Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rock Down to Electric Avenue

if im being brutally honest i have less and less desires to write this
thing every single week. its not that i dont love and miss you guys,
but internet time isnt even all that great anymore. i kinda just wanna
keep going. time needs to slow way down, cause its getting out of
control how fast it is passing by.

we had a week full of miracles. the Lord blessed us with so many
things i dont even think i remember most of them. but we found a whole
lot of really good peeps, and we really think thta december is going
to be a good month. im almost positive we are both going to stay cause
elder mcelhaney only has one more change here than me!
were gonna rock the boat this next month. thats seriously all i want
as i think about how fast time is going fast, all i want to do is help
as many people as i possible can board the old ship zion as my wise
friend M. Russell put it.

the lady that we found last sunday, jimena, yeah we have been teaching
the fam. the parents and their 25 year old son fransisco. theyre all
awesome. on thursday we taught them and then they invited us to eat
lunch saturday! even though the parents couldnt go to church on
sunday, fransisco went with us and a friend he has in teh ward! i want
these guys to progress so bad.. i watn to help a family! we have a
family home evening tonight and were gonna give them a good smack in
the face with the Spirit.

i think on wednesday i had one of the best experiences of the mission.
we taught adam and gabriela. adam was baptized when he was 15 but then
went inactive. gabriela was an investigator that i had a year ago in
belloto and was so close to getting baptized, but hten she moved in
with this guy. my comp and elder passey, who was here before me, then
contacted them randomly in the street and started teachign them again.
haha its crazy but long story short i love the heck out of them. on
tuesday they read 8 chapters in teh book of mormon together and
wednesday night we had alesson where we just talked really openly
about hteir potential. the weird part is that gabriela, whos not a
member, has a stronger testimony then adam. its tough but adam at one
point said to us, ^this is different from when the elders taught me
when i was a kid, if you guys left right now we would keep going to
church and working towards this because we feel different^. there is
literally nothing so sweet to hear in the mission than this! our whole
goal is to get people to have spiritual experiences that testify of
the truth. i love the mission. we hardly said anything to one another
on the walk home after. the spirit was so strong and we felt so much
love fore them its hard to describe.

another cool experience happened saturday night. we were passing our
house and i really needed to poop. like always. but something told me
to not stop, to just keep working and it would work out. well for any
other elder that might be okay, but for elder allred that usually
turns into big trouble. luckily i did it anyway, and after passing by
an investigator that i was sure was going to be there to let me use
his bathroom we walked away and almost into a man taht goes in english
^hello, who are you?^. hahaha long story short we talked all the way
to his house, gave him a book of mormon, answered his prayers, and im
pretty sure i broke his toilet.... oops :/.  it was a complete
miracle. and the guy speaks perfect english. robertos his name,
baptism`s his fame.

well, thats it folks. hope you all can choose the right this week.
also whoever can tell me by next week why it is taht nephi had to make
a new arrow after making a new bow in 1 nephi 16 will earn a big hug
from elder allred in 9 months.

love you all

-elder allred

photos: you know youve been in chile too long when they serve you
bread and mayonaise for an appetizer... and you like it.

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