Monday, July 27, 2015

Sportin Llamas

good morning orem utah. not gonna lie im exhausted from playing soccer all morning so i dont think this will be a very detailed or long update.

this morning we got up early so we could play with some other elders and members from our ward in the soccer court at the church. well actually first we played basketball but ill be honest i dont even know if we can classify it as basketball. it was seriously like a whole new sport haha. but it was a good time and some good excersize!

so we had a couple of peruvian investigators that went back to peru, but before they left they left elder swindler and i with some presents. two alpaca fur sweaters! haha the only problem is that one of them is awesome and hte other one looks like its for a girl. so we decided to do a nerf gun shoot off and with a very dramatic finish i came out on top! it was the best thing ever. i rock my llama sweater seriously like every night its so warm.

this week we failed to find new investigators. it was bad. we have kind of hit a wall in that sense and we are working so hard for the espejo family! we have done so much and thursday night we set up a family home evening in the church with the bishops family and it went awesome! afterwards i played javier in ping pong cuase he has been talking garbage for awhile now! we tied 1-1 on the games and didnt have time for a third but his game style is a lot like steve´s. i was impressed. who knew chileans could play ping pong?
however they did not end up going to church tomorrow and were not sure why. in another lesson witha  member she happened to mention that part of the law of chastity is that you have to wear a skirt to the chruch. it was rough. we think they might not have come because monica doesnt own a single skirt. with a lot of faith and work theyre going ot progress this week!

on friday i went on intercahnges with elder johnson, a greenie from another sector that doesnt speak very much spanish. so we go to lunch and the sister that served us lunch is pretty fat... okay really fat. but anyway her and her husband are talking about how far away their new home would be from the church and i was like probably 5 min walking.. and her husband who is not a member was like oh yeah 5 min for me and like 30 for her. haha i would be lying if i said i didnt laugh out loud before covering my mouth. haha it so funny because here everyone just points out that people are fat to their face. its good stuff. but at the end of lunch they did give me a new mate cup made out of pumpkin! its sweet.

in my bible study this week i came across a scripture that i really liked. lucas 9:25 - ¨for what is a man advantaged if he gain the whole world and lose himself or be cast away?¨ i started to think about how many times i have yielded to letting the world or myself get carried away in things that dont matter. in the future i know it will be important that jobs and money, positions, popularity, or anything distracts me from an eternal perspective. the moment we start worrying about worldly things more than spiritual things is when we are losing ourselves.

love you guys all so much, know that im extremely happy where i am at. obviously i miss every one of you, but i know now more than ever the course i was meant to take in life. god bless you, everyone. -tiny tim

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

i hate chilean computer viruses. pics coming next week hopefully :/

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