Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Whole New World

well, it happened. they moved me to the office and i am the new
registrador of the mission. i honestly dont even know how to say that
in english but im one of the three secretaries and in few words im in
charge of all the records, numbers, presentations, cellphones, and all
the other materials in teh mission. for my job youd think theyd call
somebody that knows how to manage computers well, however thats not
how it went. i guess the Lord calls on the weak sometimes to make them
stronger! :) haha but for real, i never could have imagined the amount
of work there is to do in the office. especially since yesterday we
had mission council so i had to prepare SO MANY THINGS! i havent
gotten to bed before 3 o clock the last three nights. but honestly its
been really fun .

im going to be here for 6 months. thats a long time. literally 1/4 of
my mission. so when i got here i wanted to make it different,
something fun. so we decided to start something as an office. elder
frampton, elder roach another secretary, and i made our first episode
of la oficina. haha on thursday we filmed and made the video in like
25 min and then on friday in teh council we showed it to all of the
zone leaders before giving our powerpoints, and they will show it to
the mission on tuesday in the replica. haha its pretty much just like
one of the opening scenes of the office, but with all of us from the
office. everyone had a good laugh. were already planning episode 2.

its going to be awesome working with all of these great elders. elder
osuna, is training me in my position right now and is my companion.
hes seriously been one of my heroes since the beginning of my mission!
hes from sinaloa, mexico, and has 2 changes left in the mission, hes
seriously such a stud! ive got a whole lot to learn though. keep me in
your prayers, its seriously scary thinking about me doing this stuff
on my own and messing up, because if you mess up, it can literally
destroy everything. we work in excel for almost everything. which
means that all of the programming taht is used to track all of the
stats of the mission is based on formulas.

its very different not being on doing normal missionary work. i
seriously feel really really different right now than i have for the
last year and 3 months of my life. i know the Lord only has the best
in mind for me and im going to give it my all, but i will miss working
all day every day to find the elect of God and help them be baptized.
i dont want to stop baptizing. even though we have much less time to
work in our sector now, since we are in the office until 430 each day,
i know we can keep baptizing and finding people!

i kind of knew before hand that this position was coming. everyone was
telling me, but its still a big shock. it helps taht president diaz is
so chill and his wife as well. theyre always joking around with us,
and since we didnt have time yesterday, on monday theyre taking all of
us to ruby tuesdays to welcome me to the office! also we play soccer
with president every p day and sometimes a couple other days of the
week as well. me and president are with the two other secretaries vs
the asistants and presidents son, and this morning we won. haha its
pretty sweet.

dont worry guys im not dead. i still love the mission. this work has
saved my life im sure of it. but its gonna be a little bit different
from here on out. when i get out of the office i will have two changes
left in the mission! i cant even believe it.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photo- me and my comp. and elder frampton wanted in on the photo too

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