Monday, January 26, 2015

The Things that Behooveth Me

ya wanna know what behooveth me? baptisms. I GOT MY FIRST CONVERT THIS WEEK! benjamins baptism was yesterday and it was super awesome! elder passey baptized him and im going to confer the holy ghost on sunday and then after church next sunday we have giovanni¨s baptism and he asked me to do it! im so pumped. its been such a good week and we have a lot more people that have potential to be baptized too!

a little more about giovanni. hes 18 and pretty fat and likes video games a lot. we met him 10 days ago on saturday and he was wearing a st george t shirt so elder passey and i went nuts! he let us in and then went to church with us on sunday. weve become really good friends these past 10 days and helped him sort out a lot of problems in his life. last night after he passed his interview we met his mom for the first time. she pretty much told us he has no friends right in front of him and that he never wants to do anything. the poor kid doesnt have to much support in his life but hes gained to gringos as friends and were hoping the whole ward takes him in after his baptism this sunday. hes such a good kid and all he wants is to feel gods love more in his life. every time were with him hes happy and i know this baptism is going to change his life. he left with us to go to an appt with a family where there wasnt a man on thursday and bore a super powerful testimony of prayer! thats how big of a baller Big G is. he pretty much rebuked his mom about the importance of baptism in our church. i love him.

the fact that an investigator came with us to a lesson this week pretty much sums up our ward right now. elder passey and i have been super super disappointed with our ward this week and the support that weve gotten. hardly anybody showed up to our ward activity or the baptism of benjamin. its been really frustrating. were really going to work to motivate the ward this week especially at a time when were having a lot of success! we need their help really bad.

the pic that i sent in my other email pretty much explains how tired i always am. ive never felt so exhausted. ever. today were buying stuff and then going back to sleep for like an hour or so, so that should be a nice relief. i cant really remember anything else that happened this week...! after benjamins baptism we went to his house and ate tres leches torta. it was amazing. elder passey makes me laugh pretty much all day, except when im not jogging to keep up with him as we climb mt timpanogas every day. but its all worth it. the biggest sacrifice today is always the biggest blessing tomorrow.

next week ill have pics of giovannis baptism and today ill send some of benjamins. its all starting to pay off. love all you guys have a good week. this is where i am supposed to be i know it more than anything. make sure to include the lockhart family in all your prayers.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor
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