Monday, July 20, 2015

bien in the hood

hey folks whats crackalackin? im holding the fort down here in chile but from what ive heard sounds like the states are whipping up a bunch of shananigans. cut it out with all of the hubbabaloo wouldnt ya!

we had a good week here in the bay. lots of fun times, lots of things happened, but i dont really have that great of a memory... but anyway this week we had our own personal zone conferences! so president came to coquimbo and did interviews with everyone while his wife and the assistants did some good presentations. the interview was... different. i felt a lot less intimidation from president diaz compared to president kahnlein haha! but it was really good and the guy has so much love for everyone especially considering teh fact that for 2 weeks straight he was traveling to all of the zones and conducted over 200 interviews! and if it is anything like a baptismal interview i know that it really takes it out of you! president diaz also gave a presentation on the holy ghost that was incredible! i seriously learned so much from it and he told us how he came to know the gospel was true... when he was 21 he heard the missionaries and after like 3 or 4 months of not knowing he climbed to the top of a volcano in santiago and prayed.. he said he practically ran down the volcano after and called the elders to get baptized the next day. good guy.

the espejo family took some ups and downs this week. it was a crazy week with them! on monday we had the plan to teach the word of wisdom because we knew that they drink tea and smoke a little. so we brought some herbal tea to give to them that night but right as we were about to get to it in the lesson this guy from javiers work came in and talked with him for so long! so we finished up and planned ot do it the next day.. the next day we get to the same part... and the same fetching guy yells outside their door! it was serisouly amazing its like satan has perfect timing always! i cant tell you how many times in my mission i have been interrupted while telling the first vision! but yeah anyway long story short we didnt teach it till saturday and we figured out that javier drinks 8 cups of coffe a day, they both smoke like 5 cigarrettes, and they both drink like 2 cups of tea a day... and in spite of the fact that they couldnt go to church yesterday they improved a ton! in one day they cut everything in half so that was awesome! theyre advancing in the book of mormon and looking for an answer, now we just need a baptism goal! but a couple days a go we passed by to see monica and she started telling us about all the problems that she has had with her son martin.. and then she started thanking us for the friendship weve developed with them and the help weve given their family and she just started balling! thats one of those times that you realize the mission is the best thing in the world

a quote by elder pearson that i loved from the last gen conference is taht casual obedience and luke warm committment weakens faith. pretty profound right? if a missionary gets home from his mission and jsut starts to coast he makes it pretty hard to progress and be happy... ill be honest that quote hit me hard. it applies in everything. we can never be complacent with giving a half hearted effort. in the mission, after the mission, and for the rest of our lives. in 1 nefi 22:2 it says that the prophet receives all direction for us and knows all the things that are going to occur. i dont think it is any coincidence that this last conference about 80 percent of the talks were about families and marriage. its obviously something that the world could work on.

in my interview president diaz challenged me to start learning a new language... so yeah there is that. in a couple months i have to give a talk in a language that isnt english or spanish. das coo pres.

sepan que les queremos muchisimo. que tengan una buena semana todos. chauito!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

so my camera got another virus. i hate chilean computers.

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