Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Hills Have Eyes

i dont know what my subject has to do with my week but i thought itd be clever and that movie was weird. what the heck is up with the world?! gas is 1.60?! old man tom brady is still winning super bowls?! did america take a step back a few years or what? also if steph wins MVP im throwing my own little party, and im inviting everybody in valpo.

the flea war continues. we seem to be at a steelmate. steelmate right? i dont know sorry hank i failed you... nothing we do works. its become something that we just have to live with. the battles go on but theyre like the orcs on the 2nd lord of the rings... there are just too many. we need gandolf. we know we need a cleaner apt, but its tough stuff. many moons have we spent asking ourselves how mothers always keep houses clean...

last monday night elder passey and i got back and we were so tired because we were running around all day for p day because a bunch of stuff happened!! but we got back and i hit the bed as fast as i could and started having some weird dreams... at one point i sat up in the middle of the night and saw just a huge spider on the wall in front of my bed and it climbed down the wall super fast and went under my bed. so i was like ELDER WAKE UP and i was like how big are the spider here in chile? he told me were not too big but i was still so scared so i jumped out of bed and turned on the lights to look! there was no spider in the room, but i was tripping so hard... we didnt even remember it had happened until the next night.

we met a lot of gay people this week. we seriously taught like 3 different gay guys and it was super interesting to see their opinions on god. one of them is a member inactive, but he believes very strongly in the gospel. as we questioned him to figure out how strong his testimony was he finally admitted to us that he liked sinning too much to give it up. it was powerful. were gonna keep visiting him and he says hes going to come to church.

this week was a little bit disappointing but super good and super fun. lately if weve been getting down we dont stay there for too long. we had a couple of baptismal dates fall, but we had our crazy family come to church! not the alcoholic, he doesnt want to talk with us... but this crazy lady that was baptized when she was 8 and hardly remembers anthing has been making her kids go to church and talk with us ever since we found them, but this was awesome! they have been opening up way more to us, and they want to be baptized now! we think it will be this sunday. one of them is 12, her name is danitza, adn she is nocturnal. no im serious this family is like off the deep end weird. but i love them. yeah shes nocturnal and doesnt ever want to do anything but jplay games on her computer or phone, her brother is alexander, hes 14, super flaite (ghetto chilean), and has a lot of problems with the law of chastity. weve been talking with them  a lot and its amazing how much theyve changed. they want to keep all of the commandments and theyve really opened up. i really do love them. 

i love something elder passey told me this week, he said the lord always looks on the heart. you can run all around and contact a lot of doors but really if all youre doing on the inside is thinking about the bad soda and butter sandwich youre going to have when you get back to the pension, youre not really being diligent. i feel 100 percent diligent in the time that i have been with elder passey and that is why i think that we are seeing miracles here. lots of time we dont see miracles because were not willing to go where miracles happen! weve consecrated ourselves 100 percent to this work and i know the lord will bless us if we keep it up. 

if im being honest life back home is starting to feel like a dream but i know it will be the opposite in a short few months, im trying my very best to live in the present and enjoy every second i have in this great city with these people that i love, sharing the truest thing that has ever existed.
love you all. 

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

pics: bus ride mirror selfie and a pic with alexander in church wehn the lesson started getting boring

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