Monday, July 6, 2015


this week was crazy, i have like no time, and i have a billion thoughts in my head so ill try to organize them right quick!

so our new mission president got to this mission this week, president diaz! hes a baller. friday we went in to viña to have mission council and i got to meet him. now i wont lie, its really really different. like everything is changing. but that is all good because he is our new president and he recieves revelation for us. for all the strictness and sternness that president kahnlein had implemented, president diaz seems to have the love and patience. like i said lots of things are changing including rules, but i love the guy already. he has such an extreme desire to serve the lord. at 21 years old he was a convert to the church and was a counselor in the stake presidency of santiago for 8 years and then the president for 10 years before coming here as mission president. great guy and im really excited to be working with him! it was also such a good experience to see old buddies and comps from before!

one of the things that president diaz did that kind of blew everyones mind was allow us to watch the championship of the copa america saturday night between chile and argentina and also we can drink coke now. pretty cool right?! haha it was awesome. we went to alexis´s house, our second counselor in teh ward and watched chile beat argentina and then witness the entire country go nuts for the entire night. the noise really jsut did not stop it was nuts and even though we were in a pretty calm area we still saw fights and vandalism and all kinds of stuff. soccer is crazy.

also on saturday to celebrate the fourth of july we had lunch with our bishop that is in love with the united states! haha everyone calls him gringo even though hes browner than anybody. he made us burgers, fries, and onion rings and bought us dr pepper too which has been impossible to obtain! i love the guy. ill send you guys some pics of our celebratory lunch.

we had a tough time finding new investigators this week, but matias got confirmed, and javier the dad of this family weve been teaching went to church! of course in our second hour class we talked about our potential to become like god and he went nuts. haha we have a lesson tonight and were hoping to put baptism dates with the whole family! theyre awesome and if the dad gets baptized, he´ll be such a good leader in teh church! i want them to get baptized so stinking much because theyre such good people!!

we also said goodbye to luis and eliana two investigators that we have been teaching for about a month in the apartment of a recent convert. they are returning back to their houses in peru and there they are going to keep listening to the missionaries. theyre so cool and as we were leaving they said we´ll send you guys pics of the baptisms! its unreal the joy that comes from missionary work.

everyone in chile fasted yesterday so that it would rain in chile becuase they ahve had an extreme draught! after church we got the news that it was raining in santiago. pretty cool right? our testimony meeting was so powerful. i love the member and converts of this ward they really have changed my life! a couple of the converts remind me of the verse in matthew 13:44 i think it is about the treasure of the kingdom of god. they have literally given up everything inlcuding their own families to be part of the church of christ! 

love you guys sorry this wasnt very detailed. cant remember much, but jsut know more than anything that i am very happy. this is the church of christ i know it without a single doubt in my mind. 

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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