Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Comp Got Shot

its been a long a really kinda sucky p day so im a tad bit flustered. i already wrote this whole thing a couple hours ago and then internet went out so weve been running around a lot and now i have like 10 min to email.
despite the frustration the random fact from chile lives on- some guys like to build little trains with wheels and put an air compressed horn and oven to roast peanuts and when they walk around with their train they blow this whistle and people comeout of their houses to buy peanuts. the peanut train. its great.
my comp got shot on friday. by a bb gun. we were walking up this hill by the church and these two flaites walked by us and pointed a gun at me.. so i put my hands up and just about crapped my pants. but then they started laughing and i realized it was just a bb gun so we walked past them. but then they turned around and shot my comp in the back and now he has a bb in his back. we have to go to the hospital every day and waste SO MUCH TIME until they take it out either on wednesday or in like two weeks. im praying its on wednesday.
on tuesday we had interchanges with elder goulding our new zl and future male cheerleader for byu. hey stop judging. no really hes a great guy and i learned a lot of cool things from him.
on friday i stayed in my zone on interchanges with a brazilian elder, elder silva, while my comp spent the night in the hospital with another dl. we had a good time though. friday night we were trying to sort out the whole situation and elder silva and i were like 30 min away from the apt in my area. and it was like 10 o clock already. well my area is a little sketchy at night and we both had a pretty uneasy feeling walking back. like 2 min into walking some guy in a collectivo pulled up and offered us a ride. turns out he was a member and knew that we were elders and that we shouldnt be out at night. it was a miracle... that never happens.
i caught a bad case of fleas... yeah i wake up every morning with more bites and one night this week i woke up with all of my left foot just swollen because it had been hanging out of the blankets. lol i didnt really fall back asleep. fleas suck and really i dont know how to avoid them. theyre like mosquitos but more sneaky.
our inv. danny had a crazy weekend. saturday night we were talking with him and he committed to live the word of wisdom, start living the law of chastity, and he was going to think about a baptismal date. hes such a stud. however, the devil is good and saturday night he loaned his car to a friend. well sunday morning when he got up to come to church his friend called and his car got stolen. he didnt come to church and his friend is a member and is the one that got him interested. were hoping ot find him and talk to him today. fetching car thiefs man. theyll get ya.
this week was crazy, fun, sad, crazy, and i cant really remember anything else that happened even though i know so much more happened. oh well. be good. dont smoke. or live with someone when youre not married. its not gonna make you happy, that much is clear. bueno.. all of the commandments are pretty clear. and when you pass through tough times sometimes its not because youre doing something wrong, but the lord wants to make you stronger and add some resistence because he knows you can handle it. nothing is put upon our shoulders that we cant sustain. loove you alllllllllll. chau.
-elder allred -chilean street raptor
my camera is not working. but here is a photo of a tarantula we found.
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