Monday, July 20, 2015

i wanna scream and shout and let it all out, and scream and shout and let it out! i miss will i am and brittney spears. theyre so good together!

anyway so this week was pretty awesome... because were gonna be baptizing this month! last monday night we had a lesson with the espejo family and we put baptism dates with javier, monica, and their son martin! it was one of those lessons that by the time the baptismal invitation came around there was just no doubt that they were going to accept it because the spirit was so strong! we are so happy because we have worked so stinking hard for this family and i want them to be happy so bad! the only bad thing is that martin couldnt come ot church yesterday so his date fell, but monica and javier are good and were going to work with their three sons as we go along!

so yesterday it rained in coquimbo for the first time in a long time... well it rained in all of chile, but it almost never rains here! last weekend all the members in chile fasted so that it would rain, and yesterday we were pretty much walking in rivers up to our ankles it was raining so hard! the lord always answers our prayers and fasts.

earlier this week we had an appointment with a 93 year old lady that we talked to in the street named julia. so we went back the next day with this kid from our ward named cameron and it was one of the funniest lessons ive had in my whole mission. so shes 93 and she looks great and everything, but she repeated the exact same thing like 15 times to us. ive never had to try to guess an old ladys age so many times in my life. we seriously had the same conversation so many times but we were dying when we left it was hilarious.

elder swindler and i decided when the rules changed last week that we wanted to be cool. so we bought a mate cup and a bambilla and we have been drinking mate like everyday this week. ill be honest... i dont even really like it, but i feel really cool drinking it and conversating in spanish about latin american topics.

ive been loving the bible study that ive been able to do this week and yesterday i finished the book of matthew! i have the goal to read the whole bible in spanish before i get home. keep me accountable. but anyway a phrase that i love that christ constantly repeats is that many are called but few are chosen. many if i had a chilean peso for every time i have seen that on my mission i would have like 2 dollars (thats a lot of chilean pesos)! i feel like lots of times as members of the church the minute we think our testimony is fine we fall into a routine and tend to forget about the constant need of spiritual growth until we find ourselves worse off than before and have to make our way back up.

what does the word chosen mean? among many things i think more important than anything is to continually increase our humility. we will never recognize our own faults unless we are humble and therefore we can never progress if we are not humble.

thats what i felt impressed to share this week, but i love you guys and hope youre all doing well. know that i am happier than ever here and seeing the lords hand in every aspect of my life. he loves us, we are his children, and we have the responsiblity to help others find the way. the world isnt doing that great. look up from the cellphones and do something about it. and dont let your nine year old kids get into minecraft please. that is the plea from chile for the week.


-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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