Monday, February 23, 2015

I May be a Jumper

so i got changed from the hills of rodelillo valparaiso to a tiny ward in the country of viña del mar called las going to miss elder passey and my old area, valparaiso has my heart, but youre not going to believe who my new comp is... elder wilcox! my comp from the mtc! hes has been here the whole time since we arrived in chile, and now were comps again. really our ward is struggling a little bit, but we set some high goals and i know through pure diligence and obedience that we are going to work miracles here!

the keyboard im using is seriously a finger workout so this may be short, every key feels like it was hot glued a couple years back! but anyway were here and in the first 3 days we put 3 baptism dates. the problem is nobody came to church. but one little girl from a part family named anais is probably going to be baptized next sunday anyway. she wanted to wait a year and a half for her cousin to come home from the mission.. but we cut that real fast. shes adorable i hope it happens. speaking of baptism ELI IS ALMOST 8 YEARS OLD?! i seriously cant even believe that thats crazy! i miss the whole burr family and i want to wish ash and ad a happy 10 year anniversary. your family is crazy, but i love them all and miss you guys!

yesterday we had lunch with a convert who is a chef. his name is miguel and he decided that he wanted to try to kill us. it was the most food i have seen in all my time in chile. really if im being honest chilean food is just kind of sub par. completos are great, but other than that its pretty much chicken and rice or potatoes every day. but this guy gave us two of the biggest and best tasting hamburgers with homeade french fries that ive ever had! then after there was like the chocolate fountain that he had with fruit and cake. i thought i was going to die he jsut kept bringing more and more food!

if we dont improve this ward soon it is probably turning into a branch. president put me as district leader here and even though i feel nervous about it all i know that im here for a reason. the lord qualifies people for their tasks! only through obedience is it possible though. there was a lot of chuecoism here when i arrived. a lot of disobedient missionaries but together with our zone leaders i think that we are going to turn it around. we pretty have been contacting all day for like 4 days straight to find new investigators and thats probably how it will be this week too. i know it will pay off though. the biggest sacrifice today will be the biggest blessing tomorrow -elder passey

i hope that someday i find a donkey to ride like elder lee. puro oro elder bien hecho. mi sueño es lograr 8 segundos un dia sobre el asno. 

enjoy the warm winter everyone!! :) you all are beacons of light for generations to come! let your light so shine. loveeee yoouuuuuu guyyyyssss chauuuuuuu

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

my last pic from valpo, and my face when joseph grennys package arrived :)

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