Monday, May 18, 2015


woah another week gone by i cant believe it. each change it feels like it goes by even faster than the last one! im loving my new area in the north of chile in coquimbo and my comp and i are getting along really well too so thats good.

this week was solid and we started to find soe more people to start teaching. this area has been a little bit dead the past few months... the baptisms we had the last week were the first ones in the area in almost 6 months. but were going to change that! we found some good people this week and had one guy named alonzo come to church with us and also accept a baptism date... the only problem is hes got a lot of weed to drop before he can throw himself in the font :/ 

funny story about alonzo... so hes got some pretty bad depression and we had passed by his house like 2 times before and he said he felt sick, or made up some excuse to not talk with us. so we had an appt on saturday in the morning and we passed by and called him when we got there and he told us he didnt feel good and had too much depression to talk with anyone. so my comp suggested we say a prayer and we did it and then we called him back and told him we were not going to leave until he at least came and answered the door. haha so he came and eventually we got in and taught him. after the lesson he told us he felt much better and wanted to keep meeting with us! amazing how that works. 

on friday i went on interchanges with elder jensen, a greenie from canada and i learned quite a bit from him. the spanish doesnt come easy for him, and he doesnt really pick up on the teaching part still, but hes got more humility than anybody ive ever met! the whole day he was learning new things and writing them down, asking for tips, and putting into practice immediately what he had learned! i feel like its really easy to tell who is going to have a succesful mission by their obedience first of all, and second of all their ability to learn from others. the mission is an opportunity to have constant change. if you dont think that you have things to get better at, then youre not reaching your potential!

weve got some investigators that are going to start progressing this week including our bishops dad that has never been able to accept the gospel but recently has been opening up, and our drug lord friend named george gary. ok his name is jorge gari´ but its pretty much the same. hes crazy.

i know so much more happened this week but i cant think of anything right now! i try to write stuff down this week to email next monday.!

love you all have a good week :)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

fotos: with anayeli my bff, and the view from a recent converts apartment on the beachside, and the cross that is GIANT

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