Friday, September 5, 2014

Week One, Mexico CCM

whoooo where to begin wow ive been at the mexico ccm for 6 days and it feels like its been a month. but thats not entirely a bad thing. just sort of. the first 3 days were a lot worse than the last two so hopefully that trend keeps up.

WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH YOU GUYS GOING TO YELLOWSTONE RIGHT WHEN I LEAVE? haha ive never been in my life and now as soon as im gone you pull a fast one on me?! haha im just kidding. has colin put on a few pounds? haaaaa im kidding col you look nice and skinny just as always my little candy cane.

mexico city is crazy. i thought i was going to die on the bus ride from the airport to the ccm. it is so stinking big and so jam packed together and so loud all the time. yes even at 2 am in the morning. i would know. too bad the temple is closed. ill still be able to go to the visitors center for one p day.

i did not get elder frampton as a companion as i had hoped and prayed for as we talked a lot on our flights here, and hes not even in my district so i dont see him very much. but i do have a solid companion. his name is elder wilcox and he just graduated from lehi. we get along really well and were legends in cage soccer so thats good enough for me. we pretty much laugh 100 percent of the time that were not studying or feeling the spirit. okay maybe we laugh a little too much. but yes we do believe we´re going insane because i think most the time its about stuff that is not funny at all. but man there are a lot of funny people here in the CCM!

our second day here elder wilcox and i had to teach our investigator, carlos. and it actually went a lot better than we thought! using broken spanish and the spirit it was a lot of fun. for the second lesson the next day we were feeling pretty confident and in the lesson we got a little bit of topic. i misunderstood a question our investigator had and elder wilcox cant really speak but he can understand a lot so i tried to answer and our lesson ended up being a trainwreck from there. its kind of funny to look back on now because we started talking about the fall of adam and carlos asked why he cant partake of the fruit of god? other than that being a weird question in the first place i thought that he said why is it against the commandments to eat fruit? so suddenly without knowing what he was really saying i dove in and explained to him that eating fruit was not bad but that drinking alcohol was (he´s a fake alcoholic) which needless to say we had not brought up yet. yikes. its all good though because yesterday we had a really good lesson with him. and it was awesome because we didnt even really teach a lesson we just answered questions and almost got him to commit to baptism hes thinking about it. fake investigators are fun. 

its still hard for me to think how much spanish ive learned in really only 4 days of hard study. the gift of tongues is really neat. super neat. ive learned more since ive gotten here than i wouldve in a month of high school spanish! (nothing against hank the tank. youre a phenomenal teacher. i was the one that sucked.) but yes the spirit helps you to learn way faster than you could on your own. and it doesnt hurt that thats the only thing on our minds all day long.

so back to the fact that im a legend. our district has the dream team of cage soccer. we dont lose its so legendary. and its only our first week. we have great things in store for us in the coming days during workout time. we might make the playoffs if we can keep our streak alive.

everywhere within these walls the spirit is really strong. its awesome, and at the end of the day when im mentally exhausted and pretty physically tired as well its hard to remember everything that we did. its a cool feeling and i cant even imagine what its going to be like once im actually teaching real investigators.

i really think the days are going to start to go by faster. i havent even looked at any of my pics because im so homesick and i get stomach cramps every day because the food is the same every meal. we study for ten hours a day and sometimes i just get frustrated and want to be speaking better. despite how hard it is im having a great time and more importantly im coming a lot closer to christ. this is where im suppposed to be and nothing is going to get in my way. 

sorry this is really long theres just so much happened. i could go on forever about the different personalites of the two elders in my room, in my casa, and in my district but that would take forever and i dont want to say anything mean in my first week. theyre a bunch of hoots.  but im out of time and elder frampton and i are going to play some cage soccer for p day now. legendary. love you all, church is true. 

P.s.: please use dear elder. i heard you can even send galletas via it. wink wink mom. also contrary to what the packet said i can receive packages. those liars. letters and packages. fun stuff ill love you if you send me one

P.S.P.S: the dragon eye knot is legendary. i taught everybody in my casa how to do it last night. thank you cole.

P.S.P.S.P.S: : they did have a dentist but other elders told me it was sketchy. so sunday night i filed my tooth with a small file till you couldnt see the chip anymore. it hurt. kinda made me feel like a thug too though so it was worth it.

Elder Allred

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