Tuesday, November 25, 2014

El Fin de mi Primer Cambio

whats good everyone? the random fact from chile of the week:
-every single dog has fleas. without exception.
yesterday was the last day of my first change here in viña del mar chile. its hard to put together in words everything that is happened. i ceven remember what happened this week. but its been crazy, fun, and ultimately the hardest six weeks of my entire life. going from the mtc to the real thing in chile has been hard. i didnt understand a word anyone said the first three weeks, and i still struggle to understand some people. but the language is not my problem. im learning spanish faster than i ever thought i would. but sometimes its hard to remember why im out here. my testimony of this church is stronger than ever, yet sometimes i feel so lonely and down. i wish i had king benjamin here just screaming in my ear all day the word ¨remember¨. hes good at that.
thats why last thursday was so awesome. im back on my feet and im ready to tackle the next obstacle. i recieved the packages di and they made me so happy, i got letters that changed my mission, and more importantly than anything we had a lecture in zone conference about something that was very dear to president brigham young. autodominion, or in english self control. i dont want to go into it but pretty much if i cant force myself to focus on others and think what god is trying to help me do than my mission is going to be pretty sucky. sometimes i want to explode on my comp, sometimes i feel like lying down in the middle of the street and sleeping with the 1893030 dogs there are, sometimes i feel like yelling at people because they want to complain about their lives but dont want to do anything about it like try to stop smoking or better yet try to believe in god or read the book of mormon. so many times during the week im down, yet every time ive seen a tender mercy from the lord hellp me back up. i see the lords hand in my life every day, and thats why i have such a passion to help others see it too. but like i said sometimes its hard to remember that- ive relied more on my patriarchal blessing, prayer, and fasting than ever before, and for this i feel pretty close with my heavenly father.
speaking of fasting.. i think im just gonna fast every day for the rest of my mission. we did a mission wide fast to accomplish our goals of baptism on saturday and sunday, and i think i had a miracle but its not for sure yet so i dont want to get my hopes up too much. but like the third or fourth day i was here in chile i asked my comp if we could try something. the idea was that we both pray and meditate about a specific name and then once we know the name we pray every day that change for the lord to prepare that person to be baptized. yeah well my name was daniel and my comps name was fransisco or fransisca. we have like three fransiscos that were are teaching, and one that is progressing so who knows maybe.. but we had not even met a daniel for six weeks. on the last day of our change, yesterday, we broke our fast and headed for lunch and some guy in the street yelled at us to come talk to him. this doesnt happen unless the guy is drunk or wants to yell at me for being american, usually both. but this guy tells us he just moved from viña and was meeting with the missionaries there, and wants us to visit him. then i asked him some questions and i dont remember how it went but ultimately he told us he wants to be baptized before the end of the year. we got his number, address, and then i asked him his name and he said danny. we walked away and i didnt even realize what had just happened until my comp pointed out his name was daniel. i was so pumped!! now we dont really know anythbing about him so i dont want to get too excited but it was awesome. we have an appt with him tonight.
carlos is set to be baptized this sunday. he came with us to first hour on sunday so hes doing good. we had interchanges and for the last time i went out with elder alonzo. hes a stud, and a good example of what i watn to become as a missionary. we dont know if either of us are moving until wednesday. but i think we´ll both stay.
esten bien familia. les quiero.
-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor
i didnt take any pics this week because i cut my own hair and i butchered it. no im just kidding i just forgot to take pics. but really my hair is bad.

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