Sunday, January 24, 2016

Too Tired to Think of a Title

woah. this week was crazy guys. i honestly dont even have much to
write about but we had a good time.

it was my first week in the office during changes and on top of that
we had mission council yesterday!! haha i didnt get to bed before 2 a
clock a single day this week... and even though im exhausted im
surprisingly really content and happy to have had the experiences. the
office is really cool becasue you grow really really close to everyone
else there, and you do things that you would never ever do as a normal
missionary. like be separated from your companion and have to do
things alone. weirdest feeling ever.

on monday we had the last dinner with all of the missionaries going
home and some of my good friends like elder dalton and elder nash. it
was really powerful to be able to hear them all give their last
testimonies. and then on tuesday at 5 in the morning to bus left to
santiago and we went witih them to drop them off and to get to know
the new missionaries!!
we got ot know them pretty well for a couple days as we prepared for
the changes meeting and everything and it was really cool to remember
when i had just barely gotten to the mission which doesnt seem like
too long ago at all.

it just got me pumped up again and all i want to do is serve the Lord
as hard as i can for my last few months here. i know ive still got a
lot of time, but its amazing how fast it goes by. it gets to a point
where you just cant believe youre already in a new month and time
keeps passing and you just feel liek you have no control over it...

thats okay though because the progress of each missionary is not
diminished. its cool to see how each missionary changes over time.
seeing the new missionaries this week was so awesome because its so
cool to think that in a few months they will be completely different
people, thinking different things, speaking a different language, and
having different goals in life. everyone is molded how they should if
they allow it. sadly i know that the time that i have here in the
mission is not the real conversion. its after. thats when ill have to
go back to the real world and actually have to fight to be able to
progress and not go back to whatever it was that i did before. kind of

i love the gospel and im love being a missionary. theres nothing that
gives more satisfaction than putting on the plaque and knowing that i
have another day to represent the Lord in teh most important work that
has ever existed. hopefully we have some time to work in our own
sector this week!!

my new comp is elder larsen. hes a boss. were gonna baptize. :)
yesterday he completely ripped his pants trying ot carry 5 boxes of
books of mormon. i laughed at him and then 5 min later the same thing
happened to me. oops.

love youuuu sorry i dont have more to write about but my brain is all
foggy right now and i cant think of anything else.

oh also i ate a bunch of raw fish with our peruvian friend and drank
liquidated fish head and guts. it supposedly has so much vitamins that
if your body is not used to it you can get really tired. i didnt
believe it. until i fell asleep at the dinner table.

-Elder Allred - chilean street raptor

photos: weekly soccer match with president, eating ceviche with our
peruvian investigators

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