Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2- Mexico CCM

well what a great week it was here in bomb shelter of Mexico City. they keep trying to teach us the mexican national anthem every morning and its just not working haha. its like 7 minutes long too! we have fun with it though.

ive been emailing elder frost and hunsaker trying to find out if smuggling coke into the mtc is posible and at this point im calling it quits. pray for me. im struggling. they said they tried everything.

what the heck is up with byu football these days am i right? usually thatd be a great first line for a stand up comedian yet somehow the second i leave on my mission theyve got a heisman candidate and are ranked? not cool. i hope they blow it versus houston this week. HAH im kidding gosh somebody tell ryan brooks and brett wimmer to calm down. if tom lee was listening to me right now hed be chastizing me for being a fair weather fan. lets all remember that that title belongs to the lone wolf and the lone wolf only. steve allred everyone. remember when he wore red when we played utah? that was great,keep up the hard work dad. 

Elder Warner left to chile yesterday. it was always really nice having one of my bestfriends literally across the hallway from me. he was in my zone so we got to be around each other quite a bit. im gonna miss him but im excited to hear how he does in Osorno. we did get a few pics including one with elder goodman when he arrived last week so ill attach those if ryan sends them to me!
on sunday night we had a devotional where elder lester johnson, an area seventy, gave a talk on repentance and wow id have to say that it is one of those life changing lessons. repentance is a life long process. and so easy. yet so many times our pride holds us back from becoming somebody much more effective in the work of the lord and pretty much every other aspect of our lives! we have devotionals every sunday and tuesday so im excited for tonight it should be good. 
man p days are good. haha everybody lives for them! my district and i have now made our own rap, remake to tik tok, and assigned names to each day in correlation to how far away it is from p day. and we also freestyle about it every night while walking home to our casa. walking home at nine thirty at the end of each day and seeing all the favelas lit up around the CCM is never going to get old it is so cool. 

we finished up with our investigator and he committed to baptism (woohoo) and then figured out he was our new afternoon teacher! i love him and our morning teacher theyre both such studs and not only are we learning spanish from them but theyre learning english from us. its a mutual relationship. haha but really our morning teacher hermano hurtado is from mexico city and just got back from serving in hermosillo which is where hyrum is and our afternoon is hermano perez and he just got back from panama.

ive realized something important this week i think as i was studying really hard on my spanish. i read chapter four in preach my gospel talking about feeling the holy ghost more often and what types of feelings we should consider to be the spirit and i decided that the mtc is a great time to learn to recognize the spirtit and grow my tesimony. just like our teachers in the CCM teach us. learning the language is not our goal here, our goal is to learn to help our investigators in our native language and study with all weve got during our own personal time to learn the language. for a large chunk of the day nobody is monitoring us or making sure were working hard. during those times it is so easy to strike up a meaningless conversation with somebody about girls or your family or whatever and get side tracked during the time that you should be working on your purpose. self motivation is KEY to learning the language and coming closer to christ in the MTC. i followed something alex told me before i left and i decided that before i ever got here i was going to try to develop the attribute of diligence in my studies. and the blessings that ive seen are blowing my mind. my companion is struggling to speak the language, and im trying to help him and he does his best in the lessons but lots of the time i pretty much just have to be the one to talk. i taught the entire first lesson without notes, shared scriptures from memory, and answered multiple questions in spanish yesterday in our first lesson with our new investigator. the gift of tongues and the power of fasting is real my friends. i never wouldve been able to do that on my own! it got me pumped. 

i love all of you guys write me if you get the time. dear elder is great. here´s some pics. somebody show eli and tate i found giant lego hands in mexico. also the pics with me and ryan were blurry for some reason. hopefully he sends me his and ill forward them next week. 

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