Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cold Showers and Super Powers

i have like zero time to write but ill try to jot down everything that i can remember from the fantastic week that we had here in the fish town of coquimbo.

on tuesday i went on interchanges to another sector with my colombian friend elder farfan. elder farfan is a convert as of 3 years. he never knew his dad, and his mom is extremely catholic, but him and his little brother got baptized 3 weeks after the missionaries passed by his home for the first time in colombia. his testimony rocks my boat and on tuesday we had the most successful day ive had in my whole mission in his sector. it was so awesome. hes a beast.

then on friday i went on interchanges with another district leader... guess who? elder fowler my roommate from the mtc in mexico! hes had some problems with some missionaries from his district and we wanted to know what was up. but hes a great leader and really showed my how to show genuine interest in the people even when theyre not from your area! it was cool to talk about and realize how much weve changed in 8 months in chile! i really realized when he pointed some things out about how we both have changed! 

we had some really spiritual experiences this week. the bishops dad came to church for the first time in months and is still looking for an answer to the book of mormon before he´ll get baptized but it was really good to see him in church especially when he said he wasnt going to come! also we contacted a jehovahs witness named lidia in the street and she wanted us to teach her english. so thats how we started out, and then she ended up coming to church on sunday and accepting a baptismal date that same night. shes probably one of the smartest investigators ive ever met, and shes got a long way to go before she arrives at the baptismal font, but it was undeniable the spirit that was there sunday night as we talked about the love of god for us! it was really special and hopefully she continues to progress!

these last few days weve had some cold showers, but it really was such an awesome week. our numbers went way up but more importantly were starting to find some good people in the area! the first day i arrived here we felt that we needed to knock this random door in the middle of downtown coquimbo. really random. but this lady answered and turns out she was a member and her son too. we couldnt go back until this week but when we did we met the lady and her granddaughter. turns out she had always wanted to go back to the church but didnt want to offend her son who had become antimormon. also her granddaughter, fernanda, felt the spirit so strong in the lesson and kind of lost it. she has been through a lot of hard times with her parents and wants to search for god in her life. shes the most mature 12 year old ive ever met! were expecting to keep working with them and help them come to church this next week.

one day this week we were leaving these apartment building and we asked the guard a question. apparently he didnt think we spoke english so he started doing hand signs to try and talk with us but couldnt get his message across that he was off work aty 12. hahaha so my comp elder swindler started doing it back with him and there they were doing hand signs for like a whole minute instead of speaking spanish. it took everything i had not to fall on the ground laughing right there!

this week i recieved a call from my old zone leaders in viña telling me that the castillo family had been baptized and this morning i saw the picture in teh announcements! im so happy for them and im going to go visit them someday after theyve been sealed in the temple as a family. it was a special moment to hear that and really it was an honor to ever be part of such a great miracle! :)

love you all and hope you have an awesome week. enjoy the beginning of summer while i enter winter here on the other side of the hemisphere. 
the mission is the best and this is the true gospel of jesus christ.

-elder allred -chilean street raptor

photos: coquimbo sunset, repping the warriors 3999940 miles away thanks to kate mortensen :), and my colombian buddy

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