Monday, November 3, 2014

The Old Ditch Lives On

so i figured out what the name of our ward means. i didnt know estero meant ditch and viejo means old. so yeah. old ditch. im not going to continue giving info of my investigators until theyre well along their path. because this week we pretty much went back to the drawing board. its all good though because we have some promising people who i think will continue to progress and one old man with a baptismal date thats awesome. a young 18 year old but he fetching studies philosophy! im so sick of talking with philosophers haha because they want to explain spiritual things with logic and science and it just does not work out,
about our old man though i want to tell you just a little. hes italian, he lives off welfare, and he has a little case of alzheimers so occasionally he tends to forget our committments to him. thats alright though because he doesnt do anything so we teach him everyday and if he forgot what happened the day before we just teach it again. its funny though lots of times he asks the same questions as before and we have the same conversation over again like why seventh day adventists have church on saturday. we´ve talked about that like everyday this week its really intriguing.
i learned a lot this week and settled more into the role of a missionary. im really trying to learn as much as i can from others and in interchanges on tuesday i was with my other zone leader, elder armitstead from layton utah with red hair and blonde eyebrows, he fits in really well with chilenos. haha no  but he is a great missionary and loves to be upfront with people which is something i love to do in english but havent quite gotten the hang of in spanish because my comp is a little more timid than others. in interchanges we were teaching a lesson to this old guy and he would not stop talking, for so long, he was telling us about his granddaughter that died and went on so long, finally elder armitstead just stopped him and said brother bravo, we dont know why this happened, but we do know that you can find the answer if you ask god. the guy just started crying and we started reading alma 40 with him. it was pretty sweet. just 10 sec to talk and he had him in tears. my comp is very powerful though. thats one thing ive learned from my comp. he may be an argentine farm boy with a small spanish vocabulary, but he knows preach my gospel like the back of his hand and he always follows the spirit! im realizing every day why i was put with him because its like he has all the opposite talents that i do. we can communicate really well in spanish now so thats good. my spanish is coming along pretty well and at times things just come out naturally and i surprise myself. but most times im still thinking as i talk and i have to come up with the next word. its like i can communicate pretty well with people, but lots of times my grammar is bad and sometimes with people in the street or in lessons i just want to be able to express what i feel like i can in english and its a little frustrating. practice, prayer, and some time and ill get there though.
this week as i understood people more i realized that they were talking bad about our church. there are some people that no absolutely nothing about the church and like to say the most ridiculous things. so this week i tried responding to some of these people and contending a little bit. my comp had my back but more importantly i realized for most people its just not worth it. like christ did its better to simply ask a question and if they get mad they are not going to change. but if like nicodemus they actually think and then change it works. its simple they either accept or reject. the problem is coming up with a question like christ could that can just baffle people. its really cool to read the new testament and how people really just did not know what to do with themselves when he would reply.
but yeah this week was sweet. i ate a lot of completos at members houses and taught a good amount of lessons so thats a good week. halloween apparently is celebrated here too so we had a pretty sweet ward activity on friday for that. 
have a good week, keep being good cause good is good. i love this gospel and i know were in the last days. preach the gospel, love your fellow man, and have a good week.

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

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