Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Vineyard of the Seas

well guys i dont have much time again. ill be honest this time its becasue i put off writing the group email until the end. i ddont know why i just dont ever want to write this thing!!

the biggest news is that Danilo got home from the south. over the last two weeks we knew it would important to stay in contact with him. we called him like every other day to see if he was reading the bom, talk about his vacation, or tell a joke that we had come up with! but it worked out great becasue he attended a little branch in the middle of nowhere near temuco calle caracautin! haha there were like 7 people in the meeting he said but he participated and everythign. Danilo was prepared long before we ever met him. in England when he lived over there he almost got baptized as well, and when he got back to chile and met his GF that is a member it was pretty obvious what God wanted him to do with his life! his baptism is tomorrow and he wants me to baptize him! please pray for me. he weighs like 240.

javier also got back from his camping vacation and has plans to attend church and then stay after for the baptism. if he receives an answer, which he well, he will be baptized on the 21 of febrero. the guy is a machine. he explained the first book of nephi better than anyone ive ever heard. he reads the book of mormon and understnads everything the first time. he has a gift. hopefully he can receive an answer this weekend!
pablo is also coming to the baptism. we have a family home evening with him and a sweet family from teh ward tonight. its gonna be sweet.

i love this ward. its seriously the best ward in teh mission. im just sad that i have to leave in two weeks to the other one. were determined to baptize these three future leaders in the church. we seriously have the coolest investigators in teh world right now. 

we had a pretty cool experience on thursday this week. a few different times over the past couple months we have ran into this chick from utah and her chilean husband that lived in utah for a while and is less active. shes not a member. on wednesday we ran into them again and shes a lot bigger than she was before. because shes supposed to have her baby in like 2 weeks. when we talked with them they were not doing to well. their 1 room house is falling apart, he`s hardly receiving anything for his job, and they dont have much food to feed themselves. we told them to come to the office the next day because the bishops storehouse is next door. 
in reality we had no idea how the thing even worked but we got there and the lady told us that she would need to go to church with her husband and fill out a form with the bishop and then the next thursday they could come back and see what happened. when we translated for her you could see the pain in her eyes, and a nearby worker was watching us. as we were leaving he handed me about 40 dollars in pesos and told me to give it to her. when we got out and i gave it to her she asked who it was from and after a little convincing accepted it from me. she told us to please tell the man thank you and slowly fell down to support herself against a post and jsut starting crying. i dont know how desperate she was for it, nor what she was feeling, but its just evidence that angels are always looking out for us. im sure tons of people go in there every day needing help, and i dont know what the man decided to give it to her, but it was a miracle.

i love the mission, the experiences, the people we meet, and seeing the Lord`s hand every single day out here. its amazing.

i know without a doubt that the church is true, and that God has a plan for each one of us. keep on keepin on. 

-Elder Allred - Chilean street raptor

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