Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 5- Mexico City CCM

hi guys. so another week down in the CCM of Mexico City and it was another great one. I´d just like to start off by telling everyone that your prayers for me have been answered and i stumbled upon a quarter of a 3 liter coca cola that was stranded and with no home in the cafeteria behind closed doors. so i took it asked one of the lunch ladies and she was like yeah you better hurry and take it before somebody else does! haha so i snatched real quick and me and my district had a photo shoot with it before i decided to drink it all. it was the best flat coke ive ever had. haha im just kidding prayers have been answered in a million ways and im going to get all the coke i want in a week anyway.
my flight is at 11:55 pm next monday night and i arrive in santiago chile at 10:25 am and then i assume i will take a bus to viña del mar from there. im getting extremely pumped for it! but first ive got 2 days straight hearing our prophet and his apostles talk! ive never been so excited in my life to listen to general conference. if a 1 hour devotional twice a week is great i cant even imagine how nice it will be for 8 hours of conf. and another 1 and a half for priesthood. yeah i cant wait. 

the best pre cursor i could have had for it was 2 days ago. last sunday was either one of, if not the most spiritual days of my entire life. i so wish that mtc devotionals could be heard by everyone because elder bednar gave a talk at the provo mtc a couple years back on christmas day that is the best and most overwhelming thing i have ever heard in my life. it seriously blew my mind after it was over i just wanted to sit there for an hour or so and think about life. that day i had been fasting and sacrament meeting/priesthood were phenomenal, and the joseph smith movie later that night after bednars talk was almost too much for me to handle. it was amazing. bednar helped me to see that as you search through the scriptures, more particularly the new testament, look for characters of christ and try to understand why the atonement was only possible through him. when we turn inwards during our pain, christ turned outward. while on the cross our savior was comforting the murderer and thief on his left and right. at his weakest point, after being beaten, mocked, and tortured he asked heavenly father to forgive those who had done these things to him. this is just one example of so many in his life. i know that christ lived, these are not just made up stories. these are records of disciples of the lord to remind us that he is always there with an outstretched hand waiting for us to come back even if we have turned our backs on him. ive really come to realize recently that the general authorities are called of god and what they speak is pure doctrine. remember to go into general conference this weekend with questions in mind and then take notes and i know that those questions will be answered. 
i forgot to mention that ballard spoke at the provo mtc last tuesday and we watched it live here too. it was so awesome it was just like a grandpa speaking to his grandkids. thats how he talked to us and pretty much just gave really good advice for 45 min. i loved it.
i figured i should stop putting my subject as not knowing anything but every week i realize that i still dont know anything. my testimony grows every single day and im constantly reminded of the love that our father in heaven has for every one of his children. i am more pumped than ever to try my best to convey that love the best i can for the people of chile starting next week! my testimony has never been stronger, and i see the lords hand helping me every day as i slowlly learn spanish as well. thank you all for your prayers, emails, and love. i love you all and i miss my home but i think im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the lord knows how to make my future better than my past if i move forward with faith. in fact i know that is the case for everyone. trust the lord, choose the right, and try to feel the spirit every day. i know this gospel is true. 

-Elder Allred: Chilean Street Raptor 
yeah i like that one better.

here´s some pics yo

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