Monday, November 9, 2015

Boot Camp

im absolutely dead right now. we went so hard this week and i just
feel so ready to have a p day to chill out and figure out how were
gonna make something happen this week. stress is amazing. too much
makes you less effective, however just the right amount makes you
achieve your maximum potential. if i didnt feel pressured on the
mission to do things and have success i wouldnt be able to become the
person i need to be.

with that being said we also are dead physically because of our marine
friend. thursday morning i did the hardest workout on the mission and
one of the hardest in my life! this guy is crazy at 6 in the morning
he just takes us through like the forests of quilpue running up hills,
doing push ups in rivers, and pull ups on trees. my entire body hurt
after going thursday and then we went again today. hes insane. but it
actually feels really cool after and we feel accomplished!

but yeah we went so hard this week. we did everything we could to find
somebody that wants to listen to us... and we found her. her name is
carolina and she is 24 years old. her dad died of cancer last year and
she really wants to know where he is and if shes going to see him
again. shes awesome... but she didnt come to church!! other than the
fact that she smokes 20 cigarrettes a day, helping her get up to go to
church will probabaly be the toughest challenge, along with 99 percent
of all other chileans. its seriously so hard to motivate people here
to get up early. i feel like steve right now trying to argue with
everyone that 10 O CLOCK IS NOT EARLY!

its not like it was a bad week. we actually found a lot of news and
had a great time while doing it. i love my comp elder mcelhaney. hes a
boss and i learn something new from him every single day were
together. we laugh our heads off at all times of the day but when its
time to do the lords work he really knows how to put his head down and
go to work. its honestly been such a fun change so far! we are working
harder than i ever have in my mission. all i want to do is help people
get baptized and begin changing their lives. but its so much more than
baptizing, if you begin with the end in mind, which is making
covenants in the temple, the task of helping them get wet doesnt seem
as difficult. gods plan is so simple.

whenever i ask myself why missionary work isnt easier or why we cant
find people who are interested in an easier way, i just think of a
video with elder holland and president eyering called missionary work,
and the atonement. in little words it says that we cannot feel the
love and joy that christ has for all of us until we take that walk to
golgatha and experience just a sliver of what our savior went through!
i know i need to be careful in comparing the two, but elder holland
says it perfectly. it cant be easy. that would be contrary to god.

on the bright side we got cooked javelina and mexican beans and rice
from this less active mexican in our ward this week. i miss mexican
food so much... totally not the same here.

i love you guys. sorry i dont have that much to write about this
week... were gonna have miracles to tell next week dont worry about
it. its just taking a little bit longer that we hoped for.

stay fresh.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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