Monday, August 31, 2015

They see me rolling, they hatin

woah my mind is blown that i suddenly am on the downward slope..! thats seriously crazy.. twas a good week though and i got to celebrate the one year mark i my favorite guys house we burned a shirt and tie and ate some pizza and coke it was a good time! but for real how does one slow down time in life?

for as many new investigators that we found last week, we lost the same amount this week. it was seriously a tough week. we just had appointment after appointment fall through every day. we still worked hard, contacted a lot of people and helped others progress a little bit, but in terms of new peeps it was a bit of a struggle. thats really probably one the hardest things about missionary work.. when all plans fail jsut starting over and filtering out the ones taht arent going to progress to find the diamonds again. the diamonds exist, theyre just super tough to find! yesterday as the day was finishing up we did a contact that pretty much summed up our week. we were walking and we go up to contact this guy that had a skateboard in his hand probably like 30 years old and right when we start talking he just lifts up his shirt and shows us this tat of satan and walks away while staring at us. haha that pretty much sums it up.

one of our diamonds is christian this 15 year old that went to church with his mom last week and this week he went to mutual with some of the young mens which was awesome, but he had to travel to see his dad in santiago so he couldnt go to church! but he gets home tonight and were gonna help him accept a baptism date! his mom has been really enthused to come back to the church even though she never really had a testimony. however she does remember primary and how she felt back when she was just a little kid in the church. funny how that is huh? even as little kids one can see the difference that the gospel can make. like it says in alma, lots of times kids feel and do things that even confound the learned and wise!

on tuesday we did service with this one ward member and we just took out dirt from his lot with shovels and wheelbarrows for like 3 hours. it was serisouly so exhausting im like still kind of sore from it. but this last weekend we had stake conference here and it was one of , if not the best stake conference ive ever been to! president diaz and his wife came to gave a talk and they were both amazing and then to top it off a seventy from the north of chile came down and gave one of the most powerful talks ever. in his talk he made all of the young men stand up in the congregation and told them it was a commandment that they serve a mission and not to put it off for anything. haha it was awesome!

other than that not much happened... on saturday we had auditions for the christmas concert that were going to be doing as a mission. haha so i decided to try out and it was tons of fun but super hard! they tested so many things and then i had to do a solo and i pretty much nailed it if i say so myself but i dont know what they thought. haha nah they are only choosing 10 elder from the whole mission, but hey it was fun to try out adn just chill for a little while talking with other elders. very very very rarely do you ever just get to chat with people in the mission... i really miss it ill be honest. i feel like when alex told me that i would miss all of the small things like a car ride with di, or watching tv with steve i didnt understand it. but now i get it. just stuff like family dinners or things like that are taken for granted way too often. dont take anything for granted!"

love you guys hope you have a great week. the church is true. go to it. and get there on time.

-elder allred- chilean street raptor

the one year mark

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