Monday, November 30, 2015

The Dream Team

well changes are coming up this week on wednesday and i was almost
absolutely positive that we were both going to stay here in our
sector, but now im not so sure. people keep threatening us from the
office telling us that theyre going to split up the dream team.. it
would break my heart but we´ll see what happens. ill go where the Lord
wants me to go, and do what he wants me to do.

we had a fabulous week to rap up this change together. elder mcelhaney
is a stud. ive learned so much from him, and weve been good pals since
the beginning! hopefully we stay together. but we saw some progress in
our investigators this week and even though we didnt baptize this
change im absolutely positive we will in december! we have found a
good pool of investigators and we are just barely starting to sift all
of it out and find those that are chosen. thats the fun part.

4 investigators came to church. only francisco our homie that is 26
years old has a baptismal date, but the truth is that hes not ready.
we are gonna push it back and hope that his parents hop on the train
with him. his mom also came to church to see our wards primary program
that was 5 stars. her and his dad want to wait to commit to baptism...
because jimena, the mom, finds out in like 3 weeks if she has cancer
or not. on wednesday we had such a powerful lesson with a recent
convert and testified that she would have Gods help if she began to
show faith. well she went to church! hopefully she can keep taking
steps and we are praying that the results are good!

gabriela and adam also came. on tuesday we got there and they told us
that adam was moving out becasue gabrielas dad was kicking him out...
also he lost his job, and him adn gabriela had broken up. we went back
the next day to talk with adam alone and ive never seen a marine cry
before, but he did as we talked and shared a message with him. its
great and all that hes moving out and gabriela will have the chance to
decide to get baptized now, but i want them to be happy as a family so
bad. even if it doesnt happen while im here. theyre such good people.
on saturday morning we went back and made them pancakes with di´s
homeade buttermilk syrup and watched the joseph smith movie with them!
i think the pancakes worked cause they totally like madeout like right
in front of us. theyve been reading and praying together, now the
biggest obstacle will be gabriela telling her dad she wants to get
baptized cause hes a evangelical pastor.

roberto is progressing little by little, he wants to pass by everyday
this week to drink tea with him. chileans love drinking tea and eating
bread... even when its 875 degrees outside.

last story. this week i went on exchanges with elder almanzor. sounds
latino right? nope. filipino straight from the hoods of seattle. haha
hes a stud though. three years ago he was baptized and he left on the
mish when he was 24 years old. when he told his parents he wanted to
go on the mish instead of joining the marines like they wanted they
kicked him out of the house, so he sold his car, got a job, and lived
with his bishop for a year until he had enough to leave.

I love my comp, i love the people, i love the work. i love the mission.

the church is true. hold fast to the iron rod.

elder allred- chilean street raptor

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