Monday, November 16, 2015

The Lord's Time

so quick story, on interchanges last week i forgot to say that when a
sister from the ward asked me for a pic of my fam an di gave it to her
she asked me, where are you? after pointing myself out she laughed out
loud and began showing her family who also started laughing.
apparently ive gotten ugly on the mission guys.

well let me just start off this email by saying, i love the mission.
you learn or relearn something every single week, and i think this
week i learned a lot about the Lords timing!

the whole week we were just running around trying so hard to find
somebody because it was the last week to find somebody, get them to
church, and have the possibility of being baptized this change! well,
we found a lot of good people, and nobody could go to church this
week, and then yesterday after church we had a miracle. on wednesday
or something we were waiting for a taxi in downtown and we started
talking ot this guy selling peanuts or something about the book of
mormon. really all he wanted to do was argue with us, however another
man was listening and ended up getting in the same taxi as us. as we
were driving he turned to us and said hey my brother in law is mormon.
we talked for about 30 seconds before we pulled up to his house and
before we could get his name he was gone. but we went back yesterday
looking for him and his wife answered. she let us in even though her
husband wasnt there and we had one of the best first lessons ive ever
had with her and her 25 year old son. they both have been looking for
the true church and lately have been praying for an answer from God...
it was awesome!! obviously meeting the dad will be really important,
but it seems like a family with a whole lot of potencial!! they both
committed to reading and praying about the book of mormon.

we did have one person come to stake conference with us. her name is
maria ines and she was an investigator like a year ago and almost got
baptized but then backed out and nobody knew why. but she came with us
and weve been teaching her again, shes awesome, but crazy. in the
stake conference there was an area seventy, and a counselor to the
temple president in santiago. his talk was awesome. if you have any
free time at all, get to the temple. there are so many blessings
waiting, especially for those that work there and dedicate the time to
the Lord.

We also had zone conference with president this week in our stake
center. it was really good and the theme was all about the book of
mormon! by the end of the conference all i wanted was to preach the
good word. the book of mormon is true, theres no doubt about it. there
was a quote that i absolutely loved from president harold b lee, `one
who does not seriously study the book of mormon to understand its
doctrine and teachings cannot consider himself as a worthy candidate
of exaltation.`hahaha sick right? read the book.

so going back a little bit to the theme of the email i ahve two more
experiences. a couple weeks ago we contacted this 22 year old name
giovanni that was way cool. on friday we were on intercahnges and
nothing was going our way. all of the appts fell and we didnt have
anywhere to go. we couldnt find this guys house before but we decided
to call giovanni to see if he was home, even though he always had his
phone turned off when we called before. but we caleld, he answered and
ivited us over and it was way good. were gonna work with him more this
second, on saturday night we were in the same situation but worse. we
hadnt entere in any houses and we were a little disappointe we couldnt
go to the saturday session of stake conf cause we didnt have any one
to take. but right after the conference would have been finishing we
were walking down this street and just felt impressed to knock a door.
its amazing how soft those promptings are! sometimes i think you cant
even recognize them until after you follow them and then you realize
it wasnt yourslef that thought about it, its awesome. but yeah anyway
we found this guy named miguel and his wife carina. theyre a young
couple, and tonight theyre gonna accept baptismal dates.

the Lord knows what we need, and what we need. if we are living right
and trust in him, we cant error because we will always be where he
wants us too. accept let downs and trials as part of his plan , its
the only way to take advantage of future blessings.

love youuuuuu

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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