Monday, August 10, 2015

Hurricane Pablo

well we survived the hurricane that hit central chile this week so thats good huh? but seriously it was crazy i thought it was a hurricane. we got back from viña in pouring rain at like 2 in the morning saturday, and then the storm woke us up at like 4 in the morning the same day. it sounded like there were giant boulders landing on our tin roof and i thought our house was going to slide off of the other house that its built on top of. it was a good time though, we had a good time getting soaked and going hard in the work the next day!

on friday we were in viña all day for our mission council, and even though its a lot different with president and sister diaz its still really awesome! theyre still kind of getting used to the mission and everything but it was sweet because they bought popeyes for us for the lunch! i was pumped. also president chose me to give a talk in front of all of the leaders of the mission and i almost crapped my pants but i think i did an alright job. who knows, i dont even know what i said! president diaz is such a baller though, hes just the most loving and sincere guy ever! there really wasnt any big changes in the mission this time, but tomorrow were going to have zone conference and elder brock and i will relay everything they taught us in viña to our zone here in coquimbo!

last monday elder brock and i visited the muslim mosque that we have here in coquimbo so that was pretty tight. we had to take our shoes off and be all quiet and everything as we toured it, but it was amazing, the architecture inside of it is pretty cool. i still prefer the temple but its whatevs ya know?

also that night we had a family home evening with the bishops dad oscar. and it was amazing! we really thought hard about what he needs to learn and so we were focusing all of our studies on him and monday morning before the lesson we got the answer! we realized he didnt understand what a testimony is so we decided to talk about light and i remembered the video by elder bednar about revelation, and elder brock came  up with this boat architecture analogy (thats what oscar does) and compared it to taking steps of faith and the lesson jsut came together perfectly! i feel like were almost there with oscar! we were planning on having another family home evening with him today but since the power is out in almost the whole city we dont know if it will happen...

also this week we had a cool experience in interchanges! i stayed here with my colombian friend elder farfan and as we were planning for the day we were making goals. we didnt have a single appointment set so we decided that we were going to contact like animals and find three new investigators! well as it turned out after a full day of hard work we still hadnt found a new.. so just before heading back to the house we decided to try one more and she answered and tlaked outside with us! we said a prayer, introduced the book of mormon adn talked about baptism! she was really interested and it was a great testimony builder that the lord always tries us and doesnt give us the fruit until after we have proved our faith ether 12:6

i wont lie though even though its been a fun week, it has also been really really hard. i just started getting super down on myself this week and it was tough. our second counselor who has pretty much been the best friend that ive made here is ticked off at us right now and doesnt want to forgive us for something so dumb. hopefully we can turn that around but sometimes the work gets tough when you have non relating things bothering you in the back of your mind. i really felt the lord help me get through some little things this week and for that im grateful. 

recieving an email from the castillo family back in viña has changed me lately. jacob and romina got married and baptized and jacob told me he wore the tie i gave him for the wedding. now brother and sister castillo have calling to organize the cleaning schedules of the church, romina is a counselor in the young womens, and jacob is a ward missionary. i feel like crying when i think of the blessing that it was to find and teach that humble family that was prepared by the lord to receive the gospel. it makes me desire to do it a hundred times over.

i know that through christ i can do all things. this is his church, im his representative, and i have the authority to tell people to change their lives for two years so i am going to take advantage of it. love you guys, have a great week, and know that im doing well!

- elder allred - chilean street raptor

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