Monday, February 9, 2015

La Vida

i cant believe another 6 weeks has gone by and that its time for changes again. this wednesday we will find out what is happening but with the miracles that elder passey and i have seen these 6 weeks in valparaiso and the fun weve had, i would love another change here! ive grown to love everything about this place in such a short time and i hope im not leaving despite the fact that i am dying from the fleas and the hills.

this week was so awesome. we were eating completos for once (chilean dinner) with this less active couple on wednesday night and we decided to watch a video about the temples with them. ive seen this video like 1000 times but this time it was so different. the spirit just filled the room so much and when we talked about it after everybody was crying! the guy is a rapper (check him out on soundcloud and subscribe below- apocalipsis acustica) and was a convert to the church like 2 years ago. theyve suffered setback after setback and have not been to the temple together. after this lesson they promised us they would make it to the temple this year and now theyve both got interviews to have callings. 

on tuesday we had interchanges and i stayed in our ward with elder nash our zone leader. his dad is marcus b. nash of the seventy and he lived in peru for four years. hes such a stud and i really just watched him like discern the thoughts of people like 4 times. hes a spiritual giant and i decided to set some goals that day to seek the gift of discernment every single day. it was a great interchange.

we held the baptisms for alexander and danitza labbe yesterday ending the change with 4 baptisms!! it was the best day of my mission so far, and giovanni our convert gave a talk on baptism too! these kids are crazy and drove me up a wall almost every day, but i love them and their family and ill never forget the times that weve had!

my testimony was really strengthened this week. every day as i read verse by verse from the book of mormon in spanish and english i realize the truth it contains. it can be a guide for our lives if we believe in it and trust the answers that we receive. personal revelation is vital for every single person. i promise as everyone devotes themselves more fully to that book that they will gain more knowledge, and stronger faith. i love the book of mormon, i love the mission, i love the church. and i know that they are all true.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos: baptism of danitza and alexander, 18 clothes clips on my face (i won/so painful), and a completo run with giovanni with funny vulgar language on the sign

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