Monday, January 4, 2016

Cream to My Crop

you guys are the cream to my crop. love you. it was so good to see you
yesterday. YOURE ALL SO DANG BEAUTIFUL! and how bout col`s voice? atta
baby i see you big dawg. sounding like a grown man over here!

well even though i said that i feel like we dont accomplish much in
the 40 minute skype calls i still thoroughly enjoyed it! more than
spitting out everything i wanted to say and hearing about how
everybody and their dog is doing i just loved being able to talk for a
little bit and receive the confirmation that in reality Heavenly
Father is taking care of my family and everybody is doing well. its
amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we follow his will.

the mission is such a humbling experience. just when you start to feel
comfortable and start to fall into a groove a trial comes along, or
something gets changed up. its a pretty sure way to figure out how our
whole life is going to be actually. theres no room for improvement if
we dont experience new things, and God cant send us miracles if were
not willing to get out of our comfort zone and excersize (how the heck
do you spell that) a little more faith. but when we do accept the
challenge and react in the appropiate way, we`re molded into a better
form than we were before.

this week was baller. i started to understand everything in the office
a lot better and did almost everything on my own. its been interesting
to have my position for the end of the year because salt lake has been
asking for a lot of the stats and numbers from the mission. since im
in charge of all of the numbers in the mission i got to analize and
create some stuff to send them and also invent some other things that
i will present to president and the rest of the office on monday! ive
learned a lot in a short few weeks about how the administration of the
church works and how to manage an organization the way the Lord would
want it to be done!

apart from teh office we had some ups and downs with our
investigators. we really forced ourselves to set the example and get
out of the office on time and in our sector to work! so far this
cahnge its gone really well. we the saw the blessing of it as well.
javier is progressing really well! hes a boss even though his GF didnt
go to church on sunday he still came and last night for Christmas we
drank 3 liters of coke, ate cookies, and watched the joseph smith
movie on teh big screen in the church! it was sweet! hes thinking
about baptism but what i love about him is taht hes got real intent.
if he feels ready the 9th of january he`ll do it. pray for him, he`ll
be a leader some day! also he dances salsa, everyone calls him the
dragon salsero.

mario is struggling but theres still hope. he just needs a little
time. and daniel went out of town until next week but when he gets
back we will hvae the baptism!

the Lord will let us see miracles if we keep being obedient. lots of
times the blessings that we hope for dont come immediately. in fact
almost never. and lots of times in different ways than we think, but
theyre exactly what we need we just dont know it yet.
i want to baptize so bad. this is chilean street raptor signing off.
have a happy new year folks!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

fotos: christmas concert was a succes

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