Monday, November 10, 2014

Estaca Belloto es Bakan

halo hermanos queridos como estan en los estados? here´s three random facts about chile:
-they consume mayo like its candy
-there are horses pulling carriages alongside cars and buses in the streets of viña
-people water and sweep their dirt like its grass
yeah i couldnt believe that first one for awhile either. its the strangest thing in the world. i think i was blind to it the first couple weeks but now i look around and see everyone sweeping the front dirt. its great.
me and my comp had our ups and downs this week. i think as an allred i just struggle to have other people tell me what to do all the time because im always right. its super frustrating that he cant see that. haha no but we´ve been working on getting along and having more unity and ive accepted the fact that hes my trainer and im probably gonna be with him for another six weeks. hes a great trainer and i learn a lot from him. its just frustrating sometimes becuase he likes to do things in the complete opposite way that i would do them and honestly i think that is why im with him. i think my purpose in being with him is to learn how to act and accomplish things in different ways. he knows preach my gospel and the missionary manuel like the back of his hand. seriously sometimes he just quotes a page when i do something he doesnt like. im not kidding its insane. so yeah i guess he pretty much knows the answer to everything according to the books which is solid. not something that im all that good at.
our only progressing investigator carlos came to stake conference with us this weekend (which was so good) and everything was going great until he asked us if this is the catholic church after it was all over. he struggles sometimes. hes a seventh day adventist so yesterday we taught him about keeping the sabbath day holy and why its on sunday. hopefully he remembers why because his baptism is in two weeks. hes solid he just struggles with memory. for example he has given up coffe and tea completely and has promised to pay tithing even htough he pretty much has no money. good guy. needs the church.
in stake conference one of the counselors in the stake presidency did a presentation saturday afternoon in the first session about the role of fathers and mothers. pretty much everything he talked about i thought back and realized how awesome my parents are. the main responsibility of the mother was to maintain a home where the spirit can reside and teach and love individually each or her children in a way that affects generations of people other than her son. i can definitely see that happening here. and the father was the carry out traditions and activities with his children that teaches them things and that they will be able to remember forever. every day i see this. thanks mom, thanks dad, you guys are stellar. continue to be beacons of light for generations of chicacabras to come.
all of the little kids here in the one area of my boundaries call me one direction. yeah i dont know it doesnt matter how many times i explain to them that one direction is from england and i am from the united states. but in stake conference there was another talk that was phenominal (how do you spell that?) that talked about when we think were great we miss out on more opportunities to progress. if i think my spanish is awesome and that i dont have much room to progress, then i wont work hard and i wont progress. thats why people who remain humble and dont even try to recognize how good they are at something end up progressing even more. kind of like that one song that says like you dont know youre beautiful and thats what makes you beautiful. pucha i cant remember who sings it though.
were going to find some people who are prepared this week. i learned that our stake is the lowest baptizing stake in the mish and that just motivated me more to find people. its weird because our leaders here are so solid yet the converts are so few. i dont know why.
i love the mish, but the mish is tough every day. thank you for all your prayers. keep choosing the right and youllhave the promise of the lord to bless you.
-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

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