Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm Just a Kid

hey guyyyysssss hows the weather in the northern hemisphere? its getting a little bit chile here.... haha.

this week was bom. we had a lot of good things happen and like all of the other weeks of the mission we also had some disappointments! but were happy, were rolling, and were looking to have an awesome month of july! tomorrow president kahnlein goes home and president diaz arrives. theyll have two hours together where he will show him where everything is and then he peaces out. its gonna be weird, but im excited at the same time! 

on friday ill get to meet president diaz because we will have mission council. so at 1 o clock in the morning friday elder swindler and i will take the bus ride to viña where the water freezes before it gets to your mouth and spend the day there! its always really fun going down to viña.. its hard to explain the joy that you feel when you see friends and comps for the first time in a while and can just talk and see how everything is going. its one of my favorite things about the mission!

yesterday we had a baptism! we have been working with a while with a part family, the cortes family. the mom is a member, and her two kids that live with her and her husband are not. she has a son that left on the mission to argentina that was living in santiago. the dad, mauricio, has become one of my favorite people that ive met here in coquimbo. he has a solid testimony of the church, goes every week, and reads the book of mormon, but he cant get baptized because theyre not married. the mom receives a certain amount of money from the government for not being married and ahving kids (sounds kind of backwards right?) and she doesnt have the faith to lose that money and get married. but yeah anyway the non frustrating part is that their son matias wanted to get baptized so we did it yesterday and now were working with his older brother nicolas!

lots of things have happened with the espejo family that we had found last sunday  night, but they didnt go to church :(. were afraid that the dad is looking for more physical evidences of the book of mormon than spiritual. we had a lesson with the stake president in their house and the spirit was really strong for about 45 min, and then it slowly went away as the lesson dragged on.. the guy asks like yactillion questions every single time its hard to keep in on subject. were going to keep helping them though i have faith they could get there!

i received the news this week that jacob and romina, the son and his girlfriend of the castillo family in viña got married and baptized this weekend! im so happy for them and the chance i had to know their family. i always think back about that day when the spirit told me to keep contacting down that street and at the very end we found maria elena and juan. so many miracles occurred it was just the coolest experience!

this week i went on interchanges with elder bojorquez, ex assistant to president and now he is our district leader here in coquimbo to finish his mission. i learned a lot of cool stuff from him and hes probably the best missionary i have seen in my life. when he was 17 he played basketball with his friend in the church and met the elders there in LA. a year and a half later when he told his parents he was getting baptized they immediately went to the house of his friend that had presented him to the missionaries and threatened him and his family. but he got baptized anyway. 6 months later he got his mission call and when he told his parents they told him they didnt want anything to do with him ever again. hes an amazing person and missionary

it was a great week and it was capped off last night. i came into the room and walked past elder swindler sayhing his prayers. as i walked to my bed and pulled the covers back he had crept behind me and then whispered ¨helllllooooo¨i shrieked and fell paralyzed onto my bed. i thought i was going ot die haha. 

love you guys hope you have an awesome week! 

happy birthday to my role model, best friend, and older brother alex. love you big slice!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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