Sunday, January 24, 2016

Party on 5 Norte

hey fam. ill be honest i have almost no time to write this write now so im going to do my best to jot down some thoughts from the week and then peace out. cause im also really hungry. and chilean junk food sounds really good right now.(i dont know how i dont get fat)

this week was a miracle in itself. i dont think that last phrase made sense in english but lets go im rolling with it!! we have four people that have baptismal dates and are all progressing. tomorrow will be the real test to see if they go to church. Javier, Danilo, Carlos, and Gloria. we found carlos and gloria this week and they were both absolute miracles! theyre awesome.

on wednesday we had the first world missionary training session in over ten years!! it was the coolest thing ever to sit there and know that my friends all around the whole world were receiving the same instructions taht i was in that moment. and thats because it doesnt matter where you are, or waht you done, the gospel of Jesus Christ works in the everyone. 

but there was something that happened in the conference taht was almost inexplainable. in our mission council the last week the assistants and i coordinated a presentation where we talked a whole lot in both of our presentations about working with part member families, converts and references to find baptisms. we did a bunch of stuff adn i showed the mission how to use the new system of sending and receiving references every week to find people. also 3 weeks in ago for the new year i changed our key indicators and we startign counting as a mission how each new investigator is found each week, by reference, or by contact, and then hwo each person got baptized, by reference or by contact. 
in the world conference they showed THE EXACT SAME THINGS! they literally had the exact same numbers and types of graphs, and methods that we had decided to do in the council, but for the whole world!! its amazing to see that as a mission we find almost 5 times as much people every week contacting than by references. however until now in 2016 we have 30 percent more baptisms by references then by contacts! obviously this work is not about numbers. its about souls finding the truth. but it was a big testimony builder to me that if we change our focus as a mission and dedicate ourselves to being diligent with the members and working with references we are going to baptize a lot more! yeah anyway good stuff. it was awesome i learned a whole lot.

we also had interviews with president this week which was a great experience. it was a lot different this time... i  pretty much just had a good conversation with  president diaz which was awesome. hes such a loving man. i love him. he really is making the office a team. all of us with him and his wife and the assistants are working really well together adn we do almost everything togetther. he includes us on a lot of the decisions and always asks for our input. i respect him more than jsut about anyone in teh world.

ill try to tell more about gloria and erica and carlos next week... but im out of time. the Lord put them in our path for a reason adn weve had experiences taht have been incredible with them. were gonna baptize this change. lessss goooooooooo

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

foto- me riding in a horse carriage in the streets of viña

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