Tuesday, September 8, 2015

La Vina Viene

so usually i come with some things written down of stuff that happened
during the week but i pretty much blew it this week... however it was
an incredible week in the land of coquimbo!

i forgot to mention that elder viñas was coming to the mission this
last friday.. but anyway so last monday elder brock wanted to get his
hair cut, but i convinced him to save the money to buy a chorrillana,
and i would let him cut his hair with the machine i have in the house.
so we did it and bought chorillana even though we´ve been dirt poor.
haha so when we got back he started cutting his hair and i told him it
looked good, but he decided to go shorter on the sides. what he didnt
know what that the measurements were american not chilean, and when he
cut it it was so short! i literally fell on the ground laughing when i
came into the bathroom and looked and him and he goes i cant believe
you convinced me to try cutting my own hair for the first time in my
life right before a general authority came to the mission! it was so
funny i couldnt handle it. but elder viñas never even said anything.

so early friday morning we got on the bus to go to a place called
ovalle and listen to elder viñas and his wife give us some counsel and
it was so awesome! so first his wife got up to speak to us and usually
when an old lady gets up to talk and has a very very quiet voice you
get ready to fall asleep. but this lady was amazing! she taught the
most basic doctrine yet invited the spirit so strongly i dont know if
i have ever felt something similar! by the time elder viñas got up to
talk with us the stage was set. he talked a lot about the atonement
and then also the organization of the church and the importance of
priesthood holders. i was blown away by how many scriptures he cited
its seriously like he just had the bible and book of mormon memorized,
as well as every quote ever given by a general authority. haha
everything he taught he then cited to back up it was impressive. he
also let us share some of our own thoughts on the atonement and ask
some questions as we went along. it really was an amazing experience
and i just left feeling like there was absolutely without doubt in my
mind that that man and all of our leaders in the church are divinely
appointed by god!

right now were chillen in a trio because elder johnsons companion
finished the mish. until wednesday we will be with 3 comps until i get
my new comp on wednesday. yep i already know that elder brock is
leaving. for his last two changes of the mission president diaz has a
special assignment for him and he is going to salamanca. this
witchtown that is literally in the middle of nowhere with a troubled
missionary. haha so im actually super sad we only lasted 1 change but
im  SO PUMPED  that i get to stay in coquimbo. i literally think i
might have the most beautiful sector in the mission and i love
everybody here!! on wednesday ill get my new comp and were gonna hit
the ground running. i want to finish strong here cause i think it will
be my last change before i get moved to a different zone.

this week was pretty good with the work.. we found some good new
people including a pair of evangelical like die hard members! haha so
one day this one guy contacted us and told us to pass by his house. so
this week we went and this other dude answered and we asked for
claudio. he was like yeah just come in he´ll be right down. haha so
this guy comes down and we had never seen him before! turns out it was
a different claudio but anyways we shared with these two like 25 year
olds that play in the band for their church and they couldnt really
wrap their heads around the restoration in the first lesson but at the
end they wanted to jam for us! haha so they started playing the guitar
and clapping and like they wanted us to sing with them so we did it
was a great time. but i wont lie, i felt the spirit a lot stronger
after when we sang i am a child of god. it was a jam off. and we won.

other than that oscar went to church again but continues to refuse to
pray and ask about the church. he finally practically admitted that he
is afraid to receive an answer. now we just gotta figure out why and
its so frustrating. sometimes i wonder why god gave agency to some
people. were gonna be praying and fasting a lot for him this change. i
still have faith in him..
im convinced that i am going to find a family this change. i put all
of it in 4 changes ago and fasted and prayed for it all of the time. i
just want to experience again what i got to see happen with the
castillo family in viña. when we put in our part, the lord always puts
in his. this area needs a family!

love you guys. i know this church is the true church of christ on the
earth, and its not even close. pray to know it if you dont, or if you
have forgotten it. have a great week!

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

i dont know if i ever sent a pic of the cross. so here it is

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