Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet Me Halfway

hey guys whats up. we had a pretty stellar week here in coquimbo! we caught tons of pokemon and were looking to making it to the elite 5 pretty soon with brock on our side!

so yeah anyway this week was awesome because we found more new investigators than i have in any other week of my mission! every day we were finding new people and one of them ended up coming to church yesterday and as of now has a baptism date! his name is christian and he is fifteen years old. his mom is an inactive member for many years but shes came with him and they seem excited to learn more about the gospel!
but yesterday we were walking at sunset to their house which is like on the beachside and we get outside and suddenly mother earth just got really ticked off and there was a big earthquake! haha me and my comp stayed pretty calm, but this mom and christian start screaming bloody murder inside the house as they ran outside. she almost had a heart attack. but it was strong it shook the house pretty good, and then there was another one last night that woke us up and almost threw me out of my bed.

but anyway this week i went on interchanges with elder savaria this chilean that is a stud and i went to his sector. we had a great day and talked peoples heads off in the streets but we had a really cool experience at the end of the day too. it was like 14 minutes before we had to head home and we knocked the door of a future investigator and out came a different person. we started to talk with him and figured out it was this ladies cousin and he was staying there but really we were not paying much attention. there was like a huge party going on right next door, a bunch of drunks saying things to us from down the street, and some thugs kicking a soccer ball next to us too. but suddenly its like the spririt just shook us awake and told us to pay more attention! so we started following the spirit more and got inside his house and even with the music blaring loudly from next door we could feel the spirit super strong as we taught him about the restoration of the gospel! it was amazing. it was a great lesson learned taht throughout the day satan is always trying to distract us with little things to prevent us from accomplishing great things!
alma 37:6 is one of the favorite scriptures. through small and simple things the lord can work miracles among the children of men!

ever since we inherited the sector of the sister missionaries we have kind of been exposed to a richer and different environment. its like a whole new thing over there to try and adjust too. but its been cool to see how riches in this life can sometimes affect a persons perspective on who they are. its hard to remember sometimes that we are not from this world when we get caught up in the things of the world. i had the chance yesterday to give a surprise talk in church. i dont know if anyone was listening to me but i know that i learned through the spirit how important it is to pour out our hearts every day to god in prayer. it gives us so much strength to overcome the adversary and i swear ive seen it a million thousand times in the mission. is that a number?

last monday i went to the cross here in coquimbo for the first time with elder brock. the cross as i have been told is the largest statue in south america. and even though its pure apostasy it was kind of cool to see the entire bay and city. ill try to attach some pics but lately its been kind of dumb... also one night this week there was like this big parade that was SO LOUD of all of these like dancers and trumpet players carrying a big like statue thing of the virgin mary everywhere and receiving the remission for their sins. i wish i could party to have my sins forgiven.

sorry i cant think of anything else to write. im exhausted from playing soccer this morning and really all i can think about right now is eating a big old chorrillana. a chorrillana is lots of fries, eggs, chorizo (like a better version of hot dogs), meat, and peppers. its seriosuly the best thing ever.

hey i love you all and i know this is the true church. i can feel it everytime i testify of it to other people. 

................................i have one year in the mish on thursday................... wut?

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

well i have another virus soo..... hopefully next week!

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