even though they figured out it was my birthday like 30 min before lunch from the second counselor who ill talk about in a sec. but it was really sweet and really i love the ward already.

the second counselor in the ward is named alexis and hes a baller. he instantly became a good friend of mine and after skyping in his house we came back for a little in the night and we had like a gajillion tacos to celebrate my birthday. overall it was just a really good birthday!!

well i dont have much more to write... the bus ride was really long here...and like 10 after i arrived to my area i had to take another 7 hour bus ride back to viña for a presentation and then another one to come back... so yeah i havent even been in my area very much but i love it!

hopefully ill have some more info the next week but for now this is all... i love you all and i love being a missionary. its the bomb. i see the coolest stuff everyday, meet the craziest people, eat a lot of food, and most importantly share the greatest message the world has to hear. 

have a good week everyone!! somebody cut colins hair while hes sleeping please. its an abomination to the blessing that we carry as allred´s to be so dang good looking. it displeases me to see something so beautiful being taking advantage of.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos... my last pic wtih my kid, baptism of carla and anayeli, and my birthday lunch :)

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