Monday, August 3, 2015

Changes and Pokemon Trainers

before i forget if anyone wants to check out the new blog for our mission the website is ... :)

this friday we have mission council in viña so ill be making the trip down to viña and theyll post photos of it up on the blog.. and ill be making the trip with my new companion elder brock! 

on wednesday elder swindler headed out to valparaiso. ill miss that guy we had some really good times together and he was one of the best missionaries ive ever met.. at 2 o clock in the morning elder brock arrived at the bus terminal! elder brock, ex pokemon gym trainer, famous for his use of rock pokemon, is from las vegas nevada, likes to play soccer, hes 21 years old and has 4 months left in the months, and is a boss. hes got a whole lot of confidence and loves to get out and work but have a good time with it too so its really been good couple of days together! i really admire his work and im excited to learn a lot of things from him, we already get along really well so it should be an awesome change!

the other thing that changed is that in our zone they took out a sector. and it just happens that this sector were the sisters who were working together in our ward. our ward is pretty much the entire coast of coquimbo. driving from the beginning to the end is like an hour and a half, and now all of it belongs to us. they gave the entire sector where the sisters were working and handed it over to us, and even though they havent had a baptism there in a year and a half were pumped to get it going. we have already met a lot of good people over there and were starting to work one day there, and one day in our sector, cause you have to take a bus to travel between them.

the espejo family has been lacking a little bit lately. this whole week they have been a little bit down on energy and stopped reading and didnt come to church. its not like were giving up on them or anything,  but its tough to see people stop progressing when they were doing so well before. we´ll see what happens. 

the cool thing is is that the bishops dad, oscar, who weve been teaching for quite a while now has started to progress. on thursday when elder brock got here we went to visit him and realized that the bishop had left an ensign of the conference talks on his table. so after talking for a few minutes we were leaving and started flipping through the liahona and it just landed on the talk by whitney l clayton titled choose to believe! haha so we marked it and sunday when oscar arrived at church he told us that he had read it like three times and it was starting to make sense to him. he told us he felt like he had recieved an answer but was still unsure about making a decision to get baptized! ahhhh! hes so close but we have a family home evening tonight in the bishops house so hopefully he gets there!

we have got a lot to work to do this week but were pumped to get started. seems like there is always like too much to do. its pretty fun actually. hopefully we can find lots of new people to teach!

in luke 17:10 it says this ¨so likewise, ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you say, we are unprofitable servants, we have done that which was our duty to do¨. everything that we do while in the service of our lord is our responsibility and nothing more. at the end of everyday after working we should get back and say we did what the lord expected us to do. missionary work and humility go hand in hand, as well as any position in the church. the spirit directs us and touches the hearts of the people, we simply just get to the appointments or do the contacts and open our mouths.
i love the lord, i love the gospel, i love the mission.

have a great week everyone. <3

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

i fixed my camera :)

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