Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baptism, My Favorite Ordenance

¿buena buena que tal los choros de Orem? i hope ordenance is how you say ordenanza in english.

this week was great. we saw lots of changes, changes that led people on the straight and narrow and on their way to baptism, and change that distracted people from what should be a priority in their life to fall for things of lesser importance. Satan is pretty tricky sometimes. he makes good things seem REALLY GOOD sometimes to make us ignore something that could be even better! I hate that guy.

i learned this week that being creative is very very important in missionary work. i mean yeah ive always known that every time i teach i gotta try different tactics and follow the spirit. but reading a few things this week helped us out as a companionship. i found a book in a corner of our house in some cabinet that was written by David Covey called ¨the highly effective missionary¨and i would highly suggest it for anybody that is preparing to go on a mission. its full of great ideas and we decided to try one of them out this week. its called the 8 step survey door approach. in teh office before leaving one day i created a type of questionaire to use wehn we knock doors. teh approach basicallly consists in saying key words to begin the contact, and at the right poitn in the conversation after asking them if they could answer the survey questions and them saying yes, taking a bold move and begin walking into their house as if you assume taht you will be doing the survey inside. after doing the survery questions you ask if you ask to say a prayer and immediately begin teaching lesson 1. its good stuff. we found 3 new investigators in about an hour of knocking doors. and one of them has a baptismal date. we are going to keep testing it out and find out what the statistics are to it and then present it to President on MOnday in our meeting to share it with the mission. its simple. but it works. were here to teach, not to walk around getting doors slammed in our faces. sometimes you just gotta try new and even weird things.

as a mission this last week we almost double the amount of references that we average! the new program and enfasis has launched off like crazy and the amount of new investigators followed that number. there have been many miracles i cant wait to see how it affects everything. but its working. the mission is beginning to understand 1. why working with members and receiving references is important and 2. how to manage the references that they have. as the reference secretary it makes my job a lot more fun.

on thursday at nine a clock a night our last appt had fallen through. so me and my comp kind of just starting walking randomly, as i like to say with the wind, and we stumbled upon Pablo our new friend. he was in teh street sitting down on the curb smoking and instead of just going up and contacting him we asked if he knew anyone close by we could visit. he turns to us and goes maybe, but i hate your church so go away. haha so after throwing some jokes out and lightening the mood we figured out that he thought we were jehovahs witness. we then asked if we could ask him the survey questions and then started wlaking inside his house as he followed us. by the end of teaching the restoration he told us that he has never felt so good talking about God with other people in his life. he lives alone in a one bedroom pension, and has almost nothing becasue he recently was divorced. were going back tonight. hes a stud.

Danilo finally came back from Temuco!!! after two weeks of calling him every other day just to tell him jokes he is back in Viña and hes even spiritually stronger than he is when he left! his faith muscle is bulging! we were a little nervous to teach the law of chastity and word of wisdom but hes good with everything. his GF is the bomb. she made things real clear with him. and he says hes going to stop drinking tea. his last challenge will be tithing. tonight with our quorum president we are going to teach it and when he accepts it he`ll be baptized next saturady Lesss gooooo!!!

well... thats about it. oh one more thing. the other day my convert came to the office and was like hey i have a reference for you guys. my comp was busy so me and elder frampton went to visit this guy and his name was axel. he a baller and we went back last night to teach him. hes wants to go to church, he wants to get baptized, but the guy smokes more than a chimney! 60 cigarrettes a day! thats okay though. before we left last night we soaked one of his cigarrettes in milk for him, and he smoked it. we heard it helps i dont know. we had to try something!! fe no mas.

love you guys we had a great week and things are rolling. ROLLLL TIDE!

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

i sent a link to Di with the dropbox to watch our office episode of the christmas concert. <3

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