Monday, August 17, 2015

Brock the Rock

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, hows it goin? we just got done playing soccer with a bunch of elder and members from our ward... it makes it kind of tough to want to sit down and write things but oh well here goes nothing.

this week was really good, but were just struggling to find that golden investigator. all the people that we find that are really good almost always live together. its seriously a major problem in chile. everybody gets married, and then separated, but since the divorce laws are so complicated here nobody gets married again. yes i know its not ideal to have to get divorced and remarried but i swear its a very uncommon thing to find someone that has been married to another person for more than 20 years here. but anyways were in the search for some solid new peeps who are ready to accept the gospel, there really is nothing more exciting than finding somebody that has real intent and is receptive to the spirit!

were right there still with oscar, the bishops dad, and the espejo family. this week monica, the mom, came to church and loved it and then later in the afternoon came back with martin her son to a baptism for another ward with us.. its so frustrating. a different person from that family comes to church every week and its not even for good reasons. they just get lazy and stay in bed or watch tv all day and lose the motivation. sometimes it gets old being the cheerleader but i love them and i really want them to progress as a family! oscar is a little bit down becasue of the constant fight he has with depression, but he is still showing signs of progress. he gave up tea, coffee, and on friday he committed to stop smoking! i want that old man to get baptized so much. i know as soon as he does it he  would receive a stronger answer about the gospel than ever!

on friday this week i did my first replica as a zone leader. a replica is just taking everything that we learned in mission council in viña with president, and holding a conference in our zone to teach them teh exact same thing. but its laid back and a lot of fun and its cool to do something different every now and then.

other than that theres not much going on. i cant believe were already in week four of this change... seems like elder brock just barely got here to coquimbo. its crazy how time works in the mission... i seriously just cant even comprehend it sometimes because its different than anything else ive experienced! 
but it was hilarious becaue this week we decided to pass by fernanda, this one 16 year old atheist whose mom is a member. and before with elder swindler we serisouly ALWAYS talked and joked with her and tried to get her to open up and nothing worked. but anyway we get there and she opens the door and instantly she was just completely different! haha she told us to come in even though she knew we couldnt without a member, and then she gave us her phone number and todl us to come back the next day. haha it was ridiculous. my comp is working miracles. must be the spirit.

so yeah thats the week. but hey i love you guys and im thinking about ya every day. check out this steam room pic i took with the shaquille oneal jersey i bought in the flea market for like 2 and a half dollars.
yall have a great week now.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

if you look really close you can see tony starks beachside house in teh backround

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