Monday, January 4, 2016


happy new year, happy anniversary, and happy birthday! this time of
year is always fun and i just want to give a shout out to all teh
people i love! 34 years is impressive, and so is the strong marriage
that steve and di have. it shows in the beautiful family that you have
created and that all are living in the gospel! love you guys happy
ash, you`ll always be 22-23 in my eyes. you still got the twenty
forever look anyway so its pretty much the same thing right? nah but
for real i love you adn your crazy fam. youre sort of the sargent of
the family under general steve`s command. even though many times you
say different things and i get confused when i try to listen to both
of you. but thats okay youre the bomb and ill always be willing to
take a grenade for ya just like i did back in `Nam.

well this week was super busy, and super dope. we got a lot done in
the office, our sector, and in many phases of the work. im getting
very settled in with my new assignment adn starting to change things
up a little bit. ive taken a lot more enfasis into the statistics of
the mission and using them to determine what it is taht we need to do
to get more baptisms. its been a lot of work, and a lot of
concentration trying to figure out how to use Excel in the most
efficient way, but ive never learned so much in my life, and as well
in learning about church administration in general. its been a really
good learning experience. in a week and a half, ill be on my own and
have a new comp. lesss gooooo!

our investigator daniel is progressing really well. its super
interesting because in a normal conversation he gets off topic a lot
and seems to lose focus. however when we start teaching he just cites
scriptures like none other and basically teaches us the lesson. hes a
boss. his baptism will be next week woohoo!!!

these last couple days, have been some of the coolest days of my
entire mission. on monday during our meeting with the office and
president he randomly just said he watned us to see a movie that had
come out. so we got some coke and popcorn and watched ¨the cokeville
miracle¨. ill be honest for the first thirty min i was like whta the
heck is going on, what is president showing us. and by the end i was
crying. and everyone knows that the only other movies to ever make me
cry in my whole life are Toy story 3 when Andi gives his toys away,
and signs when i was like 9 and we watched it on our cruise. i cried
all night. thanks Al.

but anyway we decided to have the whole mission watch it together for
new years and also have the chance to watch the second episode of The
Office that we made. its spectacular. i gotta figure out how you guys
can watch it. i think i can send the dropbox link to watch it or
something. but yeah anyway after watching the movie again, we had a
testimony meeting as a zone, and it was so powerful. great way to kick
off the year. i dont think there will be anyone left to baptize in the
mission after this year were so pumped!

on new years eve we were invited, as well as the assistants to go to
this one familys home and eat dinner and watch the second biggest
firework show in the world go off in the bay of viña and valpo! they
let me cook the meat for the asado, and for about 2 and a half hours
we just talked about the coolest stuff with this guy!! we started
talking about all kinds of doctrine and he honestly answered every
single one of my doubts! it was a really sweet experience.- and i cook
a mean chorizo!
after eating at like 1130 we climbed the small sized mtn in viña to
watch the firework show and honestly i dont really have words to
suffice the spectacle that it was. just videos. from 12 to 1230 the
whole bay was just lit up as they shot off from teh carriers. it was

then last night we celebrated hna poulsens birthday in presidents home
with the whole office. hna poulsen is the couple missionary that is
working with us. we had another asado and ate tons of meat. i dont
know how im not getting fat. my body is weird.

fun packed week and were ready to get back at it. have a great week
everyone, and remember that january is statistically the most
depressing month of the year. dont be too hard on yourselves

looooovvvvvvveeeee youuuuuuuu

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photo: firework show, and me being a pro cook

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