Monday, January 5, 2015

Val-PARAISO (that's paradise)

guys... im in the coolest city in the world. i got changed on wednesday, which i really didnt expect, and i was super super sad.. but after 5 days here in valparaiso i love the ward and this city already. its a completely different world here. the culture is different, everybody is so flaite(chilean thug/swag), and i feel like im going to have a heart attack every single day. im seriously dying here because every second that we are walking we are either climbing up the huge hill that is our zone, or walking down it. or going up or walking down the sides of it. theres seriously never a break from the hills, and its not like their wimpy inclines. sometimes i wonder how the buses make it up. thats how steep they are. but other than the physical part i love everything about this place so far.

my new comp is elder passey from midway utah. hes a skier, and did debate team at wasatch high. hes a cool guy and we have been getting along really well. when i arrived in our area we had one baptism date for the 18th of january with this ten year old named benjamin. ill talk about him in a little.. but on saturday we visited an eternal investigator that has like 10 times going to the church. we had a super powerful lesson and we ended up putting a date with her for this wednesday. however, shes struggled to understand the law of tithing. she should be good to go but were hoping she passes the interview tonight. her name is patricia but we call her P money. youll see why we call her that when we send pics of her next week. shes the queen of swag.

benjamin is 10 years old and is my best friend. hes such a stud and he loves the church. his mom has been inactive for a long time and they came to church for the first time yesterday and they really liked it. benjamin has the assignment for the opening prayer next week in primary and is already been talking about being a future missionary. this week he lost his pet hamster so he asked his mom if she would pray with him. his mom says they said 3 prayers a day for 2 days and yesterday when we visited him he had found his hamster and was so pumped about the power of prayer! hes reading, praying, and this friday hes going to start playing soccer with the ward. we have like 3 other investigators that are great and hopefully will have baptism dates soon.

on friday we had interchanges with our zone leaders. i went to another ward with elder sanchez. hes from west valley but his family is mexican. hes 23, a former assistant to president kahnlein, and convert to the church when he was 19. his family was super angry when he joined the church, and this christmas by skype was the first time his dad has talked to him since he joined the church. now his sister is sealed in the temple and he recieved news that he¨ll have a scholarship to play rugby for byu after the mish. hes such a solid missionary and i really learned how to show love for everyone by his example. 

i was super sad to leave my old ward. i was kind of mad i got changed. but i love it here and im stoked about all of our investigators. right before i left belloto my favorite investigator danny finally committed to a baptism date. im hoping to see a picture of it soon. 

i got bit by a dog. it didnt really get my leg too well. just ripped my suit pants is all. it was the worst. i hate dogs. ill send a pic of that and hopefully a good pic of valpo even though i havent taken pics of the best views yet, and the last lunch with la familia tamayo in belloto right before i left. but pretty much our zone is on the top of the hill rodelillo. theres 42 hills in valparaiso and they all have their own names. and below the hills is downtown and then the ocean. its the coolest place ever. someday ill take a plane to valparaiso with a hammer and some nails, collect some wood, and build my house on the side of a giant hill like every one else. its gonna be a sweet life.

ash happy birthday, i love you and that crazy family of yours. you have always been such a good role model for me and i love just talking and having conversations with you at any time. thanks for always cheering me up and teaching me the things that i need to know.

im so happy to be here, i love these people, my spanish is becoming more flaite every day, and i see the lord blessing me every step of the way. this is exactly where i need to be in my life right now. the church is true, christ lives, god loves us. read your scriptures. they contain the answers to life. love every single one of you so much. hope you have a stellar week!

-elder allred

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