Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gettin Wet

DANIEL GOT BAPTIZED!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! it was spectacular and the
spirit was so strong during the whole service... ah man good times.

well, my first change in the office has already come to an end...
pretty crazy i cant even believe it. seems like yesterday that i got
here! i know thats how it is going to be for every other change as
well and it kind of scares me! the cool thing is that i know who my
next 2 companions are going to be hah. this change ill be with elder
larsen another secretary and yesterday president diaz passed me the
changes so i could make a presentation for the meeting and i now know
that another guy named elder ammirati will be my comp after elder
larsen. theyre both studs seriously. im pumped president has made a
big big enfasis on having a good team in teh office and we all work
together really well and get along. and were coming out with the
office EPISODE 3 soon! im gonna attach the dropbox link with the
password at the end of my email so that you guys can go see our last
episode... steve´s teh only one thats even going to understand what
were saying but thats okay he can tell you after. even though hes
literallyt he only one thats not going to laugh at it haha

i went on interchanges with elder dalton my old time friend this
week.... he was one of my zone leaders at the beginning of my mission
and i had the opportunity to be his last interchange comp and it was
awesome. i learned a lot of things from him and we stayed up until
like 3 in the morning just talknig about everything! little did i know
that the next day i was also going to have to stay up until 2 in the
morning... oh well. things happen. i just wanna soak it all up while i
can and i enjoy the time that i have left in teh mission. theres
nothing better. the mission is so dang fun

but anyway Daniel when he was studying engineering about 20 years ago
had a stress accident and went into a coma for a little while and when
he woke up pretty much had to learn everything again. im not exactly
sure what his condition is, but he just gets distracted easily and
changes subjects. however this week was a miracle. we saw the Lord
literally change him and help him along the way in his conversion. for
about 3 days leading up to his baptism it was like he did not have any
problem at all, he acted completely normal and paid really good
attention, and his baptism was incredible!!! after the ordenance he
hugged Elder Poulsen, one of the couple missionaries here, and gave
his testimony afterwards in front of everyone and it was so
powerful!!! haha seriously hes such a stud. it was such a blessing to
help him along the way. tomorrow he`ll get confirmed.

were teaching a few other stud muffins named javier and danilo. both
of them have gf`s that our members of the ward. however like a week
and a half a go javier broke up with her and stopped answering our
calls and coming to church... then on sunday we finally talked with
him and set up an appt. we went with our ward mission leader, this guy
from the dominican republic and when javier arrived he pretty much had
the intention of telling us he couldnt keep going... and by the end he
had accepted to be baptized on the 24th of January!!! Cesar, the
member, bore one of the strongest testimonies ive ever heard for about
25 min and completely turned the lesson around. pretty all we did was
set the date after. when cesar was 21 he was studying to be a catholic
priest, hated the mormons, and even took some people away from the
church. but he talked to missionaries one day and they left him with a
different feeling and one day he just decided to pass by the church
where he found the missionaries again! long story short he got
baptized, served a mission, and has worked for the church for about 20
years even though he was rejected by his family. hes a boss. and so is
javier. IM PUMPED

on wednesday we`ll have changes meeting, and friday is mission
council. weve got a ton of work to do. lesss goooooo

¡les quiero mucho! take care have a good week. CHAUUU

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos: daniels baptism,
and a cat that is sitting next to me in the internet cafe

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