Monday, June 15, 2015

Coquimbano to Stay

so i didnt come through with my promise that i was going to start writing down something cool that happens every day... this week! people can change. but yeah is was a tough week numbers wise, but other than that it was awesome. the change officially came to an end and really ive never felt better! i seriously learned something every single day from my comp elder swindler and im kind of sad because it looks like he´ll be taking off on wednesday... but hes a beast and im glad i got the six weeks with him.

the american cup is being played here in chile and messi is staying in a hotel like 20 minutes from us right now. the stadium that theyre playing in is in la serena but its been pretty much impossible to get into houses this week. there is always game on in the afternoon and even though its not necessarily chile playing everybody is watching the games. i cant even imagine how the world cup would be..

but in interchanges with my brasilian district leader, elder lima, we did find two twin investigators that are really good. they are 19 years old and are looking for the truth and they have already started reading the book of mormon. they couldnt come to church this week but in the first lesson when we invited them to get baptized they both accepted. its like the whole lesson was good but the spirit wasnt too strong, then all the sudden the moment came when we invited them to follow christ and be baptized and their eyes just lit up! the spirit was super strong and i think if they really pray to find out the truth that they are going to progress. we just have to help them get to church!

we have two other investigators named luis and eliana. they are from peru and are staying here for like a month of two before they go back. when we started teaching them they had a ton of doubts and everything they knew about the church was based on rumors. however this week we had a marathon of activities in the church, and they went to all of them including arriving at the church at 830 in the morning saturday to clean everything! haha they seriously spent like 5 hours cleaning the church with all of the members and us it was awesome. they are not married so itll be hard for them to progress fast but were gonna make sure by the time they go back to peru that they meet up with the missionaries there and can progress towards a temple marriage!

on friday we took the long bus ride into viña and arrived at like 730 in the morning to what felt like 5 degree weather! it was seriously so cold. i have it good up in the north even though i feel like im going to die some mornings! but yeah anyway this was my first mission council as a leader and also president kahnleins last one! it was pretty special. intense... but special. like they put a lot of pressure on us as leaders, and if your zone is not performing you get cut to pieces haha. its crazy i was genuinely scared. but it was a good time and extremely spiritual. president kahnlein read us the letters that the first presidency and also elder nelson sent him giving him thanks. it was sweet and then after when lunch rolled around they surprised us and took us all to a beachside restaurant and treated us to a prime cut steak! but it was a good day and i actually slept alright on the bus ride back so that was good.

president also made us a promise.. we have started working on a new ward list in the whole mission... personally i HATE working with lists. it seriously kills me to pass less actives all day written on a piece of paper, it just bores me to death. but were making the list into a part family register so that little by little we can narrow down all of the part families that live in every ward. which is a whole fetching lot in chile. almost all baptisms come from part member families! but yeah anyway the promise is that if we put all of our worrk and atencion into this list, that we are goign to baptize every month. im down. but yes, it is tough work for me. i much prefer contacting a million people in teh street. but were going to do it because the lord always fulfills his promises.

last monday we had our zone activity. we played volleyball , soccer, and ate a lot of churripanes. lessss goooo zona coquimbo! i love my zone. i dont think im leaving, but one of the assistants told elder swindler he was going to leave. so we´ll see what happens. i think elder gonzalez, my mexican zone leader from viña is going to come here with me! tune in next week to find out! :)

love you uglys(< that was a typo but im going to keep it) and i hope your all gripping tight on the rod of iron. this church is true. theres not a single error to it. the only errors are what we as humans do with it. thomas s monson is a prophet and if we listen to him and our other leaders then we cant go wrong. 

...also id be lying if i said i havent been thinking about the warriors... VAMOSSSSS STEPHHHH

con amor 

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos: me and alexis sanchez, zone activity pic,  and last pic with president kahnlein

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