Monday, January 26, 2015

The Flea Market

i have a new nickname around these parts of town. they call me the flea market. elder passey and i passed through a series of unfortunate events this week concerning our jumping insect friends. theyre the worst. we have been visiting and sitting down in a lot of rural places just filled with fleas and we suffered the consequences. its an all out war at this point. our apartment is filled with tanex and weve started rubbing lemons on our legs every morning to try to throw our scent off! right now were losing but ill have an update on the battle scene next week

despite our loss in troops we had a spectacular week! we confirmed benjamin this sunday and baptized giovanni and i had the honor to perform both of the ordinances! it was awesome. it took 4 times to have a valid baptism but finally i pretty much just dunked him because he did not want to bend his knees haha. i forgot my towel so after i dried of with some toilet paper in time to get back and hear giovanni bear his testimony about the church in front of the whole ward! it was super powerful and im so happy that we found giovanni because hes changed our lives along with his!

on saturday night we were in this place super far away in our zone (all of our investigators live on opposite edges of the map) and we were calling every member we could think of to come to this lesson with us becuase we couldnt enter the house without somebody else! we had called everyone and nobody was answering, when suddenly this one convert that has been pretty inactive called us asking for the number of the sister missionaries. we were like guillermo, we need your help with this lesson. so him and his wife came and we seriously just sat back and watched them the whole lesson. it was the most amazing lesson and the mom and her three daughters were just crying. we havent been able to really reach this family but this was exactly what they needed! we have a family home evening with them later this week it should be awesome.

we had like 11 baptism dates going in to sunday, including the wife and 3 kids of an alcoholic less active that beats his family. its a super super sad situation. we were lost one day in the middle of the rainforest jungle that ill send a picture of, when we found this family. they are practically all starving, but theyre receptive and they all came to church on sunday. weve been working with the dad and he wants to change really bad. its been a super humbling experience and i know that we were lost that day for a reason, and that the brother that called us that one night was for a reason too. god works in misterious ways. :)

9 investigators came to church. it was like record of all time. 5 of them have baptism dates and were working with three different families. the lord has blessed us with so much work and we are 100 percent dead when we get back to the apartment every night. but were happier than ever and i love my comp, my area, and the people. jacob 1:19 if we dont magnify our duties and callings, then we bring the condemnation and sins of others on ourselves :) just a super friendly reminder to be diligents in your assignments! love you all keep going hard in the paint.

-elder allred - the flea market

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