Monday, June 8, 2015

President Kahnlein's last week

well another week has passed by here in the bronx of Coquimbo. we had a stellar week and really i cant believe how fast this change has passed by. next wednesday will be changes and although i seriously havent even had time to think about them, i think im finally right this time... and both of us are going to stay here in the big apple.

this week we had our last conference with president and hermana kahnlein. they visited every zone in the mission and our zone was the last one they went to! ill really never forget the impact that both of them have had on my life and even though im going to viña this friday to see them again it was really sad. theyre incredible people. im like 99% sure that president kahnlein will go back to argentina for a short break and then head somewhere as a seventy. almost sure. also in the conference elder swindler and i gave a presentation about always inviting people to get baptized and it went really well!

so yeah this thursday at one o clock in the morning we will be heading on the bus 6 hours south to viña for my first mission council meeting. that will last about 7 or 8 hours and then at 7 o clock friday night ill head back to coquimbo and get here at like 2 in the morning where i will then get up at 7 the next day to keep working. ive heard its rough.... but im really excited for mission council i heard its a blast and plus im gonna see a lot of people that ive missed!

this week we had a couple investigators come to church including the bishops dad oscar. he still doesnt feel like hes recieved an answer but tonight weve got a family home evening planned in the bishops house and were gonna watch elder claytons talk from general conference about choosing to believe! oscar is almost there. he seriously progresses little by little every time we see him plus he is the most sarcastic old man ive ever met and every knows i love sarcasm. so thats why i love oscar. :)

we met a new investigator, this 21 year old kid named marco. we were contacting in the street and we talked to him, he gave us some bread, and told us to come by on sunday. so yesterday we went and had such a spiritual lesson! it just filled the room and he felt it so strong he accepted a baptism date right there! he studies and works a lot but hopefully we can help him progress this week!

i feel comfortable with my responsibilities and im super happy where im at. even though i dont enjoy having less tiem to email everyone on monday, i do love having more weight on my shoulders and having people expect more from me. elder swindler is a boss and really is teaching me new things every day. his testimony is a boulder and were always finding ways to have fun and laugh and thats really what makes the mission fun. being able to have a good time while still maintaining the spirit and keeping your focus. it was a little hard for me to find that balance my first change or two...

love all of you guys so much and im so grateful for the experiences that im having here every day. im going to start writing down a miracle from each day starting to day so that i can start telling you guys more about them.. there are things every day that just blow my mind. i love this gospel and i know its true. be true to the covenants youve made and look to share the gospel every single day.

love you guysssss

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos: andacollo this small city like 3 hours away that has a virgin and it very catholic, the cross where i had interchanges, and my last pic with hermana kahnlein :)

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